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    Before and after pics-Chop top, Atlas, SAS v8 and more!

    very impressive work! Great job
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    New Member - 2005 Explorer vibration.

    Welcome to the site. The noise up front could be a possible bad ball joint or tie-rod end. The vibration is a strange one. A little more explanation of the vibration would be great...do you possible mean miss fire?
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    Alignment 101 - Now With Pictures

    No, it can not. It is a solid axle without any type of adjustment.
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    ABS System Basics

    The situation your describing is very close to a bad wheel speed sensor. Did you ever have anyone scan it and give you codes?
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    FROADER's 2005 F-150 FX4

    Well, I do have some bad news for you though. I do not know if it started with the 2005 5.4L's or not, but as soon as you can before too many miles get on it - change your plugs! If you do, be very very careful. They have problems with the plugs seizing in the heads and breaking off when you...
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    what tire pressure should I use for oversize tires?

    I keep my 33's around 32psi -Drew
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    U-Joint Life?

    I've seen u-joints last 150K plus....but I've seen some destroy in couple thousand miles. It is all depending on how much angle and torture they go through. 10K is def young. Are you greasing the joints up after you install them? they come pre-lubed, but def not enough! Spicers are great to...
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    Tire Pair Question

    you should be ok
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    replacement stock rims

    check eBay out for the wheels or local junkyards. There may also be some on here. You shouldn't have to regear -Drew
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    Jasper Remans are good! :thumbsup:
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    Puddle lamps and interior lights staying on

    hook up a scanner and monitor the GEM module PIDs and you'll see whats going on. It might point you in a direction -Drew
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    Will farell must see!

    ha but that kid - good gosh - such language at a young age -Drew
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    How to: Diagnosing Rough Idle - Suspect: IAC Valve

    it should die when you unplug the IAC. However, if you raise the RPMS up (around a 1000rpm) you can then unplug it and then bring the idle back down and it should stay running -Drew
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    1988 Ranger Tune-up Trouble

    this might help: http://www.autozone.com/az/cds/en_us/0900823d/80/0f/87/f8/0900823d800f87f8/repairInfoPages.htm
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    2008 6.4L Super Duty Recall (37,000)

    surprised this hasn't had any comments
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    2008 6.4L Super Duty Recall (37,000)

    Exactly what Ford needs right now.... http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/2007/03/ford_tailpipe_fires.html here's a neat video: That's fuel knock that your hearing from the injector leaking down. Not good! -Drew
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    How to: 2nd Gen Blend Door Quick Fix

    very nice thread. Thanks :thumbsup:
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    95 F-150 pulls right when braking

    i put that caliper is stuck....so you push harderand it wont go anywhere and all the press goes to the other side....giving you the pull -Drew
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    Changing only one side rotor and brake pads

    You need to break them in evenly. I wouldn't drive it and just wait - but it will be ok to drive it. -Drew
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    Aftermarket rims off ranger...fitment ?

    should be perfect! :thumbsup: -Drew
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    2003 explorer- new tires

    concerns of what? Fitment? -Drew
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    Dave is losing coolant!

    Ever have a rough start? Maybe after it's sat for awhile? -Drew
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    Nankang Mudstar MT

    ....post a review in the review section! :thumbsup: -Drew
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    HELP I don't know if I need a new alternator or not!

    I would not do that with a newer vehicle. Doing that now a day may damage the PCM. The proper way to do that now to full field the alternator is to use the scanner. But that was a good test for the 80s and early 90s! -Drew