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  1. Minivek

    can you stand on rear bumper??

    Hi folks, title says it all, can you actually stand on the rear bumper without it buckling like a loaf of bread that had a couple of cans of corn sitting on it??? it looks reaaally flimsy, frankly I liked my 94's bumper better.... any thoughts on this, I'd like to wax the top of my truck...
  2. Minivek

    reprograming and tuning with WDS

    Hi all, I recently acquiered a wds and I was wondering if it was possible to get the bin calibration file out of there, put in something like tunerpro rt, make modifications to the file, rezip it and reprogram my pcm like that, I would in fact be reprograming with what it thinks is the most...
  3. Minivek

    Magnaflow 14" 4"x9" body exhaust clip

    There you have it, a nice sound clip from my new exhaust. I gotta say, this is how they should sound from factory!
  4. Minivek

    Max tire size, 255's 75 17 will they rub???

    Hi all, anyone know if a 255 75 r17 bf goodrich mud terrain KM will fit on a no lift 2003 limited ex??? thanks, I've searched and all but the options listed are for 31.6 inch tires 265 70 r17 or whatever, and the ones I'm looking at are 32.06 inches... Thanks a lot.. heres the link to the...
  5. Minivek

    Magnaflow size Questions 5"x8" or 4"x9" 14" or 18"

    I'm looking to buy a new muffler, Magnaflow is the the brand I'll get but I was wondering which one to get. 4"x9" or 5"x8" will both sizes fit under my truck?? It's a 2003 4.6 4dr Limited explorer. Also which length should I get 14" or 18" ??? Is the 14" going to rattle loose my...
  6. Minivek

    advancetrac probs 2003 limited v8

  7. Minivek

    driver's door lock acuator no worky

    hi everyone, happy New Year! I just bought a 2003 v8 Explorer limited with advancetrac (man quite a difference with my 94 2 door!!) turns out everything worked fine for the last 5 days and now the driver's door actuator won't lock my drivers door. kinda sucks since I have to manually lock...
  8. Minivek

    Would like opinions on 2002 explorer

    Hi everyone, I'm currently looking to buy a 2002 ex as my new daily driver and dedicate the 94 to off road duty. The truck has 88000 miles on it, has no rust whatsoever, has been under ford dealership service up until last week, price: 8900$ canadian. So, how reliable is the 2002 ex?? what...
  9. Minivek

    Ford headlight alignment specs???

    Hi everyone, I need to realign my headlights after my lift in order to pass inspection here. My question is, does anyone know how the ford shop manual or dealerships adjust headlight height??? from what I've seen on the internet, most people seem to use the @ 25' the high intensity part of the...
  10. Minivek

    buying wheels, procomp 1069's or american racing baja's

    Hi there, need some epinions on which wheels to buy, I can't choose between American racing Baja's or Procomp 1069's thanks a lot btw, I'm buying 15x8...
  11. Minivek

    extended brake line (from superduty)

    Which extended brake line (from superduty) Hi all, I want to get some superduty brakelines to go with my 5.5" lift. Other than the fact they have to be year 2004 and up, does anyone know which ones the have to be??? napa seems to have one for manual hubs and RABS, another one for 4wd, 4wheel...
  12. Minivek

    Toyota badged Hummer....

    When you ripoff someone elses body design like this, you might as well call it a Hummer as well...:rolleyes:
  13. Minivek

    Brown wire on TC

    Brown wire cut on 1st gen Tcase Hi all, I searched for this but it seems my case is a bit different so here goes. Quick question, I was under the truck looking stuff over and saw the brown wire that goes into the the transfer case housing is severed (this wire goes directly into a rubber nipple...
  14. Minivek

    manual tranny filter system??

    Hi all, I've done some searching but havn't found completed projects on installing a filtering system on the M5OD, Since it's auto trans fluid and there are some sensitive parts in there, I thought it might be a nice project. I imagine one would have to install a remote pump.... Any thought on...
  15. Minivek

    Full width or not

    Hi all, I just completed mi 5.5 inch lift on mi 94 sport, and I'm pretty happy with it. But I'm also thinking ahead and starting to map things out for a solid swap. I've done alot of searching on here and havn't quite found the answers I was looking for. Actually, I'd like to know what people...
  16. Minivek

    Exhaust leak

    Merry christmas everyone, hope everyone's having a good time and relaxing!! I have a couple of exhaust leaks on my 94 2dr, the donut gasket between the cat and the muffler is 3/4 gone, I'Ve got at least one maybe two in the engine compartement (seem to really come from the driver's side) I...
  17. Minivek

    Homemade shackles

    Here are my homemade shackles, I used 2-1/2" x 1/2" HSS flatbar stock, the bars are 10" long, the holes are 9/16" diameter, spaced 8-1/2" apart, about 3/4" from each end and dead center at 1-1/4" from the sides.
  18. Minivek

    estimating lift height from springs

    Hi all, I need to know if its possible to determine lift gained from leaf springs before install. I've got my original sport 2 leaf pack, an F150 5 leaf pack in good condition, lots of arc still, and another pack that was custom made to gain 2.5-3 inches approx. The reason for this is I have...
  19. Minivek

    how to wire a 3 position switch to turn on 2 or all 4 bulbs

    I got a freebie from work, they're dual bulb lights from ABL, for heavy machinery, And I'd like to know if it's possible to wire them with a 3 way switch, that way I'd be able to turn on 2 or 4 of the bulbs. Also, I've searched on here, but I'd like more details as to how to wire the whole thing...
  20. Minivek

    Dana 35 front diff case"housing size

    Quick questions, are all dana 35 housings the same size for 1st gen explorers and rangers up to 97? I know there are two different dana 35 carriers, one with small side gear trunions 9/16" and one with larger side gear trunions 5/8". However is the total length of the carrier from carrier...
  21. Minivek

    D35 Carrier, inner gears compatibility ranger/explorers

    I ended up doing a lot of research about interchangeability of carriers and gears between rangers and explorers for the D35. Turns out basically all inner gear kits (side gears, spider gears and pins) are interchangeable between all Dana 35 from 1991-94 1/2 explorers and rangers built between...
  22. Minivek

    Carrier bearing clamps???

    Hi all, I took apart my D35 front diff today and was wondering if anyone else in here has noticed there were two different carrier bearing caps??:eek: , same bolts and all but the part that bolt onto the diff housing is different left from right. I can post pics on photobucket if you wish to...
  23. Minivek

    Need advice on stability for my 4"/5.5" lift kit I bought

    I've researched this a whole lot, and still need some info. I recently bought a complete BDA (Trailmaster) 4" lift, the guy I bought it from used as a 4" lift at first and then 5.5" by going SOA and adding spacers in the front. According to him, alignment was within specs for both lift...
  24. Minivek

    Cool step by step install of lockright locker for a D35C

    Found a nice step by step thread on lockright locker for D35C, lots of pics and all. link:
  25. Minivek

    D35 Carrier pin damage/side gears

    Hi everyone, I've got a question for the diff pros here, If you don't mind taking a look at the pics, I'd like to know if I need to replace my carrier pin in my D35, I'm changing out the spider gears, cuz I stripped the old ones :rolleyes: , and the carrier pin looks kinda mangled a bit on one...