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    Inner tie rod -what to grab support the rack while breaking it free

    i break them lose with the inner tie rod tool and a 1/2 in impact, no need to hold the rack and pinion
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    New Guy needs help with decision

    the v8 5.0 will be a gas guzzler, the ohv 4.0 would be my choice much easier to work on hands down, master mechanic 10 years' experience.
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    loud popping

    ball joints
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    How to: Quick and Easy 2nd gen Blend Door Replacement Tutorial

    no pictures???????????????? this thread is useless without pictures
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    Common V8 engine swap for 1996 Explorer?

    this swap is not cost effective not to mention the wiring nightmare your getting yourself into
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    89 ranger motor compatibility

    well i found out 89 to 94 will work
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    89 ranger motor compatibility

    thanks for the response
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    89 ranger motor compatibility

    I just bought a 89 ranger with the 2.3 motor, it smokes like crazy im going to replace the motor or re ring it. what year is the newest long block i can use to fix this? do the valve stem seals go out often on this particular motor?
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    93 ranger mechanics help!!!

    get a pry bar and bend the #### out of it.
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    93 ranger mechanics help!!!

    try bending the braket just a bit, what does it hold?
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    93 ranger mechanics help!!!

    loosen the transmission mount and let the tranny drop that should give you just enough clearance to get it, and remove the oil filter.
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    please help me

    x2 on tire size
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    new pads on worn rotors

    the pads dont make the pedal pulse its the rotor being warped.
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    2001 Explorer Sport 4.0 SOHC Cylinder Misfire Codes

    it all points to the wires being plugged on the wrong spark plug, misfires and a rich condition indicate that you have unburnt fuel going out of the tail pipe. check the wires and make sure they are connected to the right plug, gap the sparkplugs to the oem spec and get motorcraft iridium...
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    Cleaned Throttle Body but still have sartup idle issues

    have a shop check the fuel pressure regulator more than likely that's your problem. a bad iac would make the car idle like crap, but if it shuts down right after starting it its likely the fuel pressure regulator.
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    98 5.0 awd coolant leak

    i own a shop and i don't #### ppl over.
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    98 5.0 awd coolant leak

    there is a 3 dollar hose that you cant really see on top of the timing cover, when it leaks it makes it look like its coming from the timing cover, just take it to a small shop, big shops love fing people over.
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    96 v8 starting issue

    just change the damn fuel pressure regulator, if you are loosing pressure after 60 seconds then u have a bad fpr, i cant believe you haven't figured that out by now.
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    Bench Bleeding the clutch master???

    the slave cylinder should have a bleeder screw, open it then fill the reservoir all the way up and let gravity bleed it for a bit, then close the bleeder screw on the slave cylinder and have someone pump the pedal 10 times and hold it down and quickly crack the bleeder screw on the slave...
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    differential gear ratio

    does that apply to any year explorer?
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    differential gear ratio

    i have been searching with no luck, how can i tell what gear ratio my 96 v6 explorer has, on the door sticker it says "rear 41" any help?
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    re-charge ac on 02 xls explorer

    take it to a professional, a/c work is NOT for the diy
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    engine took a dump

    I just got me a 94 explorer with a 4.0 motor that took a crap, oil mixed with water and such, I have a good 4.0 motor out of a 96 explorer, both explorers have an X on the 8th vin digit, I have done a LOT of motor swaps, I will be using the intake and all electrical out of the 94 the...
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    Xxx big project

    alright finally some insight, i was ready to part the damn thing. i might after all finish this project...