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    crankshaft oil seal removal (front)

    Hi, I've got the harmonic balancer off the engine (4.0 OHV) and can see the crankshaft seal. I don't have the special tool to pull the old seal out. Is there any trick I can use to get that sucker out without having a special tool? I was thinking about two long small diameter screws on...
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    Am I crazy? DIY rebuild on a 5R55E

    I have a 98 X with about 155k miles on the clock. Transmission is starting to leak and the torque convertor shudder is starting to get worse. When towing the boat lately (bout 2500# at most), the transmission started to make a grinding noise when cruising in 4th gear (O/D off for towing). It...
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    Crankshaft oil seal replacement - 4.0 OHV

    I've got a little oil leaking from the front of the engine at the crankshaft seal. I would guess it leaves the spot the size of a quarter every day. Can anyone who has done this repair answer a few questions for me? 1. Do I need a special tool to set the new seal at the proper depth? My...
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    Oil Pan Drain Plug

    I was changing the oil yesterday and noticed how beat up the hex head was on my drain plug. I had to hammer on a socket just to loosen the head, otherwise it kept slippinging. Anyway, to make a long story short, I called a dealership for a replacment and they want $14.57 for the plug :eek...
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    RPMs go up, Voltage goes down

    I'm trying to diagnose an electrical problem on my 98. When I go to accelerate, the voltage gauge will start dropping once I am above 2500 rpms and the lights go dim. The higher the rpms, the lower the voltage. The battery light on the dash comes on at about 3500 rpms. When the tranny shifts...
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    Leak from rear of tranny

    I was changing my oil this past weekend and noticed that the rear of my tranny looked wet. It looks like I have a very slow leak where the driveshaft ties into the back of the tranny. I'm assuming there is some type of seal there that might be bad. Anyone know how hard this would be to...
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    Good Aftermarket Brake Pad???

    I learned my lesson buying cheap brake pads and don't want to make the mistake again. About 14 months and 25k miles ago, I bought the $19 cheapy Autozone special pads. Needless to say, they are already worn down and require replacement. I'm not hard on the brakes and do a 50/50 mix of...
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    Replace or Rebuild Lock Cylinders?

    I replaced my driver and passenger side door latch mechanisms this weekend to fix an issue with unlocking the doors. The new latch fixed the drivers side problem I was having, but the passenger side is more than just a latch - the lock cylinder wont turn very easy. This is after I removed the...
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    Why did Ford do this???

    I've been having issues with my ABS activating at low speeds off and on. Instead of looking for the problem when its -5 degrees outside, I thought I would just pull the fuse to deactivate the system and fix it in spring. I pulled the ABS fuse and it deactivated more than the ABS system. The...
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    Rebuild stock alternator???

    Does anyone know if there are kits available to rebuild your stock alternator? A few years back, I heard you could buy replacing bearings and brushes together in a kit pretty cheap. Thanks
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    Good gasket remover?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good gasket remover (besides elbow grease)? I need to remove my old water pump gasket and could use a tip on a good product.
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    Remove radiator to replace water pump?

    Hi all, I've got 120k miles on the X and just started hearing what sounds like the bearing going bad in the water pump. I read my Ford maintenance CD and it suggests taking out the radiator to replace the water pump. I have the 4.0 OHV. For the other two engine choices, it simply says...
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    Installing keyless entry and remote start

    Hi all, I'm considering installing keyless entry and a remote starter for my X. I really only need the keyless entry, but it looks like it won't cost me too much more to add the remote start at the same time. I've read a bunch of posts on this issue and it looks like the Bulldog 1100 may be...
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    Power lock problems

    I've had some strange issues with my power locks and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. When the weather is damp, my power locks will relock themselves immediately after I turn the key and unlock the vehicle (no remote keyless). I have to have one hand on the key and...
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    Battery questions

    Anyone know what the factory recommends for a cca rating for a battery? Autozone has a 750cca battery for $60. Will 750cca cut it? Thanks