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  1. hoss_hanna

    odd miss fire

    :roll: my 91 4x4 ex has developed an odd problem... died flat out on the way home from a camping trip, checked fuel fire and air had no fire. after about 20 min had fire again a cupla miles later nothing, 20 min later fired up again few miles later same issue limped it almost home in this...
  2. hoss_hanna

    exploder exploaded bearings (or why to check bearings often) not 56k friendly

    Here is the carnage from a bearing blowout, a friend borrowed my truck for a bit and when she brought it back she said the brakes were locking up.... wonder why? a few shots of the carnage after removing wheel This shows how the entire assembly was riding on the ring...
  3. hoss_hanna

    manual hubs disassembly

    thought id seen a brake down some where on this site but cant find it now. anyone got pics and a brake down on manual hubs for the first gens? i had my bearings grenade on me and need to take the hub apart to get all the shavings out, previous owner had em packed with grease and i would like to...
  4. hoss_hanna

    Bout time! lol

    finally went an done it, im elite!
  5. hoss_hanna

    Pulled a stupid....... power mirror connector

    ok i pulled a stupid :( i cut the power mirror switch outta my 93 parts truck to replace the one the previous owner of my 91 "lost" he also "lost" the connector, what i need is a pic of the connector still wired in a 91, can anyone help? ive checked all the pics i could find here and on the...
  6. hoss_hanna

    my 91