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    Rear sway bar stabilizer bushing replacement info

    I noticed my entire rear bar was loose, from the end links, and both frame to bar bushings were toast. No parts house could find the bushings listed, so I ended up at the dealership. I got the new Moog endlinks online. For what it's worth it a pretty easy job, though access is very limited...
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    installing OEM running boards on 2002 explorer?

    Guys, I've owned my 2002 Explorer since new, and have never needed running boards since I'm 6'3" tall. But now I have young kids, and it's tough for them to climb in the truck. So I'm looking to buy a pair of boards from a wrecked truck, and prefer the OEM look (and junk yard price). My...
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    electrical issue

    We just got slamed with a front yesterday, temps went from in the 70's down to 29 degrees last night, and we actually got snow here. Anyhow, with the cold weather, every time I start the explorer, I hear a relay clicking, and my 4x4 lights, ABS and brake light, and one other light blink on...
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    4x4 badge on '08s?

    I saw a new explorer (2008 I think) with a 4x4 badge while I was visiting family in Colorado. The 02-05 explorers didn't come with a 4x4 badge, I was thinking about getting the ford dealer to order me the part. Any chance someone could post a picture of their liftgate with the 4x4 badging so I...
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    need an owners manual?

    I've got a couple laying around here (the dealer kept giving me manuals trying to get closer to my year model) So I've got an 03 and an 04, manual, maintaince guide, warning card, etc. including a zippered pouch. I'm NOT selling these, but I will require a few dollars for media mail and an...
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    Refuses to idle (with fix)

    My Mothers 2000 Mountaineer (2WD, 4.0 liter SOHC/5 speed auto w/81K miles) has been having a very intermittant refuse to start and idle problem over the last year and a half or so. Never repeatable, but typically after the 3rd or 4th attempt, with a bit of waiting inbetween it would start and...
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    23 MPG in my 4x4 V8 2002

    this was done at 65-75 mph, which my truck will typically average about 18-19 mpg. All I did was follow an 18 wheeler on a 430 mile trip, about a 1 to 2 second following distance. Didn't have to stop for gas the entire way, and still had fuel left. The computer went up to 23.4 by the time I...
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    Digital odometer test mode?

    I've seen many recent ford vehicles with a built in Test mode in the digital odometers, including a trouble code display, digital tachometer readings, speed, and other information. I've found the procedure for mustangs F-150's and focuii on the web, but the same procedure doesn't work on my...
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    homelink install

    anybody installed homelink in their console? I just saw one on ebay, looks like the thing will fit right where my stupid garage door holder thing door could be replaced with a homelink panel. And I think I'm gonna go for it..
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    02 radio removal/6CD compadable?

    I have an 02 explorer with the CD/Cass radio, and want to get a 6disc radio to replace it. I just want to find out what would work in my truck, and what won't, and also how to remove the radio, the old style clip in design (with the 4 holes) is obviously out. I also don't want to break the...
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    keyless entry code?

    Any idea where to find the door code? looked around some, no idea where to find it.
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    How much would you pay? 02 with 10K miles

    I found an old demo on a ford lot. overall in great shape. It's an 2002 XLT model built 7-02 Toreador Red/med Parchment leather. Has 9900 miles on it. Has the 4.6 V8, control trac 4x4, advance trac, leather interior, tow package, cass/CD radio, fog lights, auto dimming rear view mirror...
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    my favorite kind of jeep

    Sucks for this guy... This happened about 6 blocks from my house. The guy cut the roof off of it now...not sure why, it's only a 2WD.
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    blew a manual hub

    My 92 has oem manual hubs with the manual transfer case. I went to unlock the hubs after wheeling the other night and couldn't turn the passenger side hub, so I just left it locked and drove the short distance home. Once I got home, I grabbed some pliers, and I turned the hub but it just kept...
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    Axle shaft thrashed/+stuck/+live entertainment

    Well, the night after Johnstone cracked open his pumpkin, I decided I needed to destroy something on my truck. I noticed a funny noise while out wheelin, and since it was late, I decided to just unlock the hubs, shift into 2hi and head home. Checked it out tonight, and horrified myself...
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    92 Manual X won't move, slave cylinder?

    My daily driver 92 won't go into gear with the engine running. The clutch pedal feels like it's doing nothing. I checked the clutch fluid, and it was completely empty. After filling it up, and pumping the clutch, it was empty again. Then I look under the truck, there is spotty black/clear...
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    Yet another 5.5" lift complete

    Well I installed a 3.73 l/s rear end, 3.73 with lockrite frontend, Superlift Superrunner 5.5 lift. Extended the rear driveshaft 3/4". Replaced a ton of U-joints, front spindles, brakepads, etc. Extended superlift brakelines, Rancho RS5000's for the front, did a SOA with superlift brackets...
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    yep, extended driveshaft is needed with lift.

    I finished up my superruner 5.5 inch superlift and decided to go for a test run, I didn't even get out of the driveway before the driveshaft popped loose at the slip shaft, guess it's time for an extended driveshaft.
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    pitman arm removal

    anybody got any great advice about how to get the pitman arm off. Both bolts are removed, but even prying doesn't seem to budge any of it. I also can't get the top stud/bolt off of the radius arm because I can't get a socket on it, and I don't have an open end wrench big enough (1-1/8th I...
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    New spindles

    I went to the parts store and they say they do not offer spindles for the explorer. My bearings are gone, and the threads are pretty much torn up, they are trash. Any idea where I can get them(dealer only?) and how much they are gonna run me? They are for a 92 4wd.
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    4 inch and 5.5 inch spring measurements for superlift

    I've got a superlift laying in my garage, but I'm not sure if my springs are 4 inch or 5.5 inch. Anyone know the measurements of either spring? My stock springs are 10 inches compressed, and the lift springs are 17.5 inch uncompressed.
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    Just how well do the Swamper Thornbirds perform? I have a Mud terrain tread on my 92 right now, but after the lift I'll be going from 31 to 33's. I found some 33x10.50 thornbirds with 90% tread left... what's a reasonable price? I was going to get some 15x8 wheels with 33x12.50, but if...
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    Extend rear brake line for 2nd gen

    I'm putting my 5.5 superlift on soon, but I got the brake line for the first gen, and since I have the 2nd gen axle and brakes in mine, I got the wrong part. Anyone know the right part number, or if they even make one? -Martin
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    Spring Creek shootout

    In case someone hasn't seen the post about the Spring Creek Shootout this coming soon? (website still talks about last years event) I figgured I'd put this here. I wonder if anyone from H-town or nearby will make it out. I think it's this weekend.. but I dunno... Spring Creek Shootout
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    Lockrite for D35, trouble with install

    I'm having a hell of a time getting the lockrite installed correctly. The instructions I downloaded from Richmond/powertrax aren't very helpful, and the pictures are a joke. I looked for a writeup and couldn't find one for the D35 front end, I guess I got what I paid for. I've got two spare...