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    4" or 5" body lift

    Just double up the frames of 2 X's....:p It's been done.
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    Another 8.8 carrier question

    The axles are not interchangeable. The outer bearing size is different from Rangers to Ex's.
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    The ultimate Dana 44????

    I would say 38's will be OK with the CTM's and Warns...if you're light on the throttle. But definitely run a 12.5" not a 14.5" tire as the balljoints will not hold up. I'm just got about 3000 mi to my last set of Moog balljoints with 37's. And 44's? Why, the 38's will do fine in the snow...
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    SAS people. Please read.

    No such thing as asjustable buckets, unless you made your own....
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    SAS people. Please read.

    Re: Quick SAS question Yup.
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    35"x12" tires what size lift

    I'm running 37's with 6" of lift and a hammer.:hammer: Cheers Dale
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    SAS people. Please read.

    Labor only. I supplied the axle, radius arms, trac bar, brackets, etc. Mine was an F150 axle, so I shortened it. They also shortened my steering. Truck was in shop 2 weeks. That included shortening the housing, axleshafts, new rear axles from Dutchman, new gears front and back and...
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    SAS people. Please read.

    When I did my SAS, I was the 2nd on this board behind Rick. I chose a non-custom, EB -type setup for simplicity. I had a local shop do the work because I had no time or space, but lot's of $ (working for a dot com....). I was charged $1200 to re and re the axles. This included: - tearing...
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    F150 rotor/hub ?

    NO! There's a large diameter, thin C clip on the outer edge of the inside of the hub, that holds the inner locking hub assembly on the spindle and in the hub. It's about 3/8" in, and rests in a groove on the hub. You have to 'hook' it out with a screwdriver or dental hook, etc. It's a PIA...
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    Extended brake lines and spring questions

    Yup, it only took me about 6 months to ruin a set. Plus your rear end will be waggy.
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    Extended brake lines and spring questions

    They are interchangeable. The spring rates are different though. Ranger springs are softer.
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    Doing SOA need longer driveshaft?

    SOA does not need a lengthened DS, unless you have gobs of flex.
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    Explorer comp rock crawler (suggestions)

    A word of caution, the X body will be very top heavy even without glass. If you're considering a Toy, why not a Ranger. A lot less weight up high. For 38's, a lot of the comp guys seem to stick with the 44, and Warns and CTM's. The 8.8" is fine for 38's, but not much more. A 9" may be a...
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    Questions about spooling an 8.8

    Just remember the 8.8" is a C-clip axle. The mini-spool won't get rid of that.
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    Zimmerman Mpd. Yes? No?

    I used the X main leaf with the Ranger pack under. Cut the eyes off the Ranger main and use the whole pack. Works well.
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    Here's the BEEF - HD yoke for 8.8"!

    Maybe your axle wrap is busting the flanges? Pinion dives under hard throttle or hopping and breaks the Ujoint and flange? Just a thought, and I'm kinda cross posting from you rear spring post on Pirate. Cheers Dale
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    Here's the BEEF - HD yoke for 8.8"!

    Cut off the Ford 8.8" ends and weld on flanges for a big bearing 9" end. Instant C-clip eliminator. BTW, I have a friend who makes full floater kits. Cut your ends, weld on his CNC'd ends, bolt on Dana 44 spindles, brakes, etc and have some custom shafts made. He's done 2 9" axles, but the...
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    Rear Disc conversion questions

    Don't quote me on this, BUT I believe that late model 9" and Explorer/F150 8.8"'s have the same 4 bolt backing plate pattern. Thereby, any of the 9" kits should work or calipers off a Linlcon, etc. Worth looking into.
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    Where do you keep the spare?

    31" spare with 33's Look at a bunch of Rangers and Explorers...spare tires are smaller to begin with. I bet the circumferance of a fully aired 31" is marginally smaller than an aired down 33" tire. Less than 5% difference, which would be fine with a LS or Auto TC. It might be a bit rough with a...
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    D44 experts (seemingly simple question)

    There should be markings on the caps and markings on the inside of the case. Line them up. Arrows, triangles, something...
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    9" lift and 35s?

    No, you should have at least 14" of lift!:o Seriously though, a 6" lift and some moderate fender trimming will fit 35's no problem. Cheers Dale
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    Best overall tire?

    Swamper TSL/SX.
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    My 1994 4-Door Explorer Make-Over

    Sorry, but up here in BC we have trees. And trees love corner lights... Cory, sorry to hi-jack your thread.
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    My 1994 4-Door Explorer Make-Over

    I don't see what you've done?! Wasn't 1/4E and tube rear end a factory option in '94?;) Oh, I reread your post. It sounds like you're going to put some different turn signals on. You should get some of those 'bling bling' clear corners that some of the pseudo-ricer-lowered X's on this site...