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    Hairline crack on top of radiator

    edit: corrected "evaporator" to "condenser" Yes, removing and reinstalling the radiator on the V8 is an ordeal. The common belief is that the reason for "sandwiching" the radiator and the condenser together like this was original installation efficiency, without any respect for the poor guy who...
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    Hairline crack on top of radiator

    I would stick with the original radiator cap specs. Using lower pressure will cause premature boiling and release more coolant into the reservoir. I can only guess that your shop installed that 13psi one as a precaution, to protect that not-so-great radiator. As for the radiator brand, China is...
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    1998 puddle light replacement

    If it's anything like my 1998, the lens is held by two little screws.
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    CANNOT Seal Thermostat Housing on 5.0

    Not much similarity between the two engines: the thermostat in 5.0L is in a different position, mounted vertically, and the manifold is all metal. By the way, that aluminum crossover tube in the 4. 6L manifold is an improvement; originally the manifold was all plastic and the crossover cracked...
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    Low idle, black and smelly smoke

    The dash gauge uses a separate sensor from the one connected to the PCM.
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    Clicks when starting

    My 1998 EVTM book does not show any solenoid, and my 98-1/2 Ex certainly doesn't have one. I would be very surprised if Ford suddenly reverted to the obsolete fender-mounted solenoid design in a 99 model. The clicking that you are hearing is because when the starter attempts to spin, the battery...
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    Clicks when starting

    Usually "clicks" are a sure sign of a bad or discharged battery. Your battery may be new, but you may have a problem with the alternator. Did you check that the new battery was being charged after replacement? Take a multimeter and measure the battery voltage while attempting to start. Or, using...
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    Is the GEM and CTM one module or two on 1998 SOHC 4WD auto

    CTM = Central Timing Module. A name used by some automakers for a box with similar functions to Ford's GEM
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    98 5.0l cold AC only with MAX AC at idle

    Had to wonder for a while what Roma is - my best guess is that you posted this from a smartphone and it -- not so smartly -- decided to turn RPM into Roma... Edit: If the mechanic forgot to attach the vacuum control line to the new valve (or it disconnected later), it could be the problem --...
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    Loose sway bar links

    Replaced mine with the blue Moogs a couple years ago and torqued to spec. A month later (no off-roading whatsoever) they were completely loose. Retorqued and everything has been fine ever since - seems that the rubber settles initially, but that's it.
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    1. Both Differential Oil changes plus Transfer Case, Transmission Oil Service 1998 EXPLORER LIMITED 5.0, 4 door, air suspension, AWD,

    I don't know what are the chances your plugs were never changed, but it's a fairly simple job. Sit on a comfortable stool next to the wheel well, remove the rubber dust shield, and the plugs will be right in front of you. Some advise to jack up the vehicle and remove the front wheels, but I see...
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    1. Both Differential Oil changes plus Transfer Case, Transmission Oil Service 1998 EXPLORER LIMITED 5.0, 4 door, air suspension, AWD,

    Not sure why would you want a tire shop to take care of your fluids. Obviously, around 75% of what they quoted you is for labor, and it does look exaggerated, perhaps by as much as a factor of two, depending on labor rates in your area. According to the book, rear diff oil never needs changing...
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    CC not working but lights up (FIXED)

    Are you sure it's a wire? I am not familiar with the 4.0 SOHC, but suspect this is not a wire, but a broken or disconnected CC cable (the CC servo should be installed on the passenger side fender and connected to the throttle with a cable.
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    Can this '95 Explorer make it across the country?

    If your 96 model has the plastic "heater control" valve on the coolant line next to the firewall, make sure it's sound. Or better yet - replace as a precaution. As they age, they like to crack and spill out all the coolant in a less than a minute. It's easy to fix in an emergency by removing and...
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    97 mountianeer v8 5.0 leaking and confused

    Three possibilities: engine oil (as C420 said, probably from the rear main seal), transmission fluid, or even coolant can get into the bellhousing and leave through that access hole. Your first task is to identify which of the three it is. Remove the rubber plug and run your finger around the...
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    Pressure? Temperature? Which one?

    Not sure what you can ohm-test there, but it can be tested completely if you have a half-decent scanner and a way to make some vacuum. Disconnect those little tubes, pull a bit of vacuum on the downstream one, and you should see the DPFE output increasing as the vacuum increases. Without a...
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    Temporarily disable AWD for long trip

    Quoting from Honda statement: Here’s why we say no to nitrogen: • Nitrogen generators produce nitrogen gas from ambient air, but it’s at something less than 100 percent purity. To get just that same level of purity into a tire, you’d have to deflate and fill it several times to purge the...
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    Temporarily disable AWD for long trip

    Sorry to rain on your parade, but all gases behave essentially the same vs. temperature. Moreover, just in case someone here missed that class in elementary school science: air is 80% nitrogen anyway. So what's the benefit of nitrogen? It has to do with how nitrogen is separated from air. It's...
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    Temporarily disable AWD for long trip

    Does anyone know how these things calculate MPG? The MAF is nowhere near accurate enough; injector dwell time in combination with fuel pressure even worse. And fuel tank gauge? No way, because it can do instantaneous MPG. Yet mine reads just about 6% too optimistic, which is amazing!
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    Starter spins engine not engaging

    First the basics: fuel, air, ignition. Turn the key on and off a couple times. Check fuel pressure (you can borrow a gauge from an auto parts store). Pull a plug wire, stick an old plug in it, put on something metallic, have someone crank the starter and look for spark. Make sure your air filter...
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    5.0 Fuel pressure test gauge?

    Mine has a manufacturing date of 8/98. Never had a reason to work on the fuel system so not 100% sure, but I clearly see two braided lines coming to the engine. Odd, because in several other respects, like the absence of an oil cooler, it's more like a 99.
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    CC not working but lights up (FIXED)

    Other than a bad fuse, there are too many possibilities to make a guess. There is a self test. If your 99 is anything like what my 98 book describes, you enter it by holding the CC OFF switch while turning ignition to ON (not start). The light should flash once to indicate entering static test...
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    Lower radiator hose clamp broke

    The factory-style spring clamps may be harder to install, but are well worth the effort. The reason is that they significantly prolong the life of the hoses and are much less prone to developing slow leaks. That's because the clamping force has to come from somewhere. With the factory clamps...
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    Weird clicking sound when car is shut off

    A fully charged battery in good condition holds almost 1KWh of energy. To dissipate that in just five minutes something will be drawing around ten kilowatts, getting very hot and most likely smoking. If you don't sense anything like that the battery is not even close to being fully charged when...
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    Another Blower Motor Thread

    That resistor is not on the motor - it's in the air plenum. So if you tap on the motor and it starts, the motor is bad.