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  1. DUDER 1

    For Sale AA 700r4 to Ford 4.0 W/ Transmission

    Evening, for sale is an Advanced Adapters conversion kit that adapts the 60* 700r4 to the Ford 4.0 OHV. The tail housing is also included. The transmission was supposedly rebuilt when I purchased it but I have no way to confirm that. A B&M shifter is also included. I purchased this...
  2. DUDER 1

    Wanted 4.5 inch EB Front Springs.

    Hello all, I am looking for some 4.5” early bronco front coil springs. I am looking for a linear spring not progressive. Thank you. You can message here or pm me. Let me know what you are asking. Thanks again.
  3. DUDER 1

    Full width axle thoughts

    Good morning all, I haven't thinking about this for a while and I want to go full width and 37" Maxxis Trepador's. I have a full width 44 and a 9 inch I can build or I can look for tons. My question is I know a lot of you guys run a 44 upfront with tires larger than 35's so how does is hold...
  4. DUDER 1

    For Sale 1994 Ford Explorer lifted in CA.

    Just thought I would add this .
  5. DUDER 1

    Wanted wtb 78/79 Ford Hp 60

    Good afternoon all, I am looking to buy a complete or semi complete Kingpin Dana 60 out of a 1978 or 1979 Ford Truck. I am in Georgia for the next three weeks and will be driving back to Arizona. So if you live near Interstate 40 or interstate 10 and have a 60 you would like to sale please pm...
  6. DUDER 1

    1994 Front Winch Bumper

    Hello all, well we are officially moved out of the great state of California and are back in Arizona. My question is where would you guys recommend getting a front winch bumper built for our 1994 Explorer near the Phoenix area. If you know anyone that is good and fair please let me know. I...
  7. DUDER 1

    Wanted WTB 83-97 Ranger/BII Non ac blower box

    Good morning, I am looking to buy a 1983 through 1997 Ranger bronco 2, or 91-94 explore non-AC blower box. Please let me know if you have anything you would like to sell and what it would cost shipped. PM me and I will give you my address thank you very much. attached is a photo of what I'm...
  8. DUDER 1

    For Sale: 1994 SAS Explorer

    Just thought I would share this.
  9. DUDER 1

    PML A4LD Deep Transmission Pan NEW

    This is for a brand new never installed PML cast aluminum deep transmission pan for a A4LD. This is the info listed where I bought it. I am asking $210.00 Shipped anywhere in the lower 48. I paid $270.00 for the pan. The pan is painted black with engine enamel and all the mounting hardware...
  10. DUDER 1

    WTB: 1991-1994 Ford Explorer XLT Gas Tank

    Good morning, I am looking for a fuel tank for a 1991-1994 ford explorer 4dr. I am not sure if the two doors are different or not. My ex is a 1994 so the same year would be nice. I dropped the tank to change the fuel pump last night and the metal retainer is rusted pretty bad. I live near...
  11. DUDER 1

    Wanted: Advance adapters ford 4.0l adapter kit to gm 700r4

    Hello all, I wanted to order the kit for my 94 ex and found out they are not made by advanced adapters anymore. There is another kit out there by Bendstens but I like the Advanced adapters better. If you have one you would like to sale or possibly trade for something please let me know on here...
  12. DUDER 1

    Does anyone have this part for an A4LD. Thank you

    I was wondering if anyone would have this plug for an A4LD. The plug is located on the driver side right behind the linkage. I will pay for the part. Thanks in advance guys. Have a great night.
  13. DUDER 1

    78-79 front Dana 44 hub rebuild how to.

    I have looked and cannot seem to find a good source to show what tools and how to rebuild a 78-79 front Dana 44 hub. I am planning on putting new rotors, hubs, and pads on and I would rather do it my self. When I pull on my front tires they move back and forth lol. The ball joint look good...
  14. DUDER 1

    Tanana Alaska

    I just wanted to share some pictures with you guys and gals. While in Tanana Alaska for work I decided to take pictures of any Ford explorers that I had found. It's kind of corny but it gave me something to do lol. 1st gen limited
  15. DUDER 1

    1994 Explorer with 180 degree Thermostat.

    Hello, I know this has been discussed before but I have not been able to get a solid answer on the 180 degree thermostat. Here is the deal I bought a 94x that is a trail rig that I drive to and from wheeling spots so its not a daily driver. My problem right now is that my thermostat is...
  16. DUDER 1

    DUDER 1's 94xlt SAS

    Hello, I just wanted to share our new ex with you all. This is not a build thread because the swap was done before we bought the explorer. This thread is mainly to show the work that is going to be done to it. The previous owner did a good job with the work but she needs some TLC. Below are...
  17. DUDER 1

    DUDER 1'S new 94 SAS

  18. DUDER 1

    For Sale Dana 44 Hp for sale.

    I have a high pinion dana 44 out of a 1978 F-150. Its complete from hub to hub and it has warn hubs. The u joints need to be replaced but it is complete. I live near the Phoenix Arizona area so hit me up and we will meet somewhere. Thanks for looking and have a great day. It is 250 obo...
  19. DUDER 1

    Explorer 4.0 OHV VS SOHC.

    I am looking at buying another explorer with the 4.0 sohc and i was wondering is the sohc better than the ohv. My first ex with the ohv ran good and i have heard some stories about the timing chains going out frequently on the sohc. Just wondering what peoples thoughts were between the two...
  20. DUDER 1

    Explorer 5.0 awd transfer case swap.

    Hello so i have been getting everything ready to start my sas on my 5.0 explorer, and i dont wat to leave it awd. I was wondering if anyone has done a t-case swap. I have heard youcan use a t-case out of a f-150. Please ponit me in the right direction because i do not have a clue. Thank you.
  21. DUDER 1

    Dana 44 Axle question.

    So its been awhile but anyways first thing, is $175.00 a good price for a hp dana 44 out of a 78 F-150. The second question is why does this axle have a dual shock set up, one shock on the radius arm and one on the front of the c clip wedge, i think that is what its called. It looks factory...
  22. DUDER 1

    Comp 410 cam and new 4.0 connecting ods for sale.

    I have a used comp 410 cam for the 4.0 which was only used in one engine i bought it and never used it. Also i have a set of six brand new ford 4.0 connecting rods never used. Got rid of the ex so these need to go also. Thank you. I can sell the together or separate or together just shoot me...
  23. DUDER 1

    Solid axle swap write up.

    So i just got rid of my 93 xlt and im looking to get a 1997 x, i just want to know what is different about the sas on an ifs over a ttb. I really just need help finding a good sas write up on a later style x. Thanks alot everone.;)
  24. DUDER 1

    5.5 or 6 inch lift with 35" tires pics.

    So i got a six inch lift kit from jackit, i installed it and i have alot of room. I was wondering if anyone had the 5.5 or 6 inch lift with the ttb with 35 inch tires and how it worked out. I looked for some pics and i could not find anything, i probably was looking in the right place. Thanks...
  25. DUDER 1

    93 XLT Dana 44 front axle swap. (I NEED HELP PLEASE).

    I have a 93 xlt with the front ttb off, and im getting a danna 44 out of a 78-79 bronco. How much does it need to be shotned, and on what side the passanger or the driver. Im not doing a four link right not im doing the same set up as froader. Is there a complete thread thats shows step by step...