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  1. jrgoffin

    2020 Engineering Flaws

    Here's where that rotary shift dial originated. Has been also carried over in to just about everything else, including the 2020 Shelby GT500.
  2. jrgoffin

    Missing Part? - Clip in the glove box

    Already been established. See Post #4...
  3. jrgoffin

    Missing Part? - Clip in the glove box

    Is that clip easy to pop off? Curious if it has an engineering number stamped in to it. Crazy that it looked to be available only with the complete door, but I have the guys at my local dealer looking in to it. Ford probably got tired of warranty claims from it breaking off, which would have...
  4. jrgoffin

    Missing Part? - Clip in the glove box

    Really thought it was odd to put a slot/shelf in the glovebox for the owners manual binder, but have no way to keep it in its place (for us OCD types). That was nice with the 5G Explorer that there was a shelf for the booklet above the glovebox. Just stumbled on the lack of the clip - such a...
  5. jrgoffin

    Power mirror circuit: hard-wiring radar detector, camera, etc.

    Glad to hear this thread is still helping out!
  6. jrgoffin

    Custom 170° thermostats

    The fan on/off speeds get reset when tuned. With my Cobra for example the engine is always in the 170's - 180's with the lower-temp thermostat and adjusted fan settings. Compare that to 200°+ with the OE settings and thermostat. Not a huge market for thermostat swaps when it comes to the...
  7. jrgoffin

    Custom 170° thermostats

    Original post has been edited!
  8. jrgoffin

    Steeda Adjustable Rear Sway Bar

    For anyone curious about the merits of larger/stiffer sway bars in IRS vehicles, here is some good reading. It's from my Cobra site, but the idea is the same ------> Suspension
  9. jrgoffin

    Steeda Adjustable Rear Sway Bar

    Yes, it’s a screen shot. The actual video is on Steeda’s site.
  10. jrgoffin

    Steeda Adjustable Rear Sway Bar

    Great addition to tighten up an IRS. These are a necessary upgrade to carve the corners! You can see what looks to be the prototype bar in their springs video:
  11. jrgoffin

    Custom 170° thermostats

    EDIT: I had to make a correction to the original post since I inadvertently added a DIY document that only applies to the 5th Gen Explorer. My apologies since I mixed up the part numbers. This is the correct method to knock out this thermostat easily...
  12. jrgoffin

    Under view of 2020 Explorer ST

    Actually, "Adaptive" valve. States it exactly right on the pipe. I've stated several times that the most economical way to change the sound on this very quiet vehicle is to just remove the resonator, rather than buying an expensive system that gives it that "import" sound. They did, however...
  13. jrgoffin

    Wheel bearings - very short lifespan.

    They were factory bearings. Taking it to the dealership, you'll get...factory bearings.
  14. jrgoffin

    Cabin filter

    Hopefully you can just tilt the glovebox door down (after emptying it out, of course) to gain access. Those push-pin clips in the 5th Gen were a real pain to get back in once you re-installed the door. Will eventually find out...
  15. jrgoffin

    Ventilated Seats

    They draw air through them to pull moisture away from your body rather than blow cold air on you. I don't dig them as much as those in my '14 Sport, but they are better than nothing. Have something similar with custom Recaro seats in my '03 Cobra: there are two small fans that resemble those in...
  16. jrgoffin

    How to: Missing Hitch Cover??

    I do remember! Yeah, I definitely like to promote the Blue Oval stuff a lot. It's just a matter of paying it forward for many friends and family that have been employed there for decades, and all the vehicles I've owned having been problem-free. Not to mention, all the insight I got from my...
  17. jrgoffin

    How to: Missing Hitch Cover??

    A "plug" is the only option for the 6th Gen. Liked the "cover" on my '14 Sport, but that feature is gone obviously.
  18. jrgoffin

    Neat things you have found out

    You have to set the system on "Auto" for this. I believe there is also a way to leave it at "Last setting" or something along those lines as well.
  19. jrgoffin

    How to: Missing Hitch Cover??

    The all-weather mats are an option. Some have them from the factory, some don't. Easy enough to buy from Ford and well worth having, especially since the coverage is better than WeatherTech or Husky. As for the trailer hitch cover - $15 from Ford:
  20. jrgoffin

    ST Aftermarket Exhaust Systems thread

    Isn't that the truth. Even worse with all those ridiculous import's out there along with the Mustang scene.
  21. jrgoffin

    Redline Tuning hood struts installed

    One is stainless steel (chromed look), one is not.
  22. jrgoffin

    Redline Tuning hood struts installed

    Go right to Redline's site. No brains required. https://www.redlinetuning.com/
  23. jrgoffin

    Drain plug upgrade

    Awesome - should end the thread on that note! If it isn't a DIY project, I'd only let Ford deal with it. After 30+ years of oil changes, think I'll be letting the dealership handle the used oil.
  24. jrgoffin

    Is there a way to tell when my Explorer was built from the VIN?

    I have that same character string on mine, but it does not reflect the actual build date, since it's a day later. It might be that the window sticker was actually printed and adhered to the vehicle on that day (vs. "generated" within the system like the other date). My build date has been...