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    Homemade What?

    Here's some sliders I made for my Ranger. Made out of 1" ID steel. Tough enough to hold up the truck....

    PROJECT: Back Burner - J**p CJ7

    Just joined the JEEP Crowd I had to sell some cattle off because of the drought going on here, and since I have been throwing money at my ZUK, I told my girlfriend I would use the cow money to buy her, her JEEP.We went and looked at this one Friday night and drove it home.... The guy we...

    Body Lift

    A good quality kit should come with everything you will need. The kit I got (don't remember the name) even had brackets to pick the bumpers back up where they belong. To answer your question though, yes you will need an extension for your steering shaft. Having an automatic you should be fine...

    New engine problems

    When mine in my Explorer did similar things it was because the computer went. Maybe not your problem, but I got a lot of the same codes (they were erratic though, wouldn't always show up at once),

    Dually explorer?

    Look at J.C. Whitney for the dually adapters. I had some years ago (for full floater rear) on my old 73 FORD. They bolt the inner tire on and move your outer tire out (duh). I never trusted these to haul heavy loads with (or will even work with the small FORD bolt pattern), but they might be...

    My 93' Explorer Restoration Project

    Agreed. My hitch on mine digs in sometimes and kinda hangs me up On this climb it was enough for me to have to back up and get on it a little, No big deal, because of what was dragging, but its there all the same

    35" on 6in lift

    Here's my 94 with 35's. 4:88 gears (should have waited for the 5:13's) makes it close to stock-ish, 7" of lift (4" suspension-3" BL) and slight front fender trimming....

    What I've been working on lately

    I know I haven't posted in a while, but this is what I have been working on lately.... Its an 87, I just got done putting a 6" SPOA with OTT (over the top) steering, 32" Pro-comp MT's (couldn't find any 32" Swampers) and Dodge Neon seats in it. this is how it started.... I've had this...

    94' keyless entry?

    Make sure your child safety locks are not engaged (rear doors). They will prevent the rear doors being opened from the inside(locked or not). They are located under the door where it curves around the rear wheel well.

    Trying to figure out what size pvc for snorkel

    Its a DUFF bumper. I had to weld the loop on it(it came in 2 pieces). I need to make some new mounts for it though. The body lift brackets arent all that great, they mainly just put it up to the correct height, I don't know how much stress they could really take. Heres a better shot of the...

    Trying to figure out what size pvc for snorkel

    I used 3" on mine. I used to have the link for the ARB top, but instead of the 50/60 dollar price I just opted for a 8$ vent cap(mine still uses the stock filter box). As long as the engine doesn't starve for air I don't know why the 2" stuff wouldn't work.

    Post yer 94 pictures

    Here are a couple of mine...... And one with the BOGGERs on it......

    Belt squeel i cant get rid of

    Sometimes on the old V-belts the pulley themselves would get wore out. The belt would slip on the pulley(new or old belt) and make the squeal. Check the grooves in your pulleys and make sure everything is lining up.

    offroad light bar

    Mine is a KARR..... Fairly easy to install, and it came with all necessary hardware(mounts for above the doors). I don't remember where I got it though. It was a site on the net, so maybe just do a search(google/etc.) and it will come up.:salute:

    Headman headers

    I'm just running the V-8 swap headers on mine (I forget the PN). The block on the 347 is a '69, but I have some '68 heads on it(they are more open than the later year heads, and I get a little more compression out of them). I don't have any problems with spark plugs or anything either. The only...

    Headman headers

    I run a set of Hedmans on my 347 and haven't had any issues with them. They are a little tight on the passenger side(run real close to the crossmember), but they worked well for my swap........

    4 inch lift???

    You will also need the axle drop brackets(both sides) and the Radius arm drop brackets(both sides) and for 4" I would suggest a dropped pitman arm. If you don't put the other brackets in your tires will ride like this \.../

    standard or superrunner lift

    I run SuperLifts extended arms on my Explorer and have more flex out of it than my Ranger without extended RA's. Your gonna have it all apart so it would be easier to do at that time rather than pull it down and do it later. The extended arms do put more stress on the lift brackets(make sure you...

    Help!!water in oil again!!!

    Sounds more like a crack in the water jacket. Could happen for any number of reasons. I did have a 302 that the heads weren't torqued correctly(old specs) and it would blow antifreeze into the catch res. but never into the oil. Of course someone could have missed something on the new heads as...

    I got busy the other day....

    Since I have some free time in the evenings, I thought I would do something productive, and heres the results....... They are 1"ID pipe(1 3/8" OD). I will use them to help tie the cage together(when I start bending it). About 20 hrs and 30' of pipe in them......:chug:

    Lock Right Locker Install Question

    It uses a odd sized roll pin(I ran into the same problem), I just ground the roll pin down(just enough to still fit tight) and thread locked it in place. I have done this on 2 lock-rights and haven't had any problems out of either one.

    Lock Right Locker Install Question

    The stock cross pin isn't strong enough(or so i was told).

    Not the average lift kit question

    I have the SuperLift 4" lift on my Explorer with the extended arms. I have no issues with the arms , but the passenger side frame rail drop bracket will break(I have broken 2, 1 Ranger/1 Explorer)I have a write-up here...