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  1. J

    What to look for when buying 1995-2001 explorer

    firestone tires...j/k
  2. J

    Question about OHMs Help Please!

    your 2 12s will hit harder, your 1 15 will hit lower frequencies. Do you just want some bump or are you trying to have the best on the block, and what kind of music do you listen to? If you listen to more rock/alternative, get the 12's. If you listen to more rap get the 15. Either way they will...
  3. J

    Mexican Invasion of Texas

    One of those minute men captured a group of illegal immigrants on his land (his ranch borders the us-mexico border. He detained them at gunpoint and called the authorities, the immigrants sued him for something about violating their rights and won his ranch from him! Am I the only one who sees...
  4. J

    Kick Panels for 2002 XLT

    Can't say that I do, are'nt most kick panels custom made?
  5. J

    Question about OHMs Help Please!

    13 or 14 either way this setup will put out some pumping bass!
  6. J

    '94's 6-inch sub. Ok Correction its 350 nonamped and 500 amped new, I'd check ebay. Or if you want to build one yourself a few people on this site have done that also, just gotta search. I started building one but lost interest and just...
  7. J

    Radio Clarity

    Here is a good pic
  8. J

    Radio Clarity

    I don't think the distance has anything to do with it, as normally the larger an antennae is the better your signal gets, and technically you adding wire to it made it a longer antenae. I have'nt seen this configuration your talking about before (the rca type connector to a normal wire) Here...
  9. J

    '94's 6-inch sub.

    There are a one or two companies that make a insert (box with small sub) for that little cubby hole area, they come with amps and without amps (as in you'll need to get one). For the amped one (a guess as I'm to tired to search) will cost you approx 300 bucks. Check out to find...
  10. J

    Question about OHMs Help Please!

    That amp is perfect for a dual voice coil 2 ohm sub (each coil is two ohms). You'll just run one channell to one coil and the other channell to the other coil. Your amp will run alot cooler than at the 1 ohm, and you'll be 310 watts over the 4 ohm setup. Might want to check and make sure those...
  11. J

    Trying to fit double DIN into a 1.5 DIN opening

    haha 410 funny, I did'nt think it would fit guess I was proved wrong. Very suprised though!
  12. J

    stock h/u question

    They look fine to me, mine came with alittle pocket underneath that holds a pack of cigarettes well :) Check out and the website can tell you exactly what you have.
  13. J

    Question about OHMs Help Please!

    Like kelly said, we need to know what kind of sub you have. You could have a kicker dual voice coil 2 ohms each or a 2 ohm sub. Theoretically everytime you half the ohms you double your power. Examples 100 x 4ohm 200 x 2ohms and 400 x 1ohms. So if you hook up a 2 ohm sub you'll get 200 watts...
  14. J

    Radio Clarity

    OK I think your antenae cable is not hooked up, unless things changed for the 97 from my 96 the preamp should have nothing to do with the radio, that is simply bypassing the factory amp. There is a separate plug running from the antenae that plugs directly into the back of the radio, it kind of...
  15. J

    ford layoffs,,,

    They'll be fine, they just have to realize this isn't the 70's and the big three don't have a monopoly in america any longer, they just have to settle for a smaller percentage of the profits and finally have to cut back. I'm not sure about ford, but gm is in no trouble. I researched them...
  16. J

    Chuck Norris Dead at 65... BS

    Haha chuck actually has a personal website here is the link and his response to the latest "rumors" about him :) This came out on weeks ago, should give it a look. IN RESPONSE TO THE "RANDOM FACTS" THAT ARE BEING GENERATED ON THE...
  17. J

    stock deck with system?

    I would go the line level converter, if you just want cheap for now, your best bet would be one of the bass tubes.
  18. J

    Dancing Gauges

    Your not refering to your engine gauge are you as in the speedo cluster?
  19. J

    Is my amp dying?

    Ok a few questions about your setup. It sounds like you have multiple amps, correct? Is this the only amp having this problem? How are your amps setup (are they sharing a ground, are they sharing a remote turn on wire, are they sharing a power cable). Also you may want to check your speaker...
  20. J

    Radio Clarity

    OK still trying to decipher all that :) 1) Are you saying to your antenna is not hooked up to your radio? It is possible while changning out your cd player that the wire just fell behind something, I would try and trace it from the actuall antenae itself because I'm sure its there, if not...
  21. J

    new cd player or cd changer?

    If you already have all the equipment needed to hookup the cd changer I would go that route. Another option would be to burn your cd's onto cdr (not cdrw), a store bought cd is a cdr, only downside is once you burn something thats it no changing it. If you do decide to buy a new cd player, get...
  22. J

    Trying to fit double DIN into a 1.5 DIN opening

    I think you are talking about a major modification, that I doubt many here have done. You would probably have to refigure your entire center console (ac/heat controls). Are you trying to install a cd player or dvd player with flipout screen?
  23. J

    stuck throttle

    haha canda has some cool towns, squamish and whistler :)
  24. J

    Custom gauge faces that you can make out of paper

    I remember checkin out those links alongggg time ago. Basically you need to removeyour gauge cluster and all of its atachements (needles, plastic covering) and scan it on a regular scanner (save alot of time if one person scans theres and then post it). Then with whatever picture you want, you...
  25. J

    What would be better? 2 12s or 1 15?

    Well I'll say this doubling your surface area (2 12's vs 1 12) or doubling your power (100 rms to 200 rms) will only give you a 3db increase in sound. I'd go for the 12's personally will hit alot harder and almost as low as the fifteen. If you listen to alot of rock type music I'd go with 12's...