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  1. 410Fortune


    you did hook up the theft light? LOL LOL LOL LOL I am sure you did Im just pokin fun
  2. 410Fortune

    Second Gen explorer front winch bumper

    what a great deal!!
  3. 410Fortune

    Just got my new ride!!

    Nice looking Sploder! Welcome
  4. 410Fortune


    the injectors will not fire 2000 Explorer pats disables the injectors.....crank crank crank all day long However the THEFT light would be blinking rapidly letting you know there is an issue The theft light should go off during cranking....that indicates a properly working PATS system is happy...
  5. 410Fortune

    How do you do manual up/down seat override for power seats?

    there you go, manual override via pry bar There is no friggin room under there, I hate it when the power seats freeze up...makes it so hard to remove them!
  6. 410Fortune

    I'm a little lost need help what to do on a wiring harness!!!!!

    I posted the 2003 ranger wiring book in your other thread, $30 on ebay. Having the book is the only way to go IMO yes it is just that simple, try contacting Lasota Racing, he can flash these PCM's and anyone who can tune or flash these PCM can remove the auto trans functions There are a few...
  7. 410Fortune

    R.J.'s New New Rig

    none of us are getting any younger! What I did was put some luxury and a v8 into the old rides...... heated and cooled seats, front and rear camera's, bluetooth, now if I could just make the button that folds the seats up and closes the hatch we would be in business!! Oh and I want to be able to...
  8. 410Fortune

    I'm need help on a finding wiring diagram....

    get the book! $30 or best offer 2003 Ford Ranger Truck Service Wiring Diagram Service Manual | eBay
  9. 410Fortune

    question about 96 & 98 5.0 VSS/OSS

    yes somebody just had to get one and figure out how to wire it up in these Fords.... Getting the box is easy, doing the wiring is pretty simple, just have to sort out where to grab the signal and where to send it back properly without messing with ABS brakes. Then it was all about sorting out...
  10. 410Fortune

    How do you do manual up/down seat override for power seats?

    there is no manual over ride on power seats The seat tracks from a power seat are WAY different then a manual seat without the motors and gears working the seats will not move period.
  11. 410Fortune

    Changing engine, transmission, transfer case

    Dang!! How do you get hit so often? Is it part of your career that puts you in harms way? I know people love that 3v 4.6 I am pretty sure I have seen other 4.6 owners swap from the 2v to the 3v on here....have you tried a search? I love my excursion....once you daily drive an excursion with 3...
  12. 410Fortune

    1995 Ford Ranger 4x4 U-Joint Replace

    Yes with the CORRECT TOOLS you MIGHT be able to replace it in place, not much room to work in there. The tool I posted is your best chance First jack the truck way up, get under there, clean the area and see what you are dealing with........
  13. 410Fortune

    Paul's '91 Sport

    I Know right!! Im way closer then you are but still too far away. I wish I was hosting a huge Explorerforum all is welcome shop and Kevin and I could combine forces!!!
  14. 410Fortune

    question about 96 & 98 5.0 VSS/OSS

    No reason to be baffled anymore YES THERE IS A WAY Its called the Dakota Digital BT-1000 I have installed a few of them now You can use the signal from the 8.8 speed sensor, grab it and send it to the dakota box, buffer the signal and send it back to the PCM, GEM, Speedo, cruise control, etc...
  15. 410Fortune

    How often does the Viscous coupling/chain fail on the AWD V8 trucks?

    the awd cases can last 250-300K miles....with regular fluid changes. Or they can explode at 150K miles, without fluid changes and if they are beat on, like running a tire low often, running without a front d shaft, these things will generate heat and the lifespan is cut short Since you have a...
  16. 410Fortune

    I'm a little lost need help what to do on a wiring harness!!!!!

    Hmmmmmmmm this is a good one. The 2003 Ranger uses a slightly different pats system then the 01 explorer so you cannot just swap in the 03 ranger PCM and pats and call it good. I wish, that would be too easy You may consider having your 01 explorer pcm actually tuned to forget about the auto...
  17. 410Fortune

    00 explorer remove front 4wd differential??

    10mm or 13mm for the differential studs 13 and 15mm for the upper ball joint pinch bolt 34mm cv axle nuts (usually) I use sockets and ratchets Typically I will use a dewalt 20V electric impact when I am taking things apart My 20V impact will ever remove the cv axle nuts which are torqued to...
  18. 410Fortune

    96 Eddie Bauer 5.0 Log

    I have seen PLENTY of 5.0 trucks with a KNOCK, usually a spun bearing on the crankshaft or a broken/bad lifter Almost always these 5.0 have seen little to no maintenance OR were run WITHOUT OIL As much as I do not like to see this I am happy to because it means I get a parts donor for CHEAP CHEAP
  19. 410Fortune

    Noticed my driver side wheel hub starting to wobble, Rockauto only shows for 4x4 and NOT for 2WD. Are they the same part?

    AS @RickOTR pointed out Rockauto lists them under "WHEEL BEARING" not wheel bearing and hub Since you are RWD the wheel bearings are not one with the hub (often called a unit bearing) instead you have traditional style spindle and bearings...
  20. 410Fortune

    1995 Ford Ranger 4x4 U-Joint Replace

    Check this out: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/lil-18980?seid=srese1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwit_8BRCoARIsAIx3Rj5z-lTg-JWjzhyWIj6hSjk1v-RiBa0_Wty2jPjisfQfkC-vuu4Lbh8aAmjAEALw_wcB maybe possible in the truck with one of those I saw it on "trucks" or one of those shows last week and now I must have one
  21. 410Fortune

    1995 Ford Ranger 4x4 U-Joint Replace

    it is indeed a U joint This is known as the "stub shaft" on the passenger side of the TTB front differential The stub shaft is retained in the diff with a c clip, so you cannot remove the shaft from the diff without dropping the diff off of the beam. Some have had good luck replacing that U...
  22. 410Fortune

    00 explorer remove front 4wd differential??

    The top of that bolt is a stamped nut with a lock washer, meaning the nut will stay in place when you spin the bolt, no need to put a wrench on it Removing the front diff takes me about 45 minutes usually and that includes jacking up the truck putting on two jack stands, removing the CV axle...
  23. 410Fortune

    Not another V8 swap thread (N2Ford)

    we are 14 degrees right now, but it is to be 54 on Thursday the 29th
  24. 410Fortune

    Upper control arms with coil overs and IFS

    the ranger I have downstairs has the BTF uppers, they will give you more clearance at that spring for sure.......much more then stock. My wifes FJ cruiser the UCA hits her FOX coilover spring too....until we can afford to get some nice aftermarket UCA's I just took a grinder to her stock bits...
  25. 410Fortune

    Hello, have a 97 5.0 2wd and would like to make it 4x4

    gotta love HF The multi tool is a winner, those suckers will cut through just about anything. I mostly use the dewalt cordless these days but the plug in HF units are tough as nails. The extendable 1/4 - 3/8" ratchet is one of my go to tools, I have two of them in my box at all times. The new...