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  1. -=DaemoN=-

    Hello! I'm back...

    Well, just back to say HI! :bounce::bounce: I miss the forum and of course my old explorer:navajo:. I will be inheriting a Sammy in the near future but it will be for a DD. I currently have an evo X for a DD.
  2. -=DaemoN=-

    Breckenridge, CO

    Anybody around the area want to hang-out, have a couple brew? My friends and I will be in Denver on the 30th. Then, we'll be spending new years eve and day at Breckenridge.
  3. -=DaemoN=-

    Show me your cages!

    I need some ideas. I would like to chop the whole top off the explorer. :roll: JTX - where are the pics?
  4. -=DaemoN=-

    Saab 9.3 2.0t SS

    I just bought a daily driver a week and a half ago. I was wondering if anyone knows a good bulletin board for them.
  5. -=DaemoN=-

    Meet my neighbor....

    MR. T I saw the little guy on my way in my apt complex. I parked and ran to where I last saw him but he was too quick and it's dark out. Then, 15 mins later my neighbor tells us there's a spider by our side door. He's scared of them.:D I'M GONNA EAT YOU!!!
  6. -=DaemoN=-

    Test Run...

    I tested my explorer today and here are some videos. Nothing hardcore, just to see what hits and holds. :p me... 7.36mb My friend trying a line out, his first time. 9.88mb
  7. -=DaemoN=-

    Daemon's Project: Ford 9" rear end.

    I started my 9" project last week wednesday. This was an easy project but I took my time on it. It should be done this week and tested soon. Parts: -narrowed 1979 Ford 9" by 3 inches on both sides. -5.13 gears and a detroit locker. -Dutchman alloy axles -TSM disk brake conversion using...
  8. -=DaemoN=-

    Daemon's SAS

    Daemon's SAS *updated 17 July* Front: -'79 Bronco 1/2 ton HP Dana 44 -narrowed 5 3/8" on the pass side -moser alloy shaft on the passenger side, and stock shafts on the driver side. :) -CTM u-joints -5.13 gears and No-Spin Detroit -WH 5.5 coils -1.5 x .25 wall DOM steering links using...
  9. -=DaemoN=-

    Albuquerque, NM

    Who's here at Albuquerque? PM me if you want to meet up. I'll be here for awhile... a long while!
  10. -=DaemoN=-

    cheap bumper

    I made the bumpers out of a 2x4 3/16" rec tube. It's nothing fancy but it should do it's job. I will be adding some 1.5 tube bends on the front bumper to cover up the crappy job. :p rear bumper. up close! I had to cut the frame about 1 1/2" to minimize the gap inbetween...
  11. -=DaemoN=-

    Members using 9"

    Can you tell me what you did to match the 9" yoke. If you have pics please post them. TIA
  12. -=DaemoN=-


    GOOD BUYER! I sold him my WARN manual hubs and conversion kit. He got the money out ASAP. Man of his words, definitely would do another transaction with him. :chug:
  13. -=DaemoN=-

    Another SAS in progress *pics*

    I finally had the time to do the swap. -HP D44 -5.13 and No-Spin detroit -1.25 x .25 wall DOM, 3/4" heim joints. -EB adjustable track bar. -Wildhorses 5.5 coils -big bronco upper coil buckets, cut and reinforced. -big bronco RA and stock bracket. Day 1: after 3 hours, we finished...
  14. -=DaemoN=-

    Tucson Run *pics*

    The run went well with some minor whoops, it comes with the territory right? Well, here are some of the pics taken by me and my co-pilot. :) Blaine122300 Me Becker69 Click Here for more.
  15. -=DaemoN=-

    Rainbow Six: Raven Shield

    I wanna know how many of you guys/gals play this game. I suck at it(second day) so I don't really like playing with the random pro players. Atleast if I know you, I can talk smack:p while getting myself beaten to death.
  16. -=DaemoN=-

    Check this video out!

    This happened on saturday at one of the obstacles to chiva falls. Pay attention Becker69.:D link to the videos:
  17. -=DaemoN=-

    DAEMON'S SAS Project.

    I'm not sure when I will be starting this but I'm getting all the parts ready. '79 HP D44 Front end: -shortened right side of housing -alloy axles -CTM joints -No-Spin detroit locker -5.13 gears -MM locking hubs -stock brake system '79 Ford 9" rear end: -Shortened -5.13 gears...
  18. -=DaemoN=-

    Suggestions on SAS!

    I have a '79 F-150 D44 and a matching 9". Obviously I don't wanna deal w/ shortening the axle and going fullsize. My question is should I go leafs cuz it's simple and if I do coils do I have to get a different tower, modify the RA brackets... blah blah blah? I know this subject have been...
  19. -=DaemoN=-

    8.8 or 9?

    I need your suggestions. Should I keep my 8.8 and get a detroit for it or go for a 9(w/ detroit) to match my HPD44? I wanna regear to 5.13's also, that's why I thought of swapping in a 9 and sell the 8.8. Which one would be less expensive? My project won't happen till next year after I get...
  20. -=DaemoN=-

    custom rear bumper.

    I saw this on OFF-ROAD magazine. Here's the link to their site click here. I thought somebody might be interested.
  21. -=DaemoN=-

    Chiva Falls, Tucson AZ

    Tucson folks.... A buddy and I are hiking from redington pass down to chiva falls tomorrow, saturday. After the hike we're gonna hit the trails and shoot some guns:D(depends if my other friend shows up, he's got 5). Anyways, if you wanna shoot or test your truck or hike... come and join us. PM...
  22. -=DaemoN=-

    How much is my front and rear end cost?

    How much does my front and rear end cost? If, :D I was thinking of selling both diff's how much would I get for it? Don't be shy and give me your opinion..... TTB D35 -warn manual hubs -4.56 superior gears(6 mos old) -calipers(1 yr old) -brake pads(1 yr old) cheap ones. or I can just...
  23. -=DaemoN=-

    Dana 44 carrier ?

    I found a HP dana 44 with 3.50 gear ratio and my questions is... would I need a different carrier if I replace the current gears to a lower(higher#) ratio? Thanks in advance.
  24. -=DaemoN=-

    cracked my SJ lift....

    Yesterday I was at a friend's helping him put on his new rotors. While he took off to get a tool at autozone I decided to jack up my truck and found a crack on the passenger side drop bracket. It f'in sucks!!!:frustrate I should've waited and went SAS, what a waste of money :mad: . I guess I...
  25. -=DaemoN=-

    Daemon - Tucson, AZ

    Daemon handle: Daemon Nosfer occupation: likes: happy people dislikes: dirtbags here's me throwing a sign.... Dead Link Removed