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    Ride Height - Limited

    Greengoose, I was just checking out your web page and I am wondering what color you have on your exploder. Also I would like to put a link to your page on my page. Send me an e-mail and let me know what you think. Thanks! ------------------ Happy Trails! '93 XLT 4x4 Dead Link Removed...
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    60K Service ouch

    Only if you are very tall... ------------------ Happy Trails! '93 XLT 4x4 Dead Link Removed [email protected]
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    Allignment after lift and tire rub

    With the 1.5" leveling coils you should not have a problem getting it aligned back to factory specs. And with the added lift you should be able to fit the 31" tires with no modifications to the fenders. I ran 31x10.50 BFG All Terrains on my stock explorer with no rubbing for about 2 years. Good...
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    AL4d to c-4?

    Brian, Check with and they both have alot of information on this type of swap. I know that the C4 with the right adapters will bolt right into your explorer. I am not sure about the C6 however. Either way you will have to go with a transmission that is...
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    Lift ?

    Sounds like you are looking for the exact lift I have on my '93. I put a 3" body lift and then 2.5 " taller springs in the front, with 3" add-a-leafs in the rear. Combined with the shackles and the spacers I have about 4" of suspension lift. With the body lift the total is about 7". It works...
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    Kim, if you live near the salt lake city area I can probably get you a deal. My wife is a manager at Autozone. Let me know what you think. ------------------ Happy Trails! '93 XLT 4x4 Dead Link Removed [email protected]
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    Conversion of 91 EB A/C to R134a

    I swapped mine from the R12 to the 134A when my condenser went bad and started leaking. The swap is straight forward and easy to do yourself. You can get all of the parts you need from autozone in a kit form. Just tell them that you are switching from the R12 to the 134A and they will sell you...
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    Front End Travel - HELP!

    I only have 4" of suspension lift on my explorer and I can ramp a 750 with polyurethane bushings all around. If I was using rubber I could probably ramp in the 850 range. I have basically the same setup as Rick with the springs being taller than the drop brackets. This setup seems to allow more...
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    Tell Me What Year, Tire Size and Amount of Lift

    I have a '93 XLT I put 31X10.50R15's on it stock then I went with about 7" of lift now and now I have 33x12.50R15's on it on 15x8" wheels. The tires used to rub a little on the rear edge of the fron fenders. I cut about 2" back and now they don't rub anymore. You can check out my spec sheet at...
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    Some new pictures!!

    I have just posted some new pictures on my website from the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT. Check it out! ------------------ Happy Trails! '93 XLT 4x4 Dead Link Removed [email protected]
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    Some new pictures!!

    Yep! They were too close together. We had been planning this trip for almost a year. Me and my wife finally talked all of our family in attending some runs with us. It was really cool! All but one family member made it! We have a small family but that is still alot of people. I look forward to...
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    My battery used to be in one piece

    Go to NAPA and get the cables. And be sure to replace both cables while you are at it. NAPA carries the positive and negative cables. Want to hear something funny? My wife works at the Autozone that you went to. She was just telling me the story while I was reading your post. Good Luck...
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    Ball Joints worn

    I replaced my own ball joints on my '93. It is fairly simple to do. I would suggest tearing it down to the spindles and then taking them to a machine shop and let them press the old joints out, and the new ones in. It cost me $100 for the new ball joints and another $25 to have them pressed. I...
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    Body lift anyone?

    I used a performance accessories 3" kit. It worked fine but the rear bumper brackets didn't work. I fabbed my own out of 1/8" steel which is ALOT stronger than the ones that came in the kit, so I can tow with the bumper hitch still. It took me and my brother the better part of a day to get it...
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    Rancho Shocks and 4" lift

    You will need to replace them. They will be way to short for a 4" lift. Where did you buy the Ranchos? You may be able to talk them into taking back the old ones and defecting them out for new 4" taller shocks. Good luck! ------------------ Happy Trails! '93 XLT Many Mods To see some pics and...
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    The EGR will be located on the drivers side of the intake plenum, right above the PCV valve. I believe that the '94 has it, but the '93 does not. I have a '93 and it does not. Good luck! ------------------ Happy Trails! '93 XLT Many Mods To see some pics and to get a full list of mods I have...
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    30x9.5 on 15x8's? will it work

    The wheels will most likely be 3.75" backspacing since most aftermarket wheels use that as a standard. You will most likely have to buy some center caps with your wheels and they will simply fit over your auto hubs just like they would the manual hubs. The center will be cutout so you will be...
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    That's correct. Tranny is just a shortened version of Transmission. (easier to type and easier to say Dead Link Removed) ------------------ Happy Trails! '93 XLT Many Mods To see some pics and to get a full list of mods I have made to my explorer check out: Dead Link Removed [email protected]
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    Solid Axle 38's in Magazine!

    Can you scan a pic and post it here? Or put it on your page? Let me know, I would LOVE to see this explorer. Thanks! ------------------ Happy Trails! '93 XLT Many Mod's To see some pics and to get a full list of mods I have made to my explorer check out:
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    Warn Manual Hubs

    $140.00 is a good price for the manual hubs! I think I paid $120.00 for mine with some special discounts. Dead Link Removed Thanks Jim!
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    wheel and tire size match

    I thought the 31's looked good on a 7" wheel. I have even seen some 33x12.50's on stock 7" wheels. although I would NOT reccomend that. The 10.50 tire looks really good on the stock wheels. They look more aggressive and the taller sidewall keeps them from looking like big black baloons. Good...
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    Getting ride of Stock

    Hey REDDOG! Sorry it took me so long to reply I have been out of town. Anyway the bushings are really simple to replace. You just have to take the nut off of the top stud and then compress the shocks enough to remove them from the hole. Then cut away the stock rubber bushings and replace them...
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    302 into 91/92 Explorer????

    Check out and they both offer kits for the 302 swap. I am currently in the process of getting the parts and the manuals to do mine. I plan on putting a 302 stroker in it which will boost the cubes to 355. Should be a screamer. Have fun...
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    Ventvisor window shades

    I have the Auto Vent Shades that mount on the outside with tape. I have had them on there for 2 years now without a problem. They have held up very well considering that they get hit with tree branches nearly every weekend. They are scratched all over but they haven't come off yet. You can see a...
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    Tire rack...

    I looked all over for a tire rack and finally gave up. I bought a Wilderness Accessories Roof rack and ordered the tire carrier with it. It looks pretty sharp and works great! I will have a picture soon at Dead Link Removed Check it out! ------------------ Happy Trails! '93 XLT Many Mod's To...