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    2011 ford explorer check engine light

    Sorry to hear about the continued problems..... So they put you in a 2013 Escape? Well lets hope the thing doesn't catch fire on you after all that you have already gone through...... http://editorial.autos.msn.com/blogs/post--recall-2013-ford-escape-recalled-again-for-engine-fires?icid=autos_5028
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    20" Polished Aluminum Rims Ruined?

    I used AWRS here in Cali when I needed to get curb rash fixed on one of my 20" Polished Explorer wheels. They did an excellent job, took about 20 minutes. Cost was $80 Now for your wheels, not sure what the cost may be, but its worth calling them and sending them pictures or visiting them...
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    Tire Pressure Monitoring System - TPMS

    My Expedition required this for programming: http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/231064802780?lpid=82 Not sure if the Explorer has the same type of sensor. Its just a donut magnet wrapped in rubber so it doesnt scratch your wheels.
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    Here's Our New Ride!

    Good Luck Vince. Perhaps its time to think about an import? :D
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    Please vote for my daughter

    762, but that Trace dude is keeping right up. They must be sitting at an internet cafe and voting from every machine in the place.
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    Please vote for my daughter

    I voted now 3 times....but dang, that dude keeps getting more votes.......
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    Please vote for my daughter

    Voted.... looks like shes a bit behind.....everyone log on from another computer and your cell phones and vote again, or clear your cookies and vote :)
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    It would actually be cheaper and more cost effective to get rid of the children and keep the explorer. :eek:
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    Here's Our New Ride!

    I think we have all heard that before and in the end....not Best of luck with the repair......
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    Ford Service Department procedures?

    Since you said it was done "last week", from what I can tell in the pictures, it does appear to have been changed. I'll let a few others weigh in with their opinions as well.
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    Ford Service Department procedures?

    You should have received the inspection report showing tire tread levels, fluid levels, etc. Its a colorful report, you can't miss it, unless you didn't get it. I would also mark the tires before hand to verify that they actually got rotated. If you check the oil and it does in fact...
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    Water Leak

    Have your dealer pull the headliner, then spray some of this on the underside :D
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    my new acquisition

    Cool, your new acquisition is a toddler!! Should go nicely with the Sport in the driveway!
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    Water Leak

    Good for you.
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    Warranty claim after coverage (only just) expired?!

    So if you bought the vehicle with say 124 miles on it because they brought it in from another dealership, your warranty would still expire at 36K? You just lose those 124 miles?
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    Need Community Help/Advice with my Sport Issue

    1. Be careful, check your state laws. If you live in a state that is a single party consent state, record away if recording someone in a single consent state....If you live in or are wanting to record someone in a dual party consent state, you have to inform the other person that they are being...
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    Need Community Help/Advice with my Sport Issue

    Congrats.... Interesting that they did not want it back......My friend just surrendered his back to Ford yesterday as part of his settlement. 1 1/2 weeks before trial date and day before deposition they decided to settle.....Took just over one year.....
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    MFT v3.6.2 is now available

    :bsnicker: Yes you did!
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    MFT v3.6.2 is now available

    Not a curse, a blessing.
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    MFT v3.6.2 is now available

    I visited my original dealership yesterday and I'm happy to report that my MFT is now absolutely flawless.
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    Any luck selling on forum or ?

    Has anyone ever posted anything on this forum in the for sale section and had any luck selling it or is it better to use ebay or craigslist? I need to get rid of a full set of black weathertechs and a White Platinum sharkfin but I noticed that you must also be an Elite Explorer to post items for...
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    looks like I'll only have the explorer for 2 more days

    Harlenm, Best of luck and much happiness to you in what ever you decide to do.