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  1. UtahX

    Ads Are Popping Up

    Ads are popping up all the time.
  2. UtahX

    Just A Heads Up

    Just wanted to let people know my experience with the Pro Comp ES9000 Shock. They replaced the Rancho RS5000. I thought I would go with the Pro Comp, big mistake, these do not work well with the 2000 Explorer. Did not get the right one's since the website had wrong pictures and what not, but...
  3. UtahX

    Hawk Performance Ceramic Pads

    I have a little over 90,000 miles on mine, with PowerSlot rotors. What have been your experiences with this combo? I'm still braking pretty good. Should I be looking at replacing them?
  4. UtahX

    New Set-Up

    Really liking this set-up better, using the short walls instead:
  5. UtahX

    Help With A TT And Shackles

    Anyone in Northern Utah that can help me with this. I have no tools, or place to do this, just the parts and willing to help out. Most I talk to (shops) will not do it, or are asking hundreds to do it.
  6. UtahX


    Was told yesterday that it would be a good idea to replace this. A Good Idea? If so, are there any good after market one's that you would recommend. Also, what can I see with this replacement?
  7. UtahX

    Question On Wheel Alignment

    I went in to get a wheel alignment. He told me that my explorer cannot be aligned, that it is fixed, but he can put in a kit so that it can be aligned better than what the factory preset. Is this true or BS? If I decide to not get the kit and do the Warrior Shackles and TT for a 1.25 lift...
  8. UtahX

    Clemens A Yankee Again, Loser

    What an #######. I see money talks again. The Skanks will still not win anything this year with him. As I see it, it's all about money, for Clemens. He know's he can get it and the Skanks are willing to pay, surely the RedSox will not. I hope he get's his ass beat everytime he comes out to...
  9. UtahX

    My New Toy Now, I Guess

    Picked these up yesterday. What do ya think? I'm feeling kinda stupid for spending this kind of money on a pair of sunglasses, but they are really cool looking and very durable. Bought especially for the snowshoeing I do. They have lots of cool features also. I got the Matte Black Frame...
  10. UtahX

    We Finally Got Our Own Place

    Now let's do something with it. Let's try to get some get together's going on. Does not always have to be off-roading or what not. We can have a brew or two in SLC or surrounding areas. If anyone wants to get together this weekend for a brew in SLC let me know.
  11. UtahX

    Why No Explorer Club In Utah?

    I thought for sure there would be something going on here.
  12. UtahX


    Was thinking about getting some PowerSlots. Are these the same dimension as stock? I heard that some aftermarket rotor's are different. Thanks.
  13. UtahX

    Funny Thing

    Yesterday I was reading a thread on another forum I belong to. A person was thinking about buying a Toyota FJ Cruiser. Alot of people responed. I suggested that maybe he should get a 1st or 2nd gen X, and mod it for off-road. A few people responded to my post and call the Ford X a piece of...
  14. UtahX

    Question On Air Filter Size

    Does a bigger air filter mean anything in performance? What benefit if any? Do I gain or lose performance?
  15. UtahX

    Fipk Ii

    Should be putting this in tomorrow. Anything to look out for?
  16. UtahX

    New MagnaFlow Exhaust

    Got this put in today. Dual In/Single Out, 2.5 Pipe, 3" MagnaFlow Chrome Tip. Really love the sound now, pretty deep around 30-40 mph, also on acclerations above 60 mph. Not much of a drone on the highway at all. Highly recommend this one.
  17. UtahX

    Liking My X Alot More

    Friday night a friend and I did a canyon in Zion National Park (Englestead Hollow) we had to go back up to retrieve his 300 ft. rope on the first rap. Well, on the way up it rained and hailed on us. He has a F-150, but no front wheel drive or 4 wheel drive, we got in a very short distance when...
  18. UtahX

    New Wheel Question

    Was thinking about getting some new wheels. New one's will be 15x8 with a offset of -12. My tires are 31x10.5x15, I have 1.5-2.0" lift. Will I have any problems with rubbing? What can I expect with this offset? Will this change my ride? Any help would be appreciated.
  19. UtahX

    2000 Shackels Stock?

    Did the 2000 XLT come with shackels?
  20. UtahX

    Rancho RS5000 vs. Pro Comps ES9000

    Since we are talking shocks I was thinking of getting some Rancho's RS5000 for my X. What difference are these compared to the Pro Comps 9000s? I have AWD and TT. Any other brands to look at?
  21. UtahX

    Grille Color

    I will be replacing my grille, my X is white (00). Which color should I go with, White, Chrome, or Black?
  22. UtahX

    Diamond Clear Headlights/Corners

    Well, they were put in today, look awesome. Replaced bulbs with SilverStars except for the side marker, put a LL white in there. What a huge difference these made. Thanks, everyone who helped me out.
  23. UtahX


    Just happened here in SLC. Checkout the pics on the right hand side.
  24. UtahX

    Just Got My Diamond Clear Headlights/Corners

    Man, these look really cool, glad I bought them. Is there anything I should know about installing these? What's the deal with the silver thing in the headlight assembly? Do you remove it? What does it do? These are going to look so cool on the X, thanks guy's.
  25. UtahX

    What Are My Options?

    I want to replace the Headlight Housing Assy. Besides the OEM part, what else is out there for a 2000 XLT? If you can, provide a link to a website. Thanks.