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    U.S. Expands Probe Into Ford Explorers Over Carbon Monoxide Concerns

    This is a very good observation. I'm from the Philippines and we drive with AC on all the time. We also use AC under RECIRC since air outside is not so pleasant unlike in the US. That exhaust fume smell comes in most noteworthy when all windows are up and AC on RECIRC. Before the TSB 12-12-04...
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    Link to NHTSA complaint form for exhaust fume smell entering the cabin

    I wish could throw in my support for my complaints, but other countries are not included. Have to do this locally...
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    U.S. Expands Probe Into Ford Explorers Over Carbon Monoxide Concerns

    Thanks for the reply. Im trying to gather all these TSBs to file a formal complaint here in the Philippines.
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    Clicking front wheels

    Does anyone have the pdf for TSB 16-0021? Was there ever a TSB for the thrust washer? Im looking at all possibilities other than the steering gear that have caused that popping noise when steering left or right at low speed.
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    U.S. Expands Probe Into Ford Explorers Over Carbon Monoxide Concerns

    I have a 2013 MY and my dealer in the Philippines has done the initial TSB. That TSB did not include the muffler assembly. Would be nice to have a copy of that TSB 17-0044. Thanks!
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    Popping noises when turning?

    Hi Peter, After reading back through the threads, I'm beginning to think you may be right and that the problem may not be the steering gear assembly. I mean its only been 16,000kms from the date they have replaced the steering gear. I'm just speculating since I'm no mechanic. About the...
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    Popping noises when turning?

    My dealer in the Philippines replaced the steering gear assembly last year on After Warranty Assistance program. Since then, I've noticed the steering gear being sluggish again. Also, I started hearing this popping sound when turning left or right. The sound is more evident on the driver side...
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    2011 - 2018 Explorer Power Steering Issue

    Its still steering rack and pinion as explained by the technician at my dealer. The difference is that it is electronically assisted rather than hydraulic so there is a gearing difference too. You can search google and you can see what it looks like.
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    Question on steering recall

    Its the steering rack and pinion. It is electronically assisted and mine has been faulty twice. First replacement was a year ago then second time is this year after only 16k kms from 1st replacement. Telltale signs include sluggish steering then grinding noise when turning wheel left to right...
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    Clicking front wheels

    Ive had this problem too. Youre not gonna like it. Its the rack and pinion and its holy hell expensive! Ive had it replaced under the recall. After 16k kms from the replacement, it went back with a vengeance. Now back in the dealer and I argued that it should be covered since its the same issue.
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    U.S. Expands Probe Into Ford Explorers Over Carbon Monoxide Concerns

    Its going to be tough to sell my explorer now. Ford, own up to your mistake and make this American brand great again. To the Ford executives and engineers: The odor is real and you morons should have fixed this 5 years ago.
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    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    Until now i still experience the bad smell especially when i accelerate under wide open throttle. Keep it at 3500rpm then step on it again to accelerate and smell will be there. The dealer i go to here in the Philippines admitted that all explorers sold here are affected and they have no 100%...
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    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    After 4 years now and barely 39,000kms, our EX Limited still gets that smell under WOT. As soon as we reach >3500RPM and/or constant speeds of 120-140kmh, we get that exhaust smell. The best description I can give is that it smells like a bad vapor of fuel combined with burnt plastic. The smell...
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    Hood Paint bubble issue only

    My dealer here in the Philippines repainted the hood and covered it under warranty. Mine is a 2013MY and the service adviser also said that even 2014-2015 units have this issue.
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    2016 new car highway speed buzz

    Mine was fixed also but the problem seems to be coming back after a year or so. I guess at least it lasted a while.. By the way, congrats on your new ride NAPALM! Just curious, does your 2016 exhibit that old nasty gas or burnt oil smell like our EX does? Cheers :thumbsup:
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    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    Hmmm...I definitely have not used mine so much since I've only clocked in 21,000 kilometers since date of purchased in Sept. 2012. I will look into sealing the rear area where the smell could be seeping in. Thanks again!
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    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    Hello Tnt, I have done the TSB 12-4-4 but have not heard of any update fix since then. would you have the TSB #? Also, it would be much appreciated if you could link or post pictures of the DIY repair you did to eliminate the smell. The smell is very apparent under WOT. I have noticed...
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    Condensation in headlights?

    Just noticed mine has a streak with finger print inside the lens. WEIRD! This must have happened in the factory. I've never noticed it before. Will show this to dealer upon next service schedule.
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    Debut of 2016 Explorer

    Hmmm... "Interior changes help enhance quietness in the cabin. There are new door seals, and an enhanced sound package includes engine subframe mounts specially tuned to reduce vibration, as well as a specially tuned exhaust for the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine. Acoustic glass is used on the...
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    Debut of 2016 Explorer

    Hmm still no retractable grab handle bars? What is it with American SUVs not having grab handle bars? European, Japanese, Korean and even Chinese Autos have grab handle bars. I wonder if the new exhaust tip design eliminated the smell coming inside. And finally, they upgraded to 2.3 liter! It...
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    Replacing bench with 2nd row bucket seats

    Hi Bryceb, I think it depends on built date. I too have a '13 limited with built date May 2012. if you have '13 limited with 4th quarter built date then you get the sliding 40 bench seat. Sucks. It is quite annoying to fold in and and out.
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    2016+ Ford Explorer will be the redesign?

    Holy Batman! They really extended those muffler tips! You may be right that this could be the fix to the smelly Explorer.
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    Headlight adjustment screw

    Got it! Used Phillips screw driver. Adjusted the driver side headlamp lower. It was aiming almost the same as the passenger side. Lowered it by 3/4 of an inch. I'll see if oncoming traffic still signals me. Thanks all!