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  1. tgreene92

    98 4.0 sohc no spark

    So i havent really run any tests yet as once i realized i had no spark i didnt feel like doing anything else, batteries got juice and the motor cranks but no spark. Im just trying to get some and any ideas as every time i run into something simple like this it ends up not being so simple. Any...
  2. tgreene92

    passengers side drop t case

    I just picked up a set of Chevy rears from a friend, 14 bolt full float and a Dana 44 front. got em for free so i figured i mine as well take em, my question is, is there a passenger side drop t case that will bolt up to the 5r55e, figured i mine as well ask considering i need a t case and if...
  3. tgreene92

    whats needed to install a LS?

    I found a good deal on a newly rebuilt limited slip, Im just wondering what is needed to install it besides tools and time. Id imagine its not just as simple as swapping out the open carrier for the LS. Its a 98 xlt, 31 spline 8.8. Any help is greatly appreciated as id like to know before i buy it.
  4. tgreene92

    4.0 sohc injector hats and filters

    Im trying to find a fuel injector rebuild kit, or just the hats and filters for a 98 sohc. does anybody know where i can find either? I can get the o-rings at any parts store. a few of the injectors were clogged so i pulled the filters out and they were gunked up bad. Im trying to avoid having...
  5. tgreene92

    Gas in the oil?

    So i took my new rig for a test drive after finishing everything up, it was running a little funny so i ran some tests and then looked at the oil, what do i see, white on the oil cap. I took a whiff of it and theres definetly gas in there. I was going to rebuild the injectors anyway so i pulled...
  6. tgreene92

    33x12.5 on 15x7 rim, will it work?

    ok so the title states the question, can you fit a 12.5 inch wide tire on a 7 inch wide rim? ive got a set off 33's that id like to put on my new ex but dont have the cash right now to buy a wider rim. it would only be temporary, maybe a month or so tops. Ive had some people tell me i wont even...
  7. tgreene92

    what size bit to drill out body bolts?

    so i started my body lift today but the bolts were rusted soo bad that they still snapped after a week of pb and heat treatment, does anybody know what size bit or hole saw i should use to drill them out, one is a very front mount and the other is behind the passenger seat, any help is...
  8. tgreene92

    tgreene92's '98 xlt build thread

    So i picked up another explorer from my friend for...FREE!!...he got a new car and couldn't have this parked on the street due to it not being insured. he tried selling it but wasn't going to get more than $500 so he just gave it to me. It needs some stuff but I'm hoping to have it wheel-able by...
  9. tgreene92

    whats your favorite wheeling song?

    So I'm sitting here while reading an issue of Four Wheeler, there's a good article about four wheeling in music, mostly about the best songs and how its only prevalent in country music. So whats your favorite wheeling song, whether it is your favorite about wheeling or to listen to while...
  10. tgreene92

    very high idle in park

    here is my issue, every time i start my x it immediately idles at a little less than 2500 rpm's, if it sits for a minute it'll bog down slightly for less than a second only to jump up to 3500 rpm's. it'll idle like this even if the car is warmed up. when i go into reverse or drive it'll slam...
  11. tgreene92

    transmission options

    so ive pretty much killed my second trans on my 98 explorer, i know i want to go manual so another a4ld is out of the question and id like to stay away from an m5od, do i have any other options for a beefier manual trans. ive used the search and have done alot of browsing but cant seem to find...
  12. tgreene92

    wharton state forest run saturday

    putting together a wharton state forest run this saturday at caranza road, have 4 trucks so far, if anyone is interested let me know and we can sort out the details. should be some good wheeling as it supposed to rain today.
  13. tgreene92

    Trans shifts late & knocks when downshifting

    i have a 98 xlt 4.0 sohc, auto trans. the trans was rebuilt about 8 months ago and over the past month it has started to up shift later and at weird times, and kind of hard. and when it downshifts it knocks pretty loud, ive noticed it getting progressivly harder and louder too. i did just go...
  14. tgreene92

    mig or arc welder? need help

    i finally realized that i need to invest in a welding machine. ive been reading alot about them but im still stuck between the two, from what ive read arc welds seem to be stronger and the machines cheaper, but the mig makes cleaner welds and are easier to use as well are easier to use to weld...
  15. tgreene92

    mig or arc welder? need help

    i finally realized that i need to invest in a welding machine. ive been reading alot about them but im still stuck between the two, from what ive read arc welds seem to be stronger and the machines cheaper, but the mig makes cleaner welds and are easier to use as well are easier to use to weld...
  16. tgreene92

    gm 10 bolt vs dana 44

    just went elite as im going solid axle in a few months and feel that i owe it to the forum for the all the help ive received and for the help it will provide for me as i prepare for the build. ill start out with this, i have a friend who's parting out his k5 blazer and is willing to give me the...
  17. tgreene92

    28 or 31 spline spool

    im buying a mini spool for my 98 xlt sohc, theres a 28 and 31 spline does it matter which one i get
  18. tgreene92

    t case swap questions

    I'm in need of a new transfer case, mine just went a few days it seems to be rebuild-able but im planning on going solid axle in a few months once i have enough $$ so im just gonna hold off until i do cuz i do have another car. I'm gonna be going leaf sprung Dana 44 up front with the stock 8.8...
  19. tgreene92

    wharton wheeling friday night

    me and a few buddies are headin out to wharton on friday night sept 14th, well be startin out at atco and making our way all around we know a ton of good places out there, so far we got a few trucks goin(toyota, jeep, explorer) well prob meet up at the raceway around 6 or 7 and wheel til...
  20. tgreene92

    tt and superlift kit for ifs

    im wondering if its possible to do a 4 inch superlift with a 1.5 tt in the front for a 98 xlt and a soa conversion for the rear. has anyone done and are there any possible side effects. im not concerned about driveshaft issues because i think i can make a driveshaft to work.
  21. tgreene92

    sach shocks? any good?

    i have a friend who works at a specialty auto parts store and he said he can get me a set of four sach shocks, there high performance model, for 31 bucks a piece, which sounds right considering he normally gets stuff from his store or the manufacturer for half price or even less. I'm just...
  22. tgreene92

    front end noise

    ive been having this front end knock for a little while i just replaced my sway bar links and bushings and it hep some but im still occasionally getting the noise i just cranked up my torsion bars an inch and a half and got an alignment right after and now im getting another slightly different...
  23. tgreene92

    which shock is better?

    ive read good reviews about both the pro comp es9000 and the rancho rs5000 shock im just trying to get some more input into which is better. i do not care much about my on road ride quality more so than which is a better off road shock. both are about the same price and im not looking to spend...
  24. tgreene92

    need to know if these rims will fit

    im looking to buy a set of cragar 397 wheels with a 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern and a 3.75 backspacing. i want to know if these rims will fit my 98 xlt. quick responses would be greatly appreciated. thx
  25. tgreene92

    best aal kit

    i know theres a few options out there for add a leafs for a 98 xlt. im wondering which ones best. i just installed warrior shackles, and my back end sagged so bad before that it barely gave it an inch of lift so i think im gunna go ahead and add a leaf too before i crank up the torsion...