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  1. swetrid

    Had to get rid of her

    I finally had to let go of my 2001 Explorer. It was pretty good over the years but recently had alot of issues. The transmission finally took a dump after 140K miles and had to just recently replace the RS exhaust manifold, driver door latch, LF wheel bearing, AC compressor and LF upper control...
  2. swetrid

    New tsb for Roof noise while raining

    TSB 12-2-7 TIN ROOF NOISE - FRONT ROOF AREA DURING RAIN - BUILT ON OR BEFORE 11/5/2011 Publication Date: February 10, 2012 FORD: 2011-2012 Explorer ISSUE: Some 2011-2012 Explorer vehicles built on or before 11/5/2011 may exhibit a noise similar to rain hitting a tin roof. The...
  3. swetrid

    For Sale Superchips Tuner #1715

    I have a unlocked Superchips tuner #1715 for V8 1996-2002 Ford F-series, E-series trucks, SUV's including 5.0L Explorer. Looking for $75 shipped.
  4. swetrid

    New Ride

    I just picked up a new ride on Tuesday, 2012 Race Red Mustang GT
  5. swetrid

    New tsb for sync and myford touch

    Printable View (48 KB) TSB 11-4-9 VARIOUS FUNCTIONALITY CONCERNS WITH MYFORD TOUCH AND MYLINCOLN TOUCH - BUILT ON OR BEFORE 3/29/2011 Publication Date: April 11, 2011 FORD: 2011 Edge, Explorer LINCOLN: 2011 MKX This article supersedes TSB 11-3-15 to add a production fix...
  6. swetrid

    tsb for noises on 2011

    Here is a new tsb which may help some of you that are having noise complaints. Printable View (2535 KB) TSB 11-4-6 NOISE FROM FRONT BOLSTER AT HIGHWAY SPEEDS - BUILT ON OR BEFORE 2/4/2011 Publication Date: April 4, 2011 FORD: 2011 Explorer ISSUE: Some 2011 Explorer vehicles...
  7. swetrid

    New recall on 2011 explorers

    Ford came out with recall 11c15 for 2nd row seat recliner issue.
  8. swetrid

    pics of bull bar on 98-01 Eddie Bauer

    Anyone have any pics of bull bar on a 98-01 Eddie Bauer Explorer. I really want one but not sure how it will look with two tone paint.
  9. swetrid

    hids with lamp out module

    I tried a little research but couldn't find definite answer. Can I put HIDS in my 01 Eddie Bauer and not set any errors with the lamp out module?
  10. swetrid

    need help Please?

    Possible transfercase problem. There is a gear inside that can wear and cause engagement problems.
  11. swetrid

    ride height

    Just wondering what your ride height from ground to fenderlip measurements are? My rear is 34" and the left front is 34" and right front is 35". I installed the monroe spring shock combo which raised the rear about inch and a half. The front seems high yet to me.
  12. swetrid

    cherry bomb vortex kit

    Anybody install one or have any sound clips, comments? Im looking to change the exhaust and had the Mac 3" kit on my last 5.0L Explorer and droned a little too much for me on long trips.
  13. swetrid

    paint code or name

    I have a 2001 Eddie Bauer with 2 tone paint job. The top is medium wedgewood blue but I can't figure out the code or color to touch up the tan wheel lip mouldings. Anyone have any ideas?
  14. swetrid

    new member

    I just bought 2001 Eddie Bauer and joined to read up and gather some info on modifications for it. I have been a Ford Tech for the last 15 years so I know these vehicles in and out if you have any questions:D