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  1. Paul Gagnon

    My 2021 Bronco has arrived at the dealer!

    Woot! My Bronco is here! I didn't see the email until I went to bed last night though so I haven't seen it yet. Drove by the dealership this morning but it wasn't outside. This is so exciting! I will go see it this afternoon and post pictures then.
  2. Paul Gagnon

    Possible 1992 Explorer for sale in Edmonton, Alberta

    I ordered my new Bronco last Saturday and I am debating selling my Explorer. I haven't made up my mind yet because I don't really want anyone else to drive it. But then again, I don't have the heart to part it out. The specs are: 1992 Explorer XLT 4x4, 4 door power leather seats (grey) JBL...
  3. Paul Gagnon

    I reserved me a Bronco!

    Yeah it would be nice to have the option but to be honest I would probably choose the automatic anyway.
  4. Paul Gagnon

    I reserved me a Bronco!

    It really has just about everything that people have been asking automakers to build. I think it is awesome. Still though, there’s always someone who is going to complain.
  5. Paul Gagnon

    I reserved me a Bronco!

    On Friday I was looking at the Ford website out of curiosity to see what the process for reserving a Bronco was when I decided, what the hell and signed up for one. I reserved a two door Badlands. The options list is not available yet but I will choose rapid red with the V6, samsquanch package...
  6. Paul Gagnon

    Wanted Looking for 33” or 35” tires

    Probably a long shot but I am looking for 33” or 35” wheels and tires for my ‘92 Explorer in the Edmonton Alberta area. Must be all terrain or winter with good tread. I already have mud tires and I don’t want to die on icy roads. Don’t have a lot of money to spend.
  7. Paul Gagnon

    For Sale Parting out 1992 Explorer XLT - Edmonton Alberta

    The engine bay harness is no problem but I can't really sell the engine without the harness. I'll get a picture of under the hood for you tomorrow.
  8. Paul Gagnon

    For Sale Parting out 1992 Explorer XLT - Edmonton Alberta

    I may consider selling it whole for the right price. Value is in the parts.
  9. Paul Gagnon

    For Sale Ford Thunderbird Supercoupe 3.8L Supercharged V6 and transmission - Edmonton Alberta

    I have a complete 1994 T-Bird Supercoupe engine for sale. This is a complete engine with ~43,000 km on it. This was going to be installed in a project Mustang but I sold the car and need the space. Comes with wiring harness and ECM. I also have the matching 4R70W. If you want to use this in a...
  10. Paul Gagnon

    For Sale Parting out 1992 Explorer XLT - Edmonton Alberta

    1992 Explorer XLT located in Sherwood Park, Alberta black exterior, grey interior. - hood $100 - rear hatch with glass $200 - driver's and passenger's doors $250 - driver's doors (dented, good glass and window motors) $80 - headlights $20 each - right tail light $30 - chrome grille...
  11. Paul Gagnon

    Interesting Comparison: 2011 V-6 Mustang vs. 1970 Boss 302 Mustang

    Put that Boss 302 on modern tires and the numbers will change.
  12. Paul Gagnon

    79 Mustang, new daily driver?

    Be extremely careful with the blackout trim that is on the door edge and below the quarter window. It is worth it's weight in gold. The trim below the quarter window bolts on from inside the car. You have to take the interior trim out to access it. It DOES NOT pop out like the trim on the door...
  13. Paul Gagnon

    79 Mustang, new daily driver?

    It's nice to see someone taking an interest in these old girls. They are the forgotten Mustangs. Looks to me like you have your centre caps on wrong. They should have a crown to them, not indented like yours are. You need to push them onto the wheels by the outside edge, not in the middle...
  14. Paul Gagnon

    exploder exploaded bearings (or why to check bearings often) not 56k friendly

    I have had this happen more than once. It is NOT caused by the little locating pin shearing off. The reason that it happens is because the lock ring key is too small and doesn't engage the keyway correctly. It digs into the threads of the spindle, allowing the spindle nut assembly to rock back...
  15. Paul Gagnon

    My latest project: 1970 Dodge Dart 512 C.I. Bracket Racer

    Sounds great Rick! When you fired it up the second time it sounds like the timing is off.
  16. Paul Gagnon

    What Lift and Tires is this Rig?

    You have to use a little more finesse to avoid exploding the front axleshafts but the additional ground clearance is well worth it.
  17. Paul Gagnon

    What Lift and Tires is this Rig?

    I missed this one. Superlift 5.5" lift Superlift radius arms 6" Skyjacker coils Old Man Emu OME-36 leafs, stock shackles Tires in this picture are 36x12.50x15 Super Swamper TSL Radials The rear quarter panels were cut off above the body side molding, the rear wheel openings were extended ~2"...
  18. Paul Gagnon

    TDS '08 Who's going?

    I will be there but might bring my quad instead of the Explorer.
  19. Paul Gagnon

    Superwinch EPi9, 9000 lb electric winch

    For Sale: Brand new Superwinch EPi9, 9000 lb electric winch. Still in box, never opened. Click on the link to the manufacturer's website for specifications. Asking C$750 firm. Located in Sherwood Park, Alberta
  20. Paul Gagnon

    Next Ford Explorer to be a CUV

    My guess is that the new "Explorer" will be basically the XC 90 with a few different body panels. If they go that way I will never buy a new Explorer.
  21. Paul Gagnon

    $2 billion lawsuit against Ford Re: Explorer

    Too true. I also drove on my Firestones until the belts were showing and didn't have a blowout.
  22. Paul Gagnon

    $2 billion lawsuit against Ford Re: Explorer

    I wonder if there's any way of starting a class action lawsuit against all these lawyers who file frivolous class action lawsuits. :banghead:
  23. Paul Gagnon

    Dear Bridgestone/Firestone

    In the past I have contacted you by telephone and e-mail to tell you that the original tires from my Explorer are long gone however the other day I received yet another letter from you. Once again: The Firestone Wilderness ATX tires in size 235/75R15 that came as original equipment on my 1992...