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    My '98 Ex won't start!

    Guys (Gals), My '98 won't start, wtf? It ran great last night! It cranks, has electrics, it just won't start! I had the m0012 deal done 3 months ago, could it be a timing chain? BTW I had the IAC & something to do w/the thottle body & thottle cable (it was sticking) replaced the same...
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    Cold start idling

    Hey guys & gals, I haven't been here for awhile ie: no real problems! Since it's gotten real chilly below 35 degree F, my '98 idles a little "funny!" The rpm goes to about 2900 rpm, then it goes to about 250 & acts like it will stop running. It only dies this for about 3 minutes or so...
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    XLT running boards

    Hey Guys (& Gals), I was wanting to make my '98 a little "tougher" looking & was wanting to replace the factory running boards w/tube types. Are there any mounting holes in the body like on the Eddie Bauer mdls? And if this has been "talked" about before where can I find the thread...
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    Hey guys & Gals, What is MAPS or MATS, or something like that? I've heard that it is a component that can go out? Thanks Virgil
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    '98 X "hiccupped"

    As I was rounding a corner & applying the gas, my '98 hesitated just for a split second. This is the second time it's done it. It reminds me of the old vehicles w/carbs, ya know how the choke would stick a bit? It's got 55,000 mi.s (I've only put 7800mi 2nd owner)- tune-up time? Thanks.
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    Fluid changes

    I think we've been though this before, but I'll ask one mo' time? My X has 55,000 mi ('98) & I want to change Ft Diff, TC, Trans & Rr Diff fluids w/ Synthetics. My mechanic says that this isn't necessary. I don't have access at the Apt., should I just go against my mechanics advice & tell...