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  1. IZwack

    Manual 1354 transfer case - zero miles - $200

    Got the address but what is your name?
  2. IZwack

    Manual 1354 transfer case - zero miles - $200

    Okay sounds good, please PM me the shipping address.
  3. IZwack

    Manual 1354 transfer case - zero miles - $200

    Sounds good but let me verify with my friend if I can borrow his tools cauz I have to crate this up and all of my tools are already in CA. I'll reply back by tomorrow noon.
  4. IZwack

    Manual 1354 transfer case - zero miles - $200

    Hey guys, I've moved to CA and this transfer case is the last thing I have left in MD (zip code 20876). It is a BW1354 with zero miles. This is just for the tcase, no shifter included. Please pick up before Monday March 13 cauz I won't be back in MD for at least a few months.
  5. IZwack

    Post pictures of your Bicycle rides

    Yep yep! Spent a good two and a half days in the area, after which we moved on to Yosemite!
  6. IZwack

    Post pictures of your Bicycle rides

    Jumped on a plane with my bike two weeks ago to do the IMBA-Epic route on the east side of Lake Tahoe, CA and wowzers, the scenery was just jaw dropping. IMGUR album: http://imgur.com/a/8Bbdv#7 one image from the album above:
  7. IZwack

    Post pictures of your Bicycle rides

    Been raining quite a bit here in the mid-Atlantic over the past few days and so the rocks/boulders were extra slippery with moss on top. "Trialing" over boulders was sketchy at best, and forget putting your foot down cauz your shoe just slips right off off the rock.
  8. IZwack

    Show off your bike(s)!

    Good stuff Colin!
  9. IZwack

    BW4405 Rebuild: Clutch Pack (disc) Orientation

    Could be a few things - but from what you've posted, another part of the vehicle that can exhibit that behavior / noise is the rear axle. To be more specific, if the rear axle's pinion gear is loose, it wobbles a little bit and this, along with improper gear engagement, will cause a noise as you...
  10. IZwack

    BW4405 Rebuild: Clutch Pack (disc) Orientation

    Don't have the part numbers but if you are specifically looking for the clutch pack (which I'm assuming as that is what this thread is about), then here are some sources: http://transpartswarehouse.com/index.php/transfer-cases/borg-warner/4405-625-003-ford-bw4405-transfer-case-clutch-pack.html...
  11. IZwack

    Post pictures of your Bicycle rides

    Yeah I it was amazing. Maybe they're just keeping it a secret but I was not aware about this place at all. I would've ridden it years ago if I had known as it's only 3 hrs away from me.
  12. IZwack

    Post pictures of your Bicycle rides

    So a few of my friends and I left at 6am yesterday to do a scouting ride at North Fork, West Virginia and holy crap my jaw dropped to the valley floor at each and every lookout. This is the most epic trail I've ever done. of course, me: the ridge we just rode laced with raw singletrack full...
  13. IZwack

    ARC for on board air?

    From my experience, the ARC pump goes on for a few seconds and then shuts off. If you run it for longer than what it was intended for, then it may overheat (bearing seizes in the motor).
  14. IZwack

    Bike Racks, Roof and Hitch mounts

    I second the hitch racks - the roof mounted ones take so much more time to install/remove bikes from. With the hitch racks, you can usually mount two bikes in just a few seconds and be on your way.
  15. IZwack

    Post pictures of your Bicycle rides

    Almost halfway through power training month and what a perfect morning it was to climb mountains.
  16. IZwack

    It's official - I lost 30 lbs

    Wow congratulations! That's a significant achievement!
  17. IZwack

    Wanted 15x8 or 16x8 aftermarket wheels

    Have you tried CraigsList?
  18. IZwack

    Adding Bluetooth..?

    I don't have the answer but perhaps the manual will lead you somewhere - available from FordFleet: https://www.fleet.ford.com/maintenance/owners_manuals/
  19. IZwack

    Changing Differential fluid

    Pretty much all synthetic gear oils do not need the additive (aka "friction modifier") as they already have it. As for me, I go with Mobil-1 or Redline.
  20. IZwack

    Finished building my Hummer beadlock rims

    Set it flat on the ground, set a good size piece of wood on one side of the tire (so as to make a ramp) and drive a car/truck/SUV up that piece of wood - that'll break a bead (if not, the piece of wood ;)).
  21. IZwack

    Post pictures of your Bicycle rides

    Wow - that scenery! And those mountains!
  22. IZwack

    Post pictures of your Bicycle rides

    May is power training month for me so climb repeats is the focus.
  23. IZwack

    f250 leaf springs on full size 8.8 project

    FWIW - spring rate decisions are not really dependent on the axle but the vehicle weight. If this is for off-road, then it would probably not perform as well as the stock spring since it would probably be too stiff (as stated) and also therefore not flex as easily (it would be like having a...