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    School me on brakes, please

    My 87 B2 (2.9, auto, 4x4) has had some problems recently....about 3 months ago it started running oddly. When it starts up, it's ok. After 15-20 minutes it starts shuddering (especially over 35 mph) to the point of loss of control. The faster you go, the more the shuddering. This goes on...
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    Shaking after 15 mins....

    Hey all.... So I have an 87 Bronco 2, 2.9, which until recently ran great. Lots of miles (around 300,000), has had some work done a couple years ago, but nothing recent. Problem is this: After running for about 20 minutes, the whole truck shakes like it's misfiring, the power brake pedal...
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    Radius arm bushing help--western WA

    I've got an 87 B2 that desperately needs radius arm bushings. Can't really afford full-shop prices, anyone here a DITY'er with the tools/experience? I looked at it, and think it's beyond my abilities and tools....I'm in the Everett area, north of Seattle. Thanks!
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    Timing at 16^BTDC and... runs pretty well. Consider: 1987 B2, 2.9l, timing mark physically checked for TDC, and has a white mark showing 10^BTDC... Set the timing there as per both maintenance books and several web sites, truck runs OK until ~35, then gets gutless. Re-set the timing so it's at 16^BTDC and...
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    87 Bronco II lift kit, bushings, etc.

    So I was looking under my 87 B2 and have decided it's time to replace the various bushings found there... How's the kits from these guys? Anyone have any tips/pointers/threads I could read? (I did a couple of searches but didn't find anything about R and R'ing these things) Thanks!
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    EGR reset location?

    Does anyone know where the reset is for the emissions light? The Chiltons says it's in the "upper right corner of the glove box...marked "reset"" but I don't see it when I open the glove box. (FYI it's an '87 B2, 2.9 w/auto, 100% stock)
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    Worn paint areas

    I've got an older Bronco II with worn paint areas, but I don't want to take it to one of those cheap paint shops (I'm a hobbyist, and a glutton for punishment ;) ) How do I repaint these areas to get it better looking (not "pristine", for you bodywork fanatics)? Could someone give me info on...
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    3kwatts amps = dead battery?

    I've been thinking about getting a thumpa-thumpa stereo (big amps, subwoofer, etc) but before I look into it extensively, I'd like to know about power consumption: I've used big-wattage lights before, and found they can drain the battery quickly, especially at low speeds (curbside idle...
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    Can you believe it?

    So I had the oil changed at one of those quickie places several months B2 broke down right after that (lifter failure) and it's taken some time to get it all put back together and running right...except it wasn't really running right. Seemed to be sluggish, temp would overheat after...
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    pcv valve/hose question

    I noticed my pcv valve (87 B2, 2.9L) has two hose connections, but only one hose is present. I checked the replacement from a Schucks', and it also has two hose connections (one on top of the other, top one is slightly smaller than the bottom) The hose in my B2 connects to the lower one and...
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    Forbidden topics?

    I've seen a couple of threads disappear from the EUTS forum (this one) and I was wondering....perhaps the mods could create a list of topics that are forbidden? I won't ask why (it's your board, after all) but rather than waste time starting and/or posting on a topic that is bound to be...
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    timing light discussion

    I'm looking to get a timing light, but don't know anything about shopping for one... I know how to use one ;) but when it comes to price....why does the price vary between $13--$130? Nevermind that I bought the $13, and then returned it (too "cheap"/low quality, and it didn't work :crazy...
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    Where's the football?

    I'm trying to tune up the Bronco 2 (87, 2.9) and the Chilton's (and various web pages devoted to the B2) mention disconnecting the "football" near the distributor. I've looked, and the only thing I can find remotely resembling a football shape is a small inline attachment near the...
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    2.9l head bolts--do any conflict with the water jacket?

    I've decided to repair the broken lifter in my 2.9 B2...this of course requires removing the heads. After I'd replaced the heads (originals were cracked) and torqued them down, I saw a little blurb in the Chilton's which says (I paraphrase) "all threads should have a light coat of oil...
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    Bronco 2 panel van?

    Anyone heard of modifying a Bronco 2 into a "panel van" configuration? Take out the rear window and the two back windows, installing a solid metal wall in their place? Could anyone offer tips, tricks, or general advice on "how-to"? In particular I'm looking for: 1. How to remove the...
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    unity spotlight labeled Ford

    Link to EBay When doing a search for spotlights, I found this auction. It is a spotlight (made by Unity, the company that makes police spotlights) but what caught my eye is the rim around the light--it has a "Ford" logo on it. It's an older light, it needs a grip assembly (I've gotten...
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    What's the code machine?

    I've seen some mentions about "pulling the codes" when a difficult problem is encountered. I know about the idea of the car communicating errors with ignition circuits etc, but is this something I could do with my 87 B2 2.9l efi? I don't have any problems right now (aside from a blown lifter...
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    87B2 cracked heads, how does one know?

    I've got a Bronco 2 that had a failure in at least one the process of replacing the lifters (as a set) I've considered getting a valve job at the same time. However--the first words out of the shop's mouth was "oh yeah, the 2.9 is notorious for cracked heads, have to pressure...