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    03 Ranger XLT DD/Tow Rig

    changed a bit... i dont tow with it or "try" to nemore.. its just turnin into a great build now, just wish i had more money
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    Difference AWd explorer and 4x4 ranger ?

    and the 4x4 tcase on the ranger splits in 50/50? i dont drive it with 4x4 ever, not even in the snow, i was just wondering what was difference since my old awd mount didnt hop
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    Difference AWd explorer and 4x4 ranger ?

    WHats the difference in the frontend/diff/susp's parts between the 95-01awd explorer and 01-03 4x4 ranger? They use the same control arms/balljoints,,so how can the awd explorer turn good on dry pavement and my 4x4 ranger hops and turns like crap? on the explorer awd it has to be a lil...
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    i need pics

    id ditch the body lift
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    Personal Space

    it depends whos doing it, normally i dont give a shit unless they touch me or are talkin loudly, or if the talking ghetto i hate that lol
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    New look

    thanks guys, i want to get a 2wd grille shell for it though.
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    New look

    Thanks guys and yes aftermarket mirrors. Its just my daily driver, didnt want to go to extreme. Theres just a ton of stock white rangers, now my stands out from the rest. All my friends tell me to striaghten the blue oval on the grill, or ask if it broke. But i love it, i 2 sided taped it on...
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    New Swampers.

    i love those wheels! nice choice in tires also
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    Do you wear a seatbelt?

    It depends. I never wear it when im driving or i kno the person can drive decently. I always were it though when im offroad in the explorer. A month ago my friend and i were getting on the highway, he went to get in the fast lane, and out of no wear( i even lookd like always) BAM! a chysler 300c...
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    New look

    Ridding on 17x9/10.5 chrome fr500's, front has 275/60 rear has 285/60. Its lowered 2"/2.5". Black headlights, tinted corners, sport mirrors, and some other stuff It rides and handles great.
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    More Performance Please!!!

    id get a bbk 66mm throttle body to start..i have a custom intake, bbk throttle body, and 2.5" exhaust on my 91 explorer, it didnt add a lot of power, but u can feel the mods over stock
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    Thought I'd share my D35 Swap.

    sweet man, i love how you ran your exhaust. I would have sidepip'd mine already but the pa state inspection wont allow that
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    Show your 1st gen flex

    sweet pics guys
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    The Explorers NEW LOOK!!!!!!

    thats awesome...
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    High revvin Xcal2 Racin

    supercharge it and then you might be able to keep up...and if you supercharge it it will pull HARD all the way to 6k
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    SOA + 4" Lift Leaf Springs?

    10" of front lift has been done before, i wouldnt do it but it can be done. I sugguest you knock of 2" off lift, so you have 8" all around.
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    flat black body paint?

    im sprayin my entire explorer flat black with spray cans rustoleom paint. IM just sanding done the paint to make it look dull, then painting over top, whats the whole wet sanding between coats supposed to do? i dont know if im going to put a clear over top yet or not. All i know is my...
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    Rausch Creek May 3

    Im a maybe, either with my b2 or explorer
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    Pulling front 4x4 stuff

    oh its possible, just gotta search around the junk yards and a find a 2wd explorer to score the parts off of..... ill be doing a 2wd swap in the summer, i dont know if ill just get some bags from the get go or what.
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    '94 X-Ploder S.A.S.

    i was wondering if you like to make a trade, 37" boggers on cragar sim lock wheels, for those boggers.
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    '94 X-Ploder S.A.S.

    hey bud which question do you still have the 33x10.5 boggers? how much tread life is left, im lookin to downgrade from my 37" boggers to 33" boggers let me kno
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    84 2.8 with 33's

    im going to be reusing my explorers axles, d35 n 8.8 wit 4.56/ls so does swappin the 2bbl out for a 390cfm 4bbl really help the performance,what bout offroad on inclines n such? the bronco is alot lighter then the explorer, so wont like 150whp really make this thing move?.i found quite a...
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    84 2.8 with 33's

    How will a 2.8 with a carb in a 84 b2 do with 4.56 gears and 33's? The engine will be receiving a rebuild sometime down the road, with some performance goodies, but the truck rarely sees over 55mph.