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    FORD: Built without your TAX dollars

    One thing I'm very glad to say.... "my FORD was Built without your TAX dollars, and not Government Motors" :).. Google and find.. Free Stickers T-shirts
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    Servo Bore or more - 5r55W experts??

    02 (5r55W) with ~108K. since ~85-90K I notice some hesitation on 1-2 shift both up and down, occasionally when coming to stop I would notice a little 'bump', or seemed to start from stop in 2, and then down to 1 once accelerating. About 2 weeks ago, driving ~75 in OD, took ramp to change...
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    Database Error

    i keep getting 'database error' message every time I try to search or post... Is something going on?
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    Missing/Studdering - Ignition or ?

    Yesterday my truck starting bucking as I was driving, like it was missing really bad, almost as if I was turning ignition off/on, really noticable in a 5spd. Seems to idle fine, and will accel fine up to 4K if it doesn't start missing, once it starts I have to let of gas or it feels like my...
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    Ball Joint - disassemble U-Joint

    Its time to replace ball joints, I've searched and everything I have found follows the standard Haynes procedure of removing spindle and half shaft. It appears the main reason is there not enough vertical travel with half shaft installed for ball joints to clear Beam when removing knuckle. If...
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    F150 vs F250 (gas vs. diesel)

    My ole Explorer runs great, although it leaks oil all over the drive. Started pulling boat last summer, does OK, although I can tell it is back there, so I thought it may be a good time to upgrade, so I came back to my to favorite place for auto advice and info. I started looking at F150...
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    HOT Exhaust, Very Hot

    My shop special muffler blew a hole, soon after towing boat, so I decided to go with a DynoMax kit this time. Took it for a short drive around the block and everything seems great. Then I let it idle while I went to listen behind the truck. I felt the exhaust and it felt hot at the rear of...
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    Power Supply Loss on Boot-up????????

    I can't figure out what the hell is going on? It began wiht a total loss of power so I replaced Power Supply. Everthing ran good for 1 day then I came back to no power. Turned power supply off and on and it began to reboot only to automatically shut off on the boot screen as if it lost power...
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    Should I buy a Boat?

    Lately I've been wanting a boat. I keep telling myself I really don't need one, they rarely actaully get used, most often become a money pit and I don't have a garage. However I find myself browsing for a nice "reasonably" priced boat. I found something really nice today. 1983...
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    Aquygen - cars really can run on water

    And everybody laughs at the idea that one day we could just pour water in our tank. Check this out.
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    03 rear differential changes or fix

    I hear a very faint drivetrain noise from about 45-65. I probably only hear it because I'm listening for it, since I read about it here. It seems Ford made some attempt to fix all the rear differential problems found on 02's. I found a rear differential assy on EBAY for 07/17/02-07/19/05...
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    Synthetic Peptides

    Anyone here know anything about peptides? I have read they are being used to boost the human immune system, including being used for research in the cure for many diseases including HIV. I have fell into a unique opportunity. Called an ole buddy and learned he . had since quit his job to...
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    Job Search in KY

    Well, I'm currently back in the job market. I'm looking for a Mechanical Engineering position within 50 miles of Louisville, KY. Does anybody know of anything? Would anybody have any job searching ideas other than online postings and bugging your friends? I've thought about cold-calling...
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    Odometer Test mode shows no oil pressure

    I couldn't wait to try digital odometer test: but I found some disturbing output in the OIL mode. in the OIL mode constantly read 000 while running and 255 while not running, although the dummy gage reads pressure as normal. mode...
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    Engineering Job rant/advice

    I was tempted to title this thread "Do all Engineering Jobs Suck Rant", but I'm beginning to think it's just me. Here is a run down of my experience so far. 2002 Graduated Mechanical Engineer - Yeah Worked at the university for a couple of years on a pretty cool FE modeling research...
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    Rear Axle Noise Tsb 05-12-6

    I am afraid I may be hearing the beginning signs of the rear differential noise problem. I can't necessarily say for sure it is from the rear diff, it sounds like drivetrain noise. I can only hear it with radio completley off and no one talking. It doens't change pitch or loudness, but does...
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    Garage Construction

    I'm thinking about getting a garage and considering a couple of different construction styles. Thought I would bounce a couple of ideas off you guys. First I was going with the basic block garage with a brick front. Basically pour a slab with footers around the perimeter, stack block and...
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    S&W Revolvers

    I have been looking at getting a revolver for both home protection and occasional recreation. After looking at several models I can't seem to make up my mind, but definately want to stick with a .357. 66 - K frame 60 - K frame 649 - J frame shrouded hammer, 5 shot 686 - L frame 65LS...
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    NT 4.0 DLL files for Calcomp

    After spending hours searching and coming up with nothing, I thought I would ask you guys for help. Apparently, you just can't download Microsoft DLL's. After trying to update drivers to an old plotter I find out there were never any drivers created to support our ancient Calcomp plotter...
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    Big Wheel Race

    Anybody know where that link is to the funny Big Wheel race. I found it here a couple days ago and now I can't find it, searched EUTS and all the Fun Hump forums, must have been a seperate thread. Anyway, it had like 3 ricers on big wheels with cheap Matrix like special affects.
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    Tax Deductions

    First time itemizing since the purchase of a home, Just wandering if I'm missing any kind of standard itemized tax deduction. The standard deductions are $4850 single /$9700 married + $3100 x # of dependants, giving a standard deduction of $7950 single /$15900 married. So it seems...
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    Auto 4x4 Sucks

    I'm not sure if I like this auto 4x4 feature. It seems way over sensitive and wants to engage it the slightest slip of the rear wheels. While I was in the Smokie Mtns, the turn off to our cabin was kinda tight and had a steep grade and the Auto 4x4 would want to kick in even though the rear...
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    5R55W Shifting?

    I recently purchased a 02 and during a recent trip in the Smokies, I experimented with both the tranny and auto 4x4, all while driving my wife crazy. First is the 5 speed auto tranny. While in the mountains, I turned off OD, occasionally 3 and 2, even 1 while going down steep grades. I...
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    Mobil 1 vs. Mobil 1 Ex Life

    What is the difference other than $3 a 5 qt jug? Is it reformulated? If Mobile 1 supersyn has 50% more supersyn, shouldn't there be 50% more oil. Sounds like a bunch of BS marketing to me, along with all their other new specialty oils.
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    Walmart and Motorcraft no more

    Walmart is no longer carrying Motorcraft products. I went to 4 different walmarts to purchase a FL-820S filter for my 02, and finally I asked the guy what the deal was with these filters, why no walmart in town has any in stock. I was told that Walmart is no longer going to carry Motorcraft...