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  1. NickyB

    5th Generation Cleaning, Detailing, Waxing. #CleanCarDay - Show off your cleaned Ex

    I didn't see anything about the 5th Gen Ex and those who love to wash, detail, and wax it to show it off as we cruse down the road. The weather up here in the Northeast has been more than favorable and I've taken advantage to do my annual super in depth detail of my 2016 Ex. Feel free to show...
  2. NickyB

    [Solved] 2016 Explorer Remote Start Problem

    Hi Everyone, I was not able to find a thread that seemed to align specifically with my issue. I have a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport 401A Package. This means it has the wireless key FOB with the factory installed remote starter and perimeter alarm. I recently used ForScan to remove the double honk...
  3. NickyB

    2016 Explorer Hideaway Bulbs / LED's / Strobes

    Hey everyone, I've been unable to find anything regarding hideaway bulbs in a 2016 Explorer. I was looking to add the hideaways in the tail lights in 1 of 2 locations; I was hoping someone has drilled into these before and knows more of what to expect once going through the first layer of...
  4. NickyB

    2016 Ford Explorer Trunk Dimensions

    Hi Everyone, I was looking to get a tote for the back of my Explorer to put my junk in. I've seen all the cubic dimensions which doesn't really help me much. I was wondering if someone could give me the dimensions of the trunk when the 3rd row is up? If possible account for the loss of space...
  5. NickyB

    Removing a front bumper off the 2016 Explorer

    I needed to do some modifications under the front bumper. This is my first explorer, all my previous cars were Honda's. Those I have down. I'm assuming it would be similar but has anyone taken their bumper off and where do I need to remove screws/plastic retentions?