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  1. dmgilby

    1993 eb fw hpd44 9"

    coil bucket mounting and track bar
  2. dmgilby

    1993 eb fw hpd44 9"

    I used a honda civic cooling fan and moved the trans cooler to the passenger side then tucked it behind the grill nice and clean
  3. dmgilby

    1993 eb fw hpd44 9"

  4. dmgilby

    1993 eb fw hpd44 9"

    more pics
  5. dmgilby

    1993 eb fw hpd44 9"

    sorry for not answering back. been busy. I will get some pics of the coil buckets for you brnbomr as soon as i can. to answer your question the backspacing on the wheels is 4.5 inches the wheels are stock late model f-150/bronco steel wheels thanks for looking
  6. dmgilby

    The fat bastard 95 Sport

    Very nice looking sport! Nice work On the build.
  7. dmgilby

    1993 eb fw hpd44 9"

    thank you...I still have alot more to fab up...I do get alot of looks around getter turned
  8. dmgilby

    1993 eb fw hpd44 9"

    one more..
  9. dmgilby

    1993 eb fw hpd44 9"

    some wheeling pics...gotta remeber my camera more often
  10. dmgilby

    1993 eb fw hpd44 9"

    a few more...
  11. dmgilby

    1993 eb fw hpd44 9"

    some more pics...they are cell phone pics..sorry
  12. dmgilby

    1993 eb fw hpd44 9"

    Well I have been finished with my SAS build(who am I kidding no one ever finishes do they?)for about a year and a half so I guess some info and pics are in order. I wouldn't have been able to complete this build if not for this site and doing alot of reading. this site is so valuable to any...
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  18. dmgilby

    Announce your New "Elite" Status here...

    Been a member for a while...but now i'm "Elite"
  19. dmgilby

    High Mileage SOHC's Explorers

    Update: 97 xlt now up to 202,6xx stock trans, and engine. still going!
  20. dmgilby

    94 Supercab Splash SAS

    very nice looking ranger man!!:salute:
  21. dmgilby

    2002 Sport Trac SAS

    Very nice looking sport trac!:cool:
  22. dmgilby

    93 x SAS

    i used eb 6 inch deaver coils and custom extended radius arms stock track bar
  23. dmgilby

    93 x SAS

    Thanks setinu, good advice I will do the same. I just finished my sas.:p:!
  24. dmgilby

    hp dana 44 and 9 inch

    oh thanks for clearing that up. i thought your homemade extensions cracked after use. I pre-heated mine before welding and inner sleaved the .250 Dom with some smaller Dom that I drilled so they could be welded together,should be stout. BTW nice explorer!
  25. dmgilby

    Seabeck 4x4 00' 4x4 Ranger Prerunner

    Josh s. man nice job on that ranger it really came out sweet!!!:cool: