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    98 5.0 EGR bolt size?

    Broke both the bolts that hold the EGR to the aluminum elbow on my 98 v8. Im going to have to drill them out and heli-coil or time sert them, but not having much luck finding exactly what size bolts. Im led to believe they are an M6, 1.0 thread pitch, but what is the length? And for the record...
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    Another F100 body swap

    Came across a good deal on a 1998 V8 AWD Eddie Bauer exploder, and seeing the swaps done already, figured I would take a stab at it also. Im somewhat going off of this explorer forum thread from 2013
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    Wanted FA600 drop pitman arm and 4.88 gears

    Looking for an FA600 drop pitman arm. Also looking for a set of 4.88 gears for a 91 exploder with stock dana 35 front and 8.8 rear axles. Shoot me your price via PM, with shipping to 98323
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    PMs still not working

    I would have replied to my original thread, but it appears to have been deleted. Im still not getting PMs.
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    Professional Opinions

    Short story long, Bought it from a local wheeler who needs to move south. He got it as a pretty nice clean rig (tan color) and took it to evans and bounced it off every tree and rock there. Painted it blue and wheeled it some more and now I have it. Ok, let her rip, what would you change...
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    New from Washington

    New here, not new to the internet. Done the Hi-Performance diesel thing, doing the hi performance classic jetboat thing, and now maybe gonna do the wheeler thing for awhile. Picked up a trashed 1991 exploder sport on a 6" lift and 35s. Previous owner took it to Evans Creek ORV as a nice rig...