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  1. K

    Ford Extended Service Plans (ESP)

    I bought an ESP from Joel last year for our 2014. Very smooth transaction, and $1000 cheaper than either of our local dealers. BlwnSmoke, I did tell Joel he owed you a case of beer, or some type of stipend for all the business you send him!
  2. K

    Thinking of buying a used Explorer. What to look for??

    I have a 2014 xlt. One problem mine has that seems to be somewhat common, is the paint is rubbing off the underside of the driver door.
  3. K

    Damage on new delivery

    I agree with Ham Hands.
  4. K

    Back up camera/warning worth its weight in gold!

    Hammertime, glad you and the truck are okay!! The fear is real in these newer rides with the repairs!! Glad it was cheaper than you thought!!
  5. K

    Back up camera/warning worth its weight in gold!

    Thanks dco43054 for the backup, so to speak!! Actually every rest stop off of 95 we've ever pulled into between Richmond and Florida has those angled parking spaces. And they're only single-deep. Anyway, I just never would have believed this poor woman basically became invisible. An unusual...
  6. K

    Back up camera/warning worth its weight in gold!

    Just got back from Spring Break in Cocoa Beach. Last weekend we were driving the last leg of the trip, and stopped at a rest stop in North Carolina. My husband was getting ready to back out and return to the highway. When he put it in reverse, our backup sensor went crazy, chirping as fast as...
  7. K

    Explorer ABS and steering response saved my familys life last night.

    Glad you're safe!! I haven't had to brake really hard yet, but I noticed these brakes seem so much more responsive and heavy duty than any car I've ever had.
  8. K

    Debut of 2016 Explorer

    I love everything about the 2016. We have a 2014 4wd xlt. I always wanted the liftgate, and the front exterior looks awesome!! I'll have to talk my husband into taking over the 2014, because I want the 16 bad!!
  9. K

    New Car Time... questions about the Sport

    On the down payment, wait and see what terms they offer. Our 14 XLT came with 0% financing, so you could invest that $$ down payment somewhere else. We bought it in April.
  10. K

    Keyless entry (Securicode) pad comes off

    No advice, just I'd be freaking out!! It seems well attached to the door. I guess that's until it isn't, lol. Anyway, wow, what a weird thing to happen. Hope you're able to get it fixed quickly.
  11. K

    Reinforce Cargo Area Panels

    Would a large piece of plywood that covered the width of the seats work? I'm thinking that wouldn't be so comfortable to sleep on. However, I've read about these seatbacks breaking too. So I always thought I'd throw a piece of plywood back there whenever we have to carry something.
  12. K

    Second row buckets.. Do you like them?

    I was leaning toward captain's chairs, so I asked the salesman if he had an opinion either way. He asked the age of our kids (16 and 9). He pointed out the bench would be more useful if they liked to sprawl out on long car rides. They do, and I really wouldn't have considered that, without...
  13. K

    2015 Sport didn't make it off the dealer's lot without issue - do I have a lemon?

    Go with your gut feeling. Ask yourself if you'll be happy once these issues are resolved? If not then choose another Explorer, or another car altogether. Good luck----we bought an Explorer XLT back in April. We've been happy with our purchase, but I remember how stressed I was during the...
  14. K

    Ford Edge

    Thanks Omar, I must have misread the stats somewhere. Yes, she'd definitely wait til the 2015. I've seen so many Edges around here lately---we definitely live in a Ford town.
  15. K

    Ford Edge

    Mods, feel free to move this---wasn't sure where to post. My sister has an 08 Escape and will need to replace it at some point. I was looking at the Edge for her. Has seating for 5 and looks like it has more room than the new Escape. Plus the Edge just looks good, LOL!! My question is...
  16. K

    2014 Ford Explorer demo vs. new

    You made a good choice. I'll say I could care less about cruise control. However, there are 4000 miles that you don't know how they were driven vs. a brand new car, that you know exactly how it was driven (you). Congrats on your new ride!!
  17. K

    Custom Floor Liners for 2015 Explorer

    I have the Ford one. I haven't seen the weathertech, so I don't have a basis for comparison. However, the Ford one is fine by me. After accidentally spilling gasoline in the trunk of the Camry (must not have tightened up the nozzle on the cannister), this was the first accessory I bought for...
  18. K

    New Explorer!

    Welcome, and enjoy your new ride!! We did a big roadtrip with our 14 XLT, and loved having the space, and visibility up and down I 95!!
  19. K

    In praise of the XLT

    I completely agree and love our XLT. Has features I want without those I don't. A neighbor had a Volvo with leather seats years ago. I complimented her on them, and she said she'd never get another car with them (too hot in the summer here). So the leather seats, and other features in the...
  20. K

    Water Leak

    Peter and Luker, thanks for your detailed replies. I have only had sedans (Camry and Civic), and an old Wrangler. None of them ever had any water intrusion, or none that I noticed.
  21. K

    Water Leak

    Peter K9, it does sound exactly like that. But the only time I noticed was during a heavy rainstorm when I'd already parked the car for the evening. Still, I will keep a lookout in case that is a problem (the lower door seals not working correctly). I knew when I described it, it would sound...
  22. K

    Water Leak

    My new XLT has water leaks (minor, not a lot of water) in 3 different places. Both passenger side doors, but only in the area covered by sheet metal that is painted (the area you step over to enter the car). The other place is the left rear strut thing that helps open the tailgate. Just some...
  23. K

    Defective second row seat seatbelt configuration.

    Our 2014 xlt doesn't has the BLIS seatbelts. I'm a bit of a chubster, and just tried sitting in the middle seat. Because the receiver to the left of me has some flexibility, I was able to buckle the center seat no problem. The center and right side belt receivers were fixed in a rigid...
  24. K

    Photos of magnetic metallic vs sterling grey vs black

    Magnetic Metallic looks sharp!! I have a Sterling Gray 2014 XLT. I think I prefer the MM, but, when I was car shopping I decided I'd be happy with white, black, gray or silver. Anyway, for anyone shopping in 2015, enjoy the new colors!!
  25. K

    S h a d o w

    That looks great!!