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    Vibration/slow WOT full throttle, jolt

    Sorry for cross posting, I didn't get anything on the 2006-2010 forum. 2008 Explorer XLT 4.0 V6 4x4, 100k miles. So this is not new it's been an issue since I've owned the truck but it's not really bothered me because I don't push my 4.0 very hard. However, when I need to accelerate hard...
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    Poor credit leasing - buddy declined for ford but OK for jeep?

    Have a buddy with a 580 credit score, no bankruptcy, foreclosure, or judgements. He was accepted at jeep for a lease on Cherokee but declined by ford for a lease on an explorer. Does he have any options? Better to try another dealer or same restrictions? Why would Chrysler be ok and not...
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    New 2016 Explorer Sport, mods planned

    New Sport! My current stable is now: 2016 Ford Explorer Sport AWD (3.5 Ecoboost) 2013 Fusion Titanium (2.0 Ecoboost) 2012 F150 FX4 Supercrew 4x4 Ecoboost 2008 Explorer 4x4 '16 X Mods: Shaved emblems Future Mods: 22" wheels probably Tinted Tails Tint All halogen...
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    Plastic fender trim... how do we paint/replace?

    OK just bought a 2016. I also have a 2008. Why did it take so long? Well, my ONLY beef with the '16 is that it still has the crappy plastic all over the bottom of the car. I have seen some custom X's with painted trim. Did they paint or replace it? I also have a '12 F150 4x4 Supercrew...
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    LED tails for 2008 X -where/how?

    Ok it's bothering me. I've had led tails in every Ford I've owned for the last 5-10 years. Aftermarket often, but I had them. My last 2003 had them, but I can't find any for the 2006-2010 body style! Anyone know how to retrofit these properly or know of someone making them? Thanks!
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    High beams not working... Where's the fuse? 2008

    High beams not working. 2008 explorer xlt 4x4 I have hid hi/LO kit as I've used in every ford with that setup. It worked for a few weeks and now when you hit brights the lights turn off rather than lift up (the kit has a magnet that lifts the lights up) I told the shop that installed...
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    New Winter Wheels/Tires 32s!

    This is the summer setup Also added some small pioneer subs since last time. Cant believe the sound these shallow subs produce! (Coming from someone use to 4 HCCA 12's)
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    Way to upgrade XLT plastic trim to painted Limited trim?

    Hello, I sold my 2003 Explorer but the friend that bought it is interested in this. As you're aware, the XLT model and XLS model have a lot of gray plastic along doors, bottom of rear bumper and bottom of front bumper. What would be the cheapest/best way to upgrade and paint this? I...
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    2008 Stuck in Park intermittently, shifter problem

    Hey all, I have an intermittent issue with my explorer. Go figure, my mechanic cannot get the vehicle to reproduce my issue. On occasion, you will get in vehicle, start it up like normal, and reach for the floor shifter (I think this is new for 2008, but not sure) and press the button on...
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    For Sale Various FS - Tinted tails, CD Players, Grills, Bluetooth FS

    I have several items for sale: 2006-2010 Ford Explorer Chrome Grill with Ford Emblem in good condition, - $100 2008 Ford Explorer 6 CD Changer/MP3 Player Stock Unit - $100 2002-2005 Explorer Tinted Tails (Professionally) Medium Tint, $100 2001-2014 Ford Ranger Tinted Tails...
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    Hardly new but newbie question

    How do I change my username? I want to be 3FordFamily rather than ExpoOn24s. I no longer have 24s, nor that explorer! I bought a new one and it has 22s! :D
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    Anyone need one factory running board?

    Will sell cheap, when I bought this truck the other one was cracked. Just a feeler.
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    AC fans cutting in and out

    2008 Explorer XLT 4x4 - 80k miles Seems to be intermittent and more often than not affected by going uphill? You can still hear the fans working but little to nothing comes out? AC blows ice cold, I had it drained and re-charged professionally. Any ideas? Doesn't sound like blend door...
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    New 2008 Explorer already customized (PIC HEAVY)

    I have owned this truck 3 weeks... I am pretty sure I have a disease. Soon to be a divorce disease.. :D I sold my 2003 Ex and bought this one: 2008 Explorer 4x4: Without Inserts BEFORE (3 weeks ago...) Other current Fords: 2013 Fusion Titanium: 2012 F150 FX4...
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    2002-2005 vs 2006-2010 same wheels fit?

    I think they'll work and they're probably the same, but will my 24x8.5" wheels with 295/35/24 tires fit on my new 2008 explorer like they did my 2003? Did they make any changes in these body styles?
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    Explorer, Ranger, AND Charger tinted tails for sale!

    Three sets. Professionally painted. All lights are evenly tinted. No cracks, no chips, fully-functional. I even have bulbs if you need them. * First fits a 2002-2005 4 door Explorer. They are medium/dark tinted. No problems whatsoever with light shining through. $100 firm. *Another set for...
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    Who wants to trade beds? Black stepside for regular bed

    Is this possible? My truck is black. Very few light scratches near the top, I'd give the overall condition a 9-9.5 out of ten. I'll even throw in my tinted tail lights on the deal. Seems they are the same size only the step side isn't as wide. Some people like the stepside, some don't...
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    Got a new Daily Driver ... 2003 Ranger Edge Tremor - Blacked out

    I love my FORDS. haha I finally got my daily driver pickup I've been looking for. Got it for a steal, kid had no idea what he had or how to maintain a vehicle. After 10 hours of working on it, and pissing more money away here it is: 2003 Ford Ranger Tremor (Edge sort of) Edition: It's...
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    Various issues 2003 ranger edge 2wd, (window, fog lights, door locks)

    I just bought a 2003 Ford Ranger Edge Tremor edition 2wd with 130,000 miles. It has some rust on the front bumper, where can I find a ford ranger edge bumper? any ideas? Also, the fog lights don't work. Could they both just be out? I haven't checked fuse yet. The door lock is wierd...
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    2003 Explorer possible theft attempt, anyone shed some light??

    Ok, about 1:00 AM last night my car alarm went off. I looked out the window and saw nothing. I unlocked my vehicle and locked it again to clear the code. (I have a remote pager that pages me). About an hour later just for giggles I made sure the truck was still locked. My battery was...
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    1992 2wd - Jacked truck up to replace tires, now loud THUMP... Ujoint?

    I am selling the truck, it's a 1992. I jacked it from the big bracket that covers the tranny and goes accross the frame (almost in the middle, but lifted the front wheels for me). Put new wheels/tires on, and now when I drive I get a loud "THUMP" when I drive it. It gets worse and more...
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    Anybody checked their KBB recently? INCREASING value!!

    So 2 years ago, my truck KBB'd at 9500 with 90,000 miles. Now, with 110,000 miles, it KBB's for over 11,000. Probably about 1000 of that is premium wheel option and leather, but even a 500 increase, or maintaining value for 2 years... BEAT THAT TOYOTA or HONDA!! (yes I know nobody...
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    My explorer and some pictures of our car show and my show charger

    AND A FORD!! Hahahah my Explorer is here too take that!! :) Event: First annual Xtreme Vehicle Designs' "Car Wars" Car Show
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    Car Show & BASS Comp in Indiana! Xtreme Vehicle Designs - Need Ford Love!

    Come out to Xtreme Vehicle Designs in Noblesville Indiana on the 26th. We are having a car show and bass competition. Trophys will be awarded, 25 available! June 26, 2010. Pre-register via e-mail, telephone, or mail. PDF available on website, click "Car Wars"...
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    The Most DEFACED Ford Explorer EVER :( Please tell this person to sell us the car. You can see my comment on car domain at the bottom. "charger0ndavins" is me. This is so, so sad.