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  1. AccordRanger

    Flag pole mount?

    Hey guys I was thinking about mounting a flag pole to the side of the bumper on my 2nd gen. I've seen the ones in the ball mount on the bumper which is what I have now. I would like to be able to open the hatch while its on. Does anyone have an idea on how to mount one to the side? It's for a...
  2. AccordRanger

    Transfer case front drive shaft yoke.

    Bump! Need to figure out ASAP so I can run to the junkyard on my day off.
  3. AccordRanger

    Transfer case front drive shaft yoke.

    Does anyone have a pic of a 95 96 front driveshaft? Looking at google it seems like it may fit. But I would like a better picture to make sure.
  4. AccordRanger

    Transfer case front drive shaft yoke.

    That's what I was thinking but I was hoping I could find a cheaper alternative so I can get back on the trails till I have more money.
  5. AccordRanger

    Transfer case front drive shaft yoke.

    So I did the bw1354m swap in about November. The problem is my old driveshaft has the cv style yoke. The 1354 has a u joint style. Is there a way to swap the yoke from the old t case to the new one? There is no nut on the old one that holds the yoke on. Or do any of the second gens have a u...
  6. AccordRanger

    86 Ranger part out.

    Going to be parting out my Ranger. It's still mostly in one piece but should start tearing it part this weekend. Red inside and out. 5 speed 2.9 v6. Feel free to ask for parts and ill let you know as soon. As I take them off. Parts I do have off. Brand new in tank fuel pump $85 Rear view...
  7. AccordRanger

    explorer sport pics

    I'd say so! But hey you are using it the right way!
  8. AccordRanger

    Tom's '97 XLT registry

    Not bad at all!
  9. AccordRanger

    AccordRanger's 99 Sport

    Current pics! First day out of the garage! Had some fun in 2WD!
  10. AccordRanger

    Tom's '97 XLT registry

    Hey Tom if you don't mind me asking, how much did the sliders run you?
  11. AccordRanger

    Explorer dying when given gas.

    Fixed it! Turned out to be a dirty MAF.
  12. AccordRanger

    Explorer dying when given gas.

    OK so the last couple of days the explorer had had the engine light come on and off randomly. Got it checked and it was po156 and po157 o2 sensor bank 2 sensor 2. Well today when I Started it was idling rough for about 3 minutes, then idled normal. As soon as I touched the gas pedal it died...
  13. AccordRanger

    Crazy Wobble

    Same problem I have. try this
  14. AccordRanger

    Camo photoshop

    Hey guys. I am thinking about doing a camo paint job on my sport. Can anybody help out and photoshop these onto my ex? Thanks!
  15. AccordRanger

    Jen's 03 Sport

    Gotta love new rubbers!;) I almost have my whole front end replaced with the heavy duty upgrades too. Amazing how much beefier they are.
  16. AccordRanger

    played with the inside of the X and this happend

    I love the camo! May have to do it one day!
  17. AccordRanger

    Driver side fender out of whack

    Mine was like that and I just used a 5lb sledge to smack it back straight.