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    Advance Adapters 700R4 Conversion Parts Available NOW!!!

    We've been waiting a long time for these parts and they are now available! That tired A4LD can be tossed aside for a much more reliable 700R4 GM transmission. With the lowest first gear out of all automatics and OD, it is the most sought after automatic transmission. From rock crawlers to...
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    Going to be in Vegas soon....

    For our honeymoon my soon-to-be-wife and I will be spending our time in Vegas. We will be there from June 17th until the 22nd. I'd like to meet anyone in that area for lunch or something one day, so if you are in the area, let me know. You won't be intruding on our stay, so don't worry...
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    Front bumpers are finally done...

    Got all my brackets in to make the front bumpers for 2nd Gens. Drilling required. Also will have to remove the plates that are attached at the end of the frame that the stock bumper bolts to. Easy to do. These may fit the 1st Gen, but I am not sure. The winch plate will be coming soon...
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    5:1 Atlas 2 to come later this year!!!

    Pirate was the first to know of my news... Now it is your turn... Just got off the phone with Advance Adapters and I was told that they got word today that a 5.0:1 Atlas 2 will be in production sometime this year! From what I was told, they will be using the same case as the present...
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    My 1994 4-Door Explorer Make-Over

    Basically it is now a buggy. Chopped most of the sheetmetal off, redesigned my cage, redesigned the rear suspension and shortened the wheelbase to ~105" from the 122" it was at. Trail pics to HOPEFULLY come soon!
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    Does Forklift Flex Count?

    Finally getting somewhere while waiting for Robb's parts to arrive!!! :D
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    Anyone want to Piss off PETA?

    Moby is speaking out against the killing and cooking of turkeys on Thanksgiving on behalf of PETA. He is urging people to call Butterball and complain because they put out recipie suggestions to those interested. So tonight I called Butterball (1-800-BUTTERBALL) and voiced my support of...
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    Long awaited chopped up Explorer pics....

    He ya go!!! Wheelbase is now ~105". The redone rear suspension links and joints. The beefed up rear hoop. There are still a lot of gussets and supports needed, but this allows me to move it soon.
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    Who voted today?

    So who did their civic duty today? I did. Louisville, KY District 132. Pretty much all Republicans.
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    New Offer for those interested in a SAS

    I will cover the cost of all steel, welding, brackets, etc. All you need to provide is the axle, leaf springs, steering links and steering box. If you can't gat them, I will get them for you as cheaply as I can. Things like wheels, tires, brakelines, shocks, etc are up to you as well...
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    SAS on Second offer to you

    The FIRST person that lets me have their 2nd Gen Explorer for a month will get a leaf sprung swap using whatever axle they want or can provide for $200 over my cost. All brackets, springs, shocks, steering, etc., for whatever my cost is + $200 in labor. That is DIRT cheap. I can get the...
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    Good news!!!!!

    Tuesday I found affordable shop space!!! Moving in November 4th. Looks like I will be a dealer for Advance Adapters (Atlas 2) as well as Aurora Bearing (heim joints)!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Now to contact Warn!!! :D I also drew up a D44 Histeer arm and will take it to the machine shop to...
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    Guess I am the first....

    in the state of Kentucky, if not the nation to build a set of sliders for a Wrangler Rubicon. SWEET rig. The owner even let me drive it (no wheeling though :( ) This is the first Rubicon in the state. Friend of a friend owns it. Looks just like any other Wrangler till you crawl...
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    Would anyone be interested in something like this?

    Dead Link Removed Off-road Trailers But a lot cheaper? I'm thinking about making a prototype if someone would be interested in it.
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    Here we go again (pic)

    And so it begins.... :confused:
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    RRORC Run at Attica, IN Sept 19-22....

    All the Info You Need Lot of people registered and ready to go!!!
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    ProRocks Crawling Competition, Attica, 8-24-02 (Pics)

    Had a great time! All in all I thought it was a decent event. First crawling competition I have been to and it makes me want to get my junk ready for EEROC even more!!! Met Woody and Spaceghost from Pirate4x4. Two very nice guys. Got a good shot of Mike (Spaceghost) giving the ole'...
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    Swingout Tire Carrier Bumper is done (pics)

    Built a cool swingout tire carrier bumper for a friend of mine. Came out pretty well I think. The latch... More pics are here... Rear Bumper
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    Small Business Software ????

    As many of you know, CRL Customs is now a legal business. This week I will be looking for shop space and hopefully will find something affordable. I've got a few computers laying around of which one I will format and start over on to use for the business. I'm going to need some form of...
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    CoryL - Louisville, KY

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    What is your crawl ratio?

    To calculate it, check out For you guys with automatics, find out your first gear and then multiply it by appx. 2 to take into account the TQ converter multiplier. I also used 600 RPMs as my basis. With my current setup I have a 108:1 crawl ratio assuuming a 2:1 TQ converter...
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    I need some Explorers for test mules.......incentives!!!!!

    Here is the deal guys.... I'm trying to get my small fab business rolling, but I need some Explorers to prototype off of. I need... 1st Gen 2-Door 1st Gen 4-Door 2nd Gen 2-Door 2nd Gen 4-Door I'd use mine, but it's missing so much sheetmetal and paneling that I can't take good...
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    My new webpage is up....Link Inside

    My New Webpage Let me know what you think... Thanks, Cory
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    Video from Tellico last weekend!!!!

    Kick ASS Tellico Video Compliments of Bryce at the RRORC Boards.
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    Great series, great outcome!!!! Glad to see Lidstrom get the MVP and even happier to see the Cup come back to Hockeytown. I ENVY you guys living outside Detroit!