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    Dana 44 flat top knuckle options

    Hey everyone, wasn't sure where to post this so figured I'd try here. I'm working on a SAS based off a narrowed 2001 or so Dodge 1500 dana 44 axle. I'm looking at flat top knuckle options, but am having trouble finding a straight answer. Is there a knuckle I can use? Everything lists Ford or...
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    Wanted first gen steering box

    Hey all, need a useable first gen steering box. Thanks!
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    Wagoneer leafs?

    Hey everyone. Spent the last couple hours trying to pick a wagoneer leaf spring for my SOA D44 SAS. A couple people said they used JC whitney 7 spring packs, but JC whitney only shows a 4 spring pack. I've found leafs listed for the wagoneer anywhere from 4 to 8 springs running the gamut from...
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    SAS/SOA questions

    Hey guys, I'm trying to plan out my swap and SOA so I can start getting some parts together. I'm overwhelmed by the sheer number of swaps and different ways to do it, and reading the inevitable 20 page build threads and still not finding the answer I'm after. Sorry to be so needy, but so far...
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    Dana 44 purchased, SAS questions!

    Hey everyone, in my younger days I frequented the forums constantly. After college I got busy with house stuff and rock climbing, and have eased up on working on my truck. Well, I caught the bug again and am back at it! Last weekend I drove to Nashville to pick up the axle built on this episode...
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    "city lights" in 8" Pro Comp 130w lights

    Hey guys. Any of you that run Pro Comp lights probably know about how bad their powder coating is. I have run the 6" lights for years, with some bed liner on the housing they have held up great. I added 4 8" lights on my roof, and for some reason didnt have the forethought to bedliner them...
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    Help!! 911!! 95 to 98 axle swap

    Hey guys. ok well not really an emergency but im stuck with a half taken apart truck until i find out the answer. grabbed a set of junkyard axles geared in 4.10 to swap in to my truck since I've got 3.55s and 33s. We did the swap on the 8.8 and it went great, but when we got into the front end...
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    re gear, results?

    Hey guys. I've had 33's for a few years and 30,000 miles, I've been getting about 14you mpg average. I drive very slow :p well, the truck is slow and I try to maximize my mpgs. I've never planned to regear because of the cost, but started looking at axles lately and found a set out of a wrecked...
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    truck wont stay in park

    Hey everyone. After 17 years and 140000 miles the park function of my auto transmission no longer works. When you put it in park if its anything but perfectly level it rolls while making a clunk clunk clunk noise. Using the parking brake helps, but even though its all new, its never been that...
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    No start, stuck at work :(

    Hey everyone. My truck has a new (all within the last year) starter, battery and alternator. Go out after work hit the remote start. It thinks the truck is running but the truck wont crank. Truck wont crank manually with the key either. Any other time I've had this problem you at least get...
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    hesitation in 4th gear/low rpm

    Hey everyone. I have done some searching but not quite got this figured out. Feel free to link me to threads if I have missed something. My explorer (Specs below, 136,000 miles) has started a weird hesitation/skipping. Seems to usually be in 4th is an automatic, but best I can liken it...
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    fan control switch, and alternator

    Hey all. Recently my heater fan only would blow on the highest setting. on all other speeds it just wouldnt move any air. I assumed the switch was bad, what else could it be? I got a junkyard switch and put it in, but same issue. Not a huge deal since it still works, but I would like to fix it...
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    1995 Starter Replacement, what am I missing?

    Hey I've got a '95 4x4 explorer. the starter went out. no big deal, i've done starters. this one is so hard to get at! I finally got the bolts out, but getting the wires off is killing me...what am i missing here, there has got to be an easier way. Why are the wires on top with no slack in them...
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    Shocks for lifted '95

    Hey everyone. Been forever since I've been on here. Bought a fix er up house and a vintage jet ski that have been taking up all my time now. :rolleyes: "Done" modifying my ex for the time being now that I got it on 33x12.50 bfg MTs. So heres the issue. I replaced my shocks with Monroe Sensatrac...
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    How will these fit?

    Hey y'all. Finally got some tires. 33x12.50 bfg mud terrains going on a 15x8" wheel with 3.75" of back spacing. I have Warrior shackles, add a leafs, 2" TT and 3" body lift. The tires look big. I dont have the wheels yet but are these actually going to fit without tons of fender hacking? I'd...
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    Need new wheels and tires

    Hey a veteran of the site but have been missing for jetskis have been getting more attention than the explorer lately, but i got my body lift on and am ready for wheels and tires. after pursuing several local 'hook ups' i still have not found what i want for a decent...
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    maxxis bighorn??

    Hey, was just wondering if anybody has tried these tires? they sound awesome and the price is right but am wondering about tread wear. Cant seem to find anywhere as to how many miles people are getting out of these.
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    Pictures of 3.25" backspacing wheels?

    Hey yall I am really looking for some 3.75" back spacing wheels but I have found some that are 3.25". does anybody have any pictures of these on a 2nd gen explorer?I'll be running 33x12.50x15s so if anybody has pics of that that would be even better!! is 3.25 really that different from 3.75...
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    15x10" wheels with 4" backspacing on 2nd gen

    Hey yall. I am going to put a body lift on my '95 and run some 33x12.50s. I wanted to get a wider wheel for the 33s and thought 10" would be adequate. With my 31's they look very bulgey on account of the 7" wide wheel, so I wanted to go up to 10" for the 12.50's. I found some wheels for sale...
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    painted chrome bumper?

    hey everyone. I just got my front bumper swap all finished up...00 style limited bumper painted body color with fog lights. i love the way it looks but now my back bumper looks plain. I really wanted to paint the grey plastic body color but I'm always putting stuff in the back and figure I would...
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    external hard drives

    hey everyone. i added two external hard drives to my lap top. i thought it would be cool if i cleared out the hd on the lap top and ran everything off the externals, and reformat the laptop hd. the idea is that this will clear it up to run faster, like it did when it was new. first of all, is it...
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    motorola phone software?

    hey everone. i have a motorola sliver and i want to use the usb cable that i have to retrieve photos off of the phone. do i have to use their stuipd $50 software or is there something that i can use to do it for free? thanks for the help!!
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    replacing IBM think pad hinges

    Hey everyone. for the past 3 and a half years I have had an IBM G40 thinkpad. I love it and am happy with it but about a year ago the screen started slamming shut when I would close it. I never was too concerned but today I decided I would open it up and see if I could tighten something up to...
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    Bad places for bug bites

    hey everyone...i went camping and rock climbing this weekend and i guess the second night when i was sleeping some kind of bugs (im guessing maybe some chiggers but i dunno) got in my pants and bit me up if you know what i mean. I mean i guess its bugs but maybe poison ivy. pretty much i wanna...
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    anybody have jet skis?

    Hey everyone. pretty psyched, just picked up my first wave runner. Ok so actually its the only vehicle that ive ever held the title to. its a 1995 polaris slt 750. My boss was selling it so I took it off his hands with a trailer and a couple covers for working 100 hours. I usually dont get paid...