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  1. Jstcruz

    Time to say good bye

    After much time and money it is time for me to sell the old Ex. It is getting up there on miles and I am finding more and more things not working on / in it. Above all (I am all for fixing the problems) I am starting to feel that a pick-up would be better for me and my family. I wanted to...
  2. Jstcruz

    1984 Ford Ranger XLT for sale. Solid shape!

    I have an 84 Ranger that came from California for sale. I took the engine and tranny out of it with the hopes of putting a 4.0 engine from an Explorer in it with the tranny and computers, but time and money is really holding it back. There is no motor or tranny in the truck. There is a 5r55E...
  3. Jstcruz

    Replacing AC Accumulator - Anything I should Know?

    Long time no post :/ But Im back with a new problem. I am replacing the accumulator in my ac doe to a leaking port on the old one. Do I need to add any oil to the system? Is there anything in particular I should do? I am having the system filled with straight R134a, not the stuff you...
  4. Jstcruz

    What's a good price to pay for an Aerostar?

    Hey guys :D My mother-in-law is about to buy an Aerostar. We found one with 89,000 miles on it that has been owned by an elderly man. It looks to be in pretty decent shape. But, hes asking $3700 for it. Is that a decent price for it? It is 3.0, 2 wd automatic and is in central Florida. The...
  5. Jstcruz

    Trucks on the Track - Clearwater Florida this Saturday

    I should have posted this a while ago, but, There is a group of us meeting up at this event this Saturday (April 6th) at 2 pm. If your in Florida go check it out! Explorer Forum Florida Explorers Link;
  6. Jstcruz

    Please Help me Find the Perfect Style of Rims!!

    I am wanting to go to a 17 inch rim for my 97 XLT. I am super picky about my wheels and I have been looking through everything I can find for the perfect rim... I found nothing! I figured you guys might be able to point me in the right direction. I like the double 5-spoke style of wheel...
  7. Jstcruz

    CEL Driving me Insane!

    I keep getting the 171 and 174 lean codes popping up. I have replaced all of the intake gaskets and looked over all of the vac lines. Every once in a while the cel comes on with those codes, I'll turn it off with my ScanGauge and the light stays off sometimes for a couple hundred miles. Some...
  8. Jstcruz

    From Stock to Now!!

    I got this 97 XLT in 2010 and it was bone stock. It was in pretty decent shape, but as I started getting it to 100% again I got the customizing bug! BEFORE; AFTER;
  9. Jstcruz

    After Market Headlights with an added "Twist"!

    After getting my after market headlights (Special thanks to a member for a great deal on them :D) I wanted to add my own touch to them. I got this idea based on the new cars with the LEDs in them. Tell me what you think! I "baked" the lights in the oven, seperated the lense from the...
  10. Jstcruz

    Going Down About 2" with a Rake - Questions

    I have a 97 XLT 2wd that I want to drop just a little and have a slight rake to it - about .5 - 1 inch of rake. I only want to go down about 2 inches in the front and 1.5 in the back. Issue is I can only find 1" or 2" blocks. Would it cause me any issues to drop the front 2.5 with out...
  11. Jstcruz

    99 XLT Parts

    I parted out a 99 XLT and have a lot of random stuff left. Please PM me with any questions. Available; (Shipping not included) Full length console - tan, no lid $30 All 4 doors - tan, some have guts, some dont $25 - $45 Hatch - tan...
  12. Jstcruz

    Is it a good Idea to Swap OHV to SOHC?

    I have a 97 XLT with the OHV 4.0 in it. I was thinking of buying another parts truck to swap the motor from so I can freshen it up without having my truck down for several days. But then I thaught about swapping in a SOHC 4.0 for power and milage reasons. My questions are; Would this be a...
  13. Jstcruz

    Wanna Swap Parts?

    Im sorry if this is in the wrong place. I was wondering if anyone around Florida would be willing to trade my factory running boards for their factory rocker panels/side molding. I know most ppl are trying to get rid of the runner boards but sometimes ppl need them. It never hurts to ask!
  14. Jstcruz

    WTB Air Deflector for 99 XLT - Round Fog Lights

    Does anybody close to FL have the air deflecter for a 99 xlt bumper with the round fogs? Please let me know! Thanks in advance!
  15. Jstcruz

    Is Ford Serious? Rant Warning!

    I took my XLT in for the cruise control recall - yes, it is just now getting done after I have had the truck for 2+ years. Ford had my truck for 3 hours to throw this mess under my hood! I didnt see this till I got home. The original harness is pulled so tight you cant move it and they...
  16. Jstcruz

    What is the Story Behind your User Name?

    I just thaught this would be kinda fun. My user name comes from the liscense plate I had on my show truck. I had a few options of what I wanted to have for a lowered truck that frequented car cruises and shows and "JstCruz" was the one that was available. When the DMV asked me what it...
  17. Jstcruz

    Is There a Way to "Flush" the Power Steering System?

    My power steering is whining and the fluid smells burnt. What I want to do is rebuild the pump and flush the fluid if possable so I can put fresh stuff in it. Is there a way to get all the old stuff out or "flush" the system?
  18. Jstcruz

    Got a "Insufficient EGR Flow" Code

    Got a "Insufficient EGR Flow" Code, now a P0171 I got a 97 XLT 4.0 OHV and got this code half way home on a 1,000 mile trip. I checked the EGR valve and it opens very freely. The vac lines all look good and the tube going into the intake is clear. Should I replace the solenoid or the Senser...
  19. Jstcruz

    How To: 2wd Front Wheel Bearing Replacment

    I have searched the forums and have not found this procedure. I know that some diy,ers that are new to mechanics can be intimidated by this so I decided to do this write-up to give back a little bit to this awesome forum. There are some particular tools that can be used to make this job a...
  20. Jstcruz

    Parts Yard Prop Rod - What do you use?

    I have had 3 Explorers now and none of the hood struts work. I really dont want to spend the money on new struts, so I asked a friend of mine for a prop rod from an S-10 he parted out. With a single bend, a drilled hole and a bolt I had a perfectly functional prop rod under my hood :D This...
  21. Jstcruz

    When does the ac compressor run?

    Im having a brain fluffy at the moment lol. Can anyone inform me of what setting on the climate control selection does not run the compressor? I know most of the settings run the compressor to dry the air, but If i want heat i think its a waste to run it unless I need defrost. Thanks guys!
  22. Jstcruz

    Thinking about getting a 1st gen!

    I have a 97 (ohv) XLT 2 wheel drive and I love it! Issue is I need a 4x4 so I can go out on the beach and not worry about getting stuck. I was thinking about getting an early 2nd gen 4x4 because I dont want the SOHC engine, or I thaught it would be fun to get a 1st gen but I would want to find...
  23. Jstcruz

    2wd Front Wheel Bearing Replacement?

    I have searched and could not find a procedure on replacing the front wheel bearings on a 2wd 2nd gen. I know how to do them but wanted to read any tips or issues on the matter. Is there a thread I am overlooking? If there isnt a thread yet I will gladly put together a How-to on it...
  24. Jstcruz

    Cloth vs. Leather

    I am getting ready to replace my worn out, busted seats. I have leather currently and am thinking about getting cloth - partially because I dont want the inflatable lumbar that dont hold air. What are your experiances with leather and cloth? What are the pros and cons?
  25. Jstcruz

    How about some pics of lowered Explorers!!

    I have noticed there are not many on here lowered. I am thinking about dropping mine about 2 inches but I'm not sure how it would look. Anybody? :popcorn: