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    PTU Problems

    Well, my 2012 Ex has 29,000 miles and developed the leak. Took a week to get an appointment and I left the truck for two days. PTU was replaced under the powertrain warranty. Happy that it was not $1,200 out of pocket, but not happy with this truck in the least. It has had a litany of problems...
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    Ford really does not care about "Quality is Job One"

    Anything would be better then this piece of garbage! Now the windshield washer is inop .......... Motor runs, but nothing comes out of front or rear sprayers. At times it will operate, but more times then not it will not. 19,000 miles and 2 1/2 years old ..... A real waste of $$$$$$$$ ! And...
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    Would you buy again?

    I agree wholeheartedly with your statement as well. This is one of the worst vehicles I have ever owned. From my experience, probably the last Ford as well ........ We learn from experience ...... I did! :salute:
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    2013 Explorer Limited Windshield Wiper Streak Issues

    No, dead serious ..... This truck sucks! :mad:
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    2013 Explorer Limited Windshield Wiper Streak Issues

    Yep, Mine too! And in the same location. Never been in a car wash, changed blades and cleaned the glass as well as the rubber on the blades themselves. It is always present when using them and clear as a bell on the passenger side as well as the back window. Nothing is ever repaired to my...
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    Wheel Caps

    Had the truck inspected and the oil changed as well as wheel rotation. When I was getting in it I noticed a black smudge on wheel and mechanic wiped it off. He said they applied adhesive to all the center caps as they tend to fall off when driving. Never heard of it, but apparently there is...
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    To "2014" or NOT to "2014.. from 2013".. That is the Question? Help?

    You have already felt the pain of owning an Ex ....... Your willing to jump right in again with a 2014?
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    Radio Signal Cuts Out

    We've all become backyard mechanics, trying to isolate the cause of many of our issues. Ford is of no help. :mad:
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    Is anyone satisfied with their sport?

    I do all that you noted ...... A lot of good it does! This truck persistently has issues crop up and no solutions to any of them. :(
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    Radio Signal Cuts Out

    My radio is the same ..... I've given up!
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    Punch in the Stomach

    Why would you even think of another to replace it! Glad to hear your not having issues, but I wouldn't walk that path a second time! :eek:
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    Key Fob - Where are the Receiver(s) located on the EX?

    Try changing the battery ...... It worked for me. The life on the battery is nil. I thought it was the truck, but both fob batteries were dead. Even the one I didn't use and that was in like two years!
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    Explorer Navigation Tracking Problem

    What I don't get is the screen going blank ...... I would think that the map would still be on the screen and the curser drift aimlessly. All I had was a curser on the blank screen. Really weird.
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    Key Fob Issues

    A change of the battery seems to have fixed my problem. Even the spare acted funky and I changed that as well. I'm surprised that after two years the batteries were done ...... especially the spare, which I don't even use. Glad it corrected the problem as it would react after the third or...
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    Radio Is Powered Full Time.

    I tried it, but found that as I leave it on when exiting, I had to push the power button off and then on again for it to play.
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    Key Fob Issues

    Great! Now besides the key fob issues, the touch pad operates intermittently. It makes up for when it doesn't work by locking and unlocking the doors 4 to 5 times in a row!
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    Explorer Navigation Tracking Problem

    OK Txs ......... This is one time in two years, but it definitely concerns me on a dark roadway with traffic all around and I am navigating in the blind. The signal only acquired after backing out of navigation and re-entering "Home" as my destination. Saving grace was my wife was with me so...
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    Explorer Navigation Tracking Problem

    From the lack of responses to this latest issue, it seems that I have again won the Explorer lottery! Nearing the two year mark and this truck continues to baffle me with all the quirks that continually pop up from day to day. They come and go and those that linger have shown that they cannot...
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    Explorer Navigation Tracking Problem

    Navigation Fault While using navigation on a rainy Saturday night, map screen went gray and curser moved in direction I was last travelling with "Off Route" displayed. I was able to recover screen again by parking and re-inputting destination. I am wondering if satellite signal was lost, as...
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    High End Luxury SUV or '14 Ford Explorer Sport Loaded

    Anything but Ford ......... To many problems!
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    Fuel leak

    I've had different problems, but I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly!
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    2013 Ford Explorer Sport Problems

    Welcome to the world of Ford. Mine is less then 2 yrs old and has spent close to a month in the shop for various problems at different times. I bought a new veh to avoid the repairs of an older one, but alot of good that has been!
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    Liftgate noises when opening

    Glad you don't mind wasting your money .... I do! Terrain management fails and lift gate opens while driving ...... At times can't even shut the radio off and have had the radio screen freeze up for days with Sirius blaming Ford and Ford saying it's Sirius. Your right, the liftgate noise is...
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    Liftgate noises when opening

    I have NEVER owned a veh with as many problems as this truck ...... and at twice the price. Am I complaining? Nope ..... Just answering a question ....... I've given up on all the issues I am having ...... It's useless. More then half the time the problems cannot even be addressed by Ford. :(
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    Liftgate noises when opening

    Mine does the same thing ........ This is what your $$$$$ buys you!