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  1. SkanlaxJMO

    Cool Truck

    Was browsing ebay and found this wow!
  2. SkanlaxJMO

    Hood release cable broken - With Fix

    well hood release cable has been giving me trouble for a long time and it quit again two days ago. So i did the old trick of pulling the cable with my hands and it worked so that i could jump my truck(my parents didnt drive it while i was away at school so the battery was dead...
  3. SkanlaxJMO

    Finally Elite..Skanlaxjmo's elite registry

    Well...after 2,800 posts i finally forked over 20 bucks. The site has deffenity Saved me more then 20 bucks....byt then again it has made me spend mroe then 20 in mods...:D But anyway, my name is John i'm and currently doing a year in between High School and College(im actually waitting...
  4. SkanlaxJMO

    Computer Audio issues

    Alright well my computer decided to stop playing sound...but only when the audio is coming from the internet, so games, i-tunes, lime wire play fine. Just when i am on you tube or any internet site i get no audio whats-so-ever. I have tried restarting no luck....any ideas, it is really anoying.
  5. SkanlaxJMO


    Well I was talking to a budy of mine that went down to wellsville 2 weeks ago and he said he had a great time blah blah blah......this is while we were at a gas stattion and someone comes up to us and says that part of wellsville has become sold and is now blocked off......i heard it was the...
  6. SkanlaxJMO

    quick bolt size question

    Looks like this weekend ill put my shackels on finally... :p ......what i need to know is what size socket fits on the bolt for the stock shackels?
  7. SkanlaxJMO

    How to: make revese glow gauges come on with interior lights

    Well I have had my reverse glow gauges for almost a year now. And one of my major complaints is that they have a seperate switch and you have to turn that one and turn on your headlights......or if someone drives your truck they cant figure out why the gauges are not lit up. So today I wired...
  8. SkanlaxJMO

    Quick fuse Question

    What is the fuse ## for the cigar/cigarette lighter for a 96? message center...xlt 4wd if it makes a differance. My owners manual has gone awol in my garage somewhere....thanks for your help
  9. SkanlaxJMO

    Door removal(second gen)...write up

    Ok i have become jealous of those heeps you see driving around with no doors. So i figured i would take them off. With the help of mynameisaric i got them off and he did as well. Tools 1: 10mm socket 2:13mm socket(9/16ths will also work) 3:ratchet 4:Flathead 5:needle nose plyers 6:jack...
  10. SkanlaxJMO

    quick power steering question

    Alright i am looking at upgrading to synthetic ps fluid. The ford pump is really noisy. First off how much does the stock resovoir take(i missplaced my owners manual)? Also when doing it from what i read when i searched was that you use a turkey blaster to get all the old stuff out...then you...
  11. SkanlaxJMO

    Is Firefox acting up for you?

    Like the title says is Mozilla Firefox being really strange? I open up my browser and up comes explorerforum as my home page. I go to the 95-01 section but nothing happens I tried agin nothing.....i thought this is odd...i lok carfully and as soon as i hit the link to it the stop x is being...
  12. SkanlaxJMO

    Drivers side headlight

    Ok my drivers side headlight is not working on the low i searched around i I kept hearing about the LOM. but I think that was for x's with a message center....mine does not have one. Also since i lost my owners manual could somone tell me the fuse # for the drivers side low beam...
  13. SkanlaxJMO

    lots of issues...

    Well guys I was heading home and went for a little puddle hopping(not big puddles surface ones). WEll i pulled out and evreything was fine exept this burning smell(I figured it was burning mud or jsut water in the engine colling and hissing off then I saw a tail of smoke i figured...
  14. SkanlaxJMO

    the laws of the Universe

    LAWS OF THE NATURAL UNIVERSE Law of Mechanical Repair: After your hands become coated with grease your nose will begin to itch or you'll have to pee. Law of the Workshop: Any tool, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible corner. Law of probability: The probability of being...
  15. SkanlaxJMO

    idle issues

    Hello again guy's My 96 4.0 OHV on startup does a very strange thing. The rpm's bounse a tad(i had an idle problem fixed a while back). And it sounds well like an old muscle car the think shakes around a little like it is under power but it is iddeling. Strange...anyway this is only on a cold...
  16. SkanlaxJMO

    High School Chem Lab Fire

    Explosion in school lab injures 8 Beacon Journal staff report A school chemistry lab fire early this afternoon injured eight people. The accident occurred in a science class in Wilson Hall at Western Reserve Academy in Hudson shortly after 2 p.m. According to Christopher Burner...
  17. SkanlaxJMO

    My 96

    Well i thought i might show my stock rig to you guys more Reverse Glow gauges(ebay) During the day More
  18. SkanlaxJMO


    Alright Guys i dont like to do this but here i am strating a new thread. BTW i did search for quite a while Ok here is my problem or what i think is a problem In my 96 4x4 the brakes seem to be intermittent. You pusg the pedal in and you get some resistance but it goes quite far but not...
  19. SkanlaxJMO

    How to TT

    Hey I have a 96 XLT and i have been loking for a cheaper alternative to a suspension lift. As ou know they run 600 bucks for a 3 inch spindle. So i decided to torsion twist. I know the general process: turn the bolts clockwise and it goes up. Does any body have a link or can shoot me an...