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    only need mono channel, help with LOC

    I feel like a newbie asking this, but I've never dealt with stock systems only aftemarket. I don't want to splice into the back speakers to run an aftermarket amp for my sub because they don't receive signal below 150 hz. So therefore I'll have to pull the panel and splice into the factory sub...
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    Line Level Converter: Where did you splice in?

    In My 2005 XLT I'm going to keep the stock audiophile headunit, but I'd like to add a sub more powerful than the little one in the back. Thats fine if the stock unit still fires while the new sub fires too. My question is where did you splice into the speakers either for a direct connection...
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    5R55W filter change

    Hey since Ford doesn't recommend a filter change till 150k on these trannies according to the service manual they give you with the car, how often should I change the filter. I had the tranny flushed at the dealership at 35k miles but don't think they changed the filter. I know have 46k miles on...
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    Alignment experts, please help

    Hey just had it aligned again and it still pulls right a little bit but not as bad as it was. The steering feels better too so thats good. but Here is what the printout says Left Front Camber: -0.7...
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    Properly aligned?

    I just had an alignment done because it pulled to the right on the freeway I thought. So I take it to the dealer and on the comments it says vehicle tracks properly and follows curves of the road. Well they rotated the tires, realigned it and it seemed back to normal. Well now that I get new...
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    Alignment issues

    I have had my explorer aligned three times because it steers right, the first time was at a Big O, that was the worst alignment job ever, then took it to a dealership and they told me I needed a rear camber kit because the rear was out of whack but they didn't have the part. Well I call the Ford...
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    transmission clunking noise when shifting

    On my '05 when I'm going uphill and the transmission shifts from 4th to 3rd for that extra power on the freeway, it makes a terrible clunking noise like something is loose. Also when it shifts back into 4th it does it a little bit too, but from 4th to 5th I can't remember. Any ideas, I don't...
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    New flowmaster muffler, now engine will only go to around 3500 RPM in neutral

    Just got a flowmaster 50 muffler and had it put in place of the stock muffler so I still have the stock tubing. When driving the muffler seems ok, the engine will go to 5500 rpm and do just fine although it feels a little slower at the low end than stock. But in neutral floored the truck will...
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    Flowmaster 50 too loud, better alternative?

    Hey had a flowmaster 50 installed cause they didn't have a 70 series and it does sound good but interior resonance is bad and too loud inside and it shakes the floor of my explorer on acceleration, particularly for the backseat passengers. What is a more quiet alternative to the 50? Should I go...
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    custom catback or just replace muffler?

    Will there be a big difference if I replace the stock tubing? I have decided to go with the flowmaster 70 series and am wondering if I should have a custom pipe after the cat installed or just keep the stock pipe and have a tip welded on? Thanks guys
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    Automatic Transmission service?

    For my 05 the manual says the tranny flush isn't due until 150,000 miles. That seems pretty high to me. What do you guys recommend?
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    Crutchfield says a double DIN will fit my 05, will it?

    Hey the crutchfield websites says a bunch of double din's will fit my 05 and I'm not quite sure they have this one right? Any help on this would be appreciated
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    removing rear view mirror while still leaving the mount

    okay the glass is broken on my mirror so I went and bought a new one. I can't get the broken one off the mount on the windshield. Its like its glued on there tight and i've been wiggleing it and stuff for a while. Do I have to remove the mount too or will the mirror and arm thing eventually come...
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    Quick, how to pull Civic out of ditch without damaging the Honda?

    Okay the Civic (believe a 98) slid off the road in the snow and it's stuck on the side of the road in the median type thing, the rear is the only way we can pull it out. There might be a hook down there underneath the civic bumper but the angle doesn't allow us to connect to it very well and I...
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    maximum voltage for remote turn on lead?

    Does anybody know what the maximum voltage is? I am helping a buddy wire a head unit and amp in, but the head unit has no antenna wire, so can I just wire the remote turn on to the switched 12 volt? I've heard of it being done, but is it good for the amp?
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    Weird Question, can you run a car amp in your home theater?

    Okay, I am too poor to go out and buy a powered sub for my home theater system, so can I find an AC-DC inverter that gives 12 volts and run a car amp off it? How thick would the wires have to be? What would I do with the ground wire? This is a really weird question cause I am confusing myself...
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    Will tigtening the lower intake Manifold bolts improve performance?

    I'm talking about gas mileage and performance, like when I stomp on it will it go any better than before. I know it will smooth out the idle, but will it make the truck perform any better? Thanks
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    need help with flush mounting tweeters

    I am going to place the tweeters in the door panel right above the window controls, but what do I use to cut the hole? Do I use a hole saw or a dremel? Aslo, if I wanted to put them in the vinyl part that sits just below the window, (I've seen it done before) how would I do that? Thanks for...
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    surging idle and A/C won't accept refrigerant.

    Okay, the idle will race from 600-800 rpm, and it's not the MAF. The compressor does not engage, but the A/C relay clicks all the time. I put the hose on the low side to refill the A/C and held the can there for 15 minutes. No r134a went into the damn line, and yes, I put it on right. And yes, I...
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    brake pedal became hard to push and revs jump up when braking?

    This just started. The brakes squeek pretty bad, but now not so much anymore. I'll be driving and it runs great, but when I hit the brake pedal, it feels like I just got new brakes. Then when I get to about 15 mph and below, the revs will jump up to about 1200 before going back to 800. Any...
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    Will a relay still "click" without power?

    Installed backup lights and don't know what's wrong. I used a SPDT setup, and I hooked everything up right. When the truck X into reverse, I hear the relay "click" like it's supposed to. But the aux lights don't come on and both bulbs were just replaced. I popped the hood this morning and...
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    Carpet padding soaked! Where to get new stuff.

    I just found a huge leak. Where the brake booster line runs down through the firewall, I have about 10 wires running through that grommet. I put silicone on it to seal it up. But I guess that the wires shifted and the silicon came off. My car started to smell weird. I pulled the carpet and the...
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    Creaking while braking: Poly RA bushings to blame or ball joints?

    Whenever I hit the brakes to come to a stop, about 10 mph down I hear and feel this creaking sound. My Radius arm bushings were replaced a year ago with poly bushings, so I doubt they are to blame. When looking at my maintenance records, about 6 months ago they recommended that both calipers be...
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    Aux backup lights help: SPDT switch to relay, how?

    I am trying to wire my reverse lights the right way. On the SPDT switch, the center post is the output, the left side post wired to the back up light circuit, and the other to a 12 volt ignition source. My question is how do I wire the relay? Do I just connect the output from the switch to the...
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    Ventvisor problems please help.

    After I installed my ventvisors (the ones that tape inside the window channel, I noticed a lot more road noise. I looked around and found that the rear view mirrors were kind of bent up because of the plastic thing on the ventvisor your supposed to put there. When I put my hand by the part of...