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    1997 5.0 Awd... potential purchase

    Anyhow I am currently checking out a 1997 Explorer with the v8 and AWD. Aside from the mileage (157k) there are no real concerns except for the fact that I have no experience with the AWD system and there is a slight vibration coming from the left wheel when ever you turn the car (There is also...
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    username: NORRIN Watch out for this person. He just replied in my thread "91 Explorer Part Out" claiming that he purchased my sunroof glass, made payment and is awaiting shipment. Trust me, this guy is a joke and is making false accusations... just thought I would give everyone a head's up...
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    Swapping a 95-96 4.0 v6 into a 1991 Explorer

    The stock block/engine in my truck is the 90TM-AB casting. In 95/96 the block was changed to the 95TM-AB casting. The only changes that I have found is that there are two additional bolts in the block. Has anyone performed this swap or could someone shed some light on the feasibility of doing...
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    Fairly loud ticking, bangin noise while in gear

    Hey guys - it's been a long while since I last posted in these pages. Lots of things have changed - 1. I stopped spending money on the truck, 2. Sold off most of my Parts collection - including my new Borla headers and 3. Purchased a new Mustang. (Finally I have power) Anyway, the Explorer...
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    Subway Series

    Anyone who watch the game thought the Rocket intentionally threw the bat at Piazza? I was getting into an arguement with some of my Mets friends and I was not defending his action - you just don't throw a bat, but I don't think he was aiming at Piazza or threw at him intentionally....
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    Any humble Dolphin fans out there?

    Oh boy did we give it to you last night!!! Down 30-7 with only quarter left we opened up a can of "whip ass" and shook it all over Miami... they added another touchdown to add a little excitement, but we overcame adversity. J - E - T - S, JETS, JETS, JETS. We took the number one offense in...
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    Explorer Express 75mm MAS

    Stock injectors are used and the sensor has been calibrated for improved performance - $239.95. Granetelli motorsports has one for $330.00 as well, but I was wondering if anyone purchased the one from EE.
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    Rage Wheels

    Does anybody have them? I believe they are fairly new, but the look real nice and a reasonably priced. FYI - I am looking for 16" rims.
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    Hella Lights - don't crack your lense

    Alright, I stupidly flew into a parking space a couple months back and cracked my Hella 500 lense because I pulled too far in. I paid like $60.00 for the lights and just recently contacted Hella for a replacement lense. It's no special lense by any means.... MY EMAIL TO HELLA: I have a set...
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    Performance tire question

    I hear about putting a lower profile on the truck. I have a 91 exp - I take it that a lower profile tire would actually not be a truck tire, but rather a sports/car or regular car tire. Are there any concerns with this, such as safety?
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    High Amp/Output Alternator

    Where did you get yours from, are you satisfied with its performance and how much did it cost? Thanks
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    Potential Rocker Panel fix

    What do most Ford Explorer owners share with one another - Rusted out rocker panels! There is not much hope for us right now because the only real fix is to cut out the rusted area, shape and weld a new piece of metal on and go from there. I am not sure if this has been done yet, but it will...
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    Heard of Sealed Power, MotorMite or ATP tranny parts?

    I think my start-up problem may be associated with the flywheel and unfortunately I have found little to no improvement options for my auto tranny. I did find however, that the companies listed above make parts for the tranny (flywheels, gears, bands, bushings, etc.) I wanted to know if anyone...
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    Pls Help - Clank, Clank, Clank noise on start-up

    I was washing my truck the other night with a pressure spray hose. After I finished washing it, I jumped into my truck and when to start it up. The damn thing would not start - clank, clank, clank, clank was all she said. So I tried a couple more times and only received the same results...
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    What's up with my Tranny

    My tranny (automatic) has been giving me the following problems lately: 1. Sluggish shifts 2. On several occassions, after starting the truck and backing out of the driveway, I shift into drive; however, the damn tranny doesn't shift into gear. When I step on the gas its like I am stuck in...
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    Anyone Rebuild the 91-94 Auto tranny or modified tranny

    I need suggestions in making the tranny bullet-proof when I rebuild it. Any performance torque converters, rebuild kits, or ?????? Thanks in advance.
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    Anyone have a good rebuild for a 91-94 4.0 V-6 ?

    I am going to be rebuilding my engine soon and want to do the best "cost-effective" job. I want the damn thing to last and I want the engine to be proud of itself. Has anyone rebuilt the engine using non-stock parts. Please let me know what you have done and whether you recommend it, blah...
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    Fluid in the Intake Manifold

    Don't know if anyone has experienced this before. I just opened my throttle body and noticed that there was fluid coming out of the manifold. I decided to take a peek inside and noticed that there was a puddle of fluid inside of the manifold. I am not 100% sure, but it may be coolant. Any...
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    Vacuum Lines

    One of my vacuum lines attached to a valve of the left of my intake manifold, split and came off this weekend. I was able to fix the line, but could not put the "plug" end back onto the valve. It appears as though its not making a tight enough grip to give the vaccum effect. What am I...
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    Want a cheap price, but good horsepower?

    I have been comtemplating my header purchase for a while and was going to go for the JBA headers w/ceramic coating. BUT, I decided to look into the CARPARTS.COM offer for 1/3 of your purchase. The Borla headers were $330, which is cheaper than everyone else; however, that wasn't even with the...
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    High Output Alternator

    Well, I am back to posting again. A while back, I requested info on a high performance alternator. The options were very small and the price was usually very high. While browsing on another posting board I disovered Mr.Toms Alternator. He has models available for every year Explorer in both...
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    Do you have a Superchip?

    I am looking for feedback on the Superchip. I once purchased the JET chip around a year and a half and was unsatisfied with its "dollar per power" ratio. I did not feel much of a difference in driveability. So I keep seeing this Superchips - Adds 16-21hp and 25-32 torque. Is this true...
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    Annoying Bumps at 15mph

    I hear a mild clunk when my vehicle is moving from 5 - 15mph. It doesn't happen all the time and it is not a constant noise; however, it can happen every 3 secs. or so. It is coming from the left wheel of my car and could possibly be coming from the front axle. Thanks
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    Michael Carrasquillo - New York

    91 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Exterior: Blue and Tan Interior: Tan Stereo System: Clarion Deck 6375 Sony Analog Equalizer 4 - 6x8 Pioneer Door Speakers 2 - 12" Rockford Fostgate Subwoofers (Q-Logic sealed box) 400 watt Crunch Amplifier * Considering taking the truck to have custom...