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    130 watts

    I have the SlimLite -100 Watt #124 Driving lights. I love them there great lights but you always want something a bit better. I want to replace the 100w bulbs (2767) with the 130w bulbs (2766). It should be fine as KC makes the Slimlite long range light that uses a 130w bulb. Has...
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    PCM update

    Well I just call my ford dealer and said I wanted a PCM update, he told me it would cost $89 but I would be wasting my money if there was not anything to update. So he asked for my serial number and told me he would call back. When he did he said there was nothing to update, he said there was no...
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    As we all know our low beam headlights are really crap. I'm using the sliverstar ultras which help but I wish they still were better. I was looking at my lights today and I was thinking that if the little dome reflector that's in front of the bulb was taken out maybe this may help. So my...
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    New Lights

    Just put some KC's on the front what do you think? 165/75/16....Hunter pushbar Relay mount Power Switch wires going throught the firewall via parking brake The switch location Wiring harness I ran behind the battery
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    high beam wire

    Hi, doing my lights right now, could someone tell me what colour the high beam wire is. thanks
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    BTF Spacer lift

    I am just about to order BTF Spacer lift kit 2.75 f 1.25 r.The tires I have on right now are 265/75r16's and I think the X would look better with a small lift. Just wondering if anyone has had trouble with ball joints or CV,s. Also how do you like them, hows the truck handle after they have been...
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    Lock nuts for KCs

    Anyone know of a good place online to find a good anti theft lock nut. I'm putting my KCs on my push bar and I need a 3/8 nut. Or any other suggestions to keep my lights on my bar and out of a thief's hands.
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    Flipdown Monitor

    I bought a flip down monitor that I plan to install. I have a DVD player/monitor as a head unit and I will run RCA cables from that up to the flipdown. Has anyone got any tips for me on the install. I have a 2003 xlt no sun roof or overhead console just the dome light. I guess I'll have to take...
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    Tire wear

    I bought 4 new old tires for the X 265/75/16s. Two of them have 95% rubber left and two have 85%. My question is do the front or rears wear faster? I want to try to even the tread wear up so I would like to put the tires with more wear on them in a position [being the front or rear] where they...
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    Fun with Photoshop.

    Thought we could start up a fun with photoshop thread. Here's mine
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    Spare Tire 03

    I know this has been talked about a lot, but I can't find any info on an 03 explorer. I'm running 265/75/16 can I fit this size in the spare tire cavity? Would it be better to go with a 245/75/16 so it won't stick out as much (any pics from the back would be great). I know I can pull a wheel off...
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    03 Spare Tire

    I know this has been talked about a lot, but I can't find any info on an 03 explorer. I'm running 265/75/16 can I fit this size in the spare tire cavity? Would it be better to go with a 245/75/16 so it won't stick out as much (any pics from the back would be great). I know I can pull a wheel off...
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    In case anyone was thinking about putting oversize tires on, this is my truck with 265/75/16 no mods to the suspension or body. They fit perfectly with no rubs from lock to lock.
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    Power Steering Flush

    I checked my power steering fluid today and it was absolutely black, so I proceeded to do a flush on the system. I Remove the ignition coil fuse to disable the vehicle. I disconnect the power steering return hose. Attached an extension hose between the power steering return hose and an empty...
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    Wire Colours For Tail Lights

    My question is there are 3 wires going to the 3157 tail light bulb. The colours are black, brown and blue/white. I need to know which one is the ground and which one is the brake/turn. The other should be tail/running light. I'm adding a load resistor to stop the quick flashing as I have...
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    Unlock your Digital Odometer

    I thought this might be a fun post, can anyone figure out what the rest of the functions/codes are? Step 1 Insert Key (do not turn it) Step 2 Press and hold the Trip-Meter Reset Button. Step 3 While holding the reset button, start your car and continue holding the button...
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    front hub/bearing bolts

    Anyone know of a site on the web where I could get the 3 bolts that hold the front hub to the knuckle on an 03? Where I'm from Ford want to charge me $63 for all 3!!! There the 15mm bolts around 60mm long with a 14 tpi thread. Yes they did come with the bearing assembly but I had a 19 month old...
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    Front Bearing/Hub

    I need to know if you can re-use the front Axle-to-wheel hub nut after replacing the wheel bearing and hub assembly. Also anyone know if 184lb-ft is the correct torque for the nut. Tkx Sleb
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    Autolite Spark Plugs

    I was wondering if I could get some feedback on Autolite plugs. Here in Canada I can get the Iridium plugs for 8.99, the double platinum for 8.17 and the platinum for 5.14. I have an 03 4.0L SOHC and the plugs I pulled out are AGSF22FM Motocraft platinum. I've done a search and read most other...
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    Front Wheel Bearing

    Has anyone changed there front wheel bearing without using a Front Wheel Hub puller? Can it be done, if so with what?
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    Transmission Fluid

    I’m getting my transmission fluid changed this weekend. I spoke to my transmission guy to ask what type of fluid to use and he gave me two choices; Amsoil 100% synthetic (which is what I’m going to use) or dextron IV with an additive to make it comparable to mercon 5 and ford transmissions...
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    Strange gunk on oil cap

    I change my oil every 5000km regularly and only have ever used 100% synthetic. Today when I did my routine oil change I found this gunk in the oil cap (pics attached). I have never seen this before, when I cleaned it off with a rag it felt damp. What the hell is this? Did I some how get moisture...
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    Turning off that annoying seats belt chime

    For everbody that hates that seat belt chime.....This is how to turn it off Belt Minder Deactivating/Activating Preparation 1. Before deactivating/activating the belt minder, set the parking brake. Place the transmission range selector lever in P (PARK) (automatic...
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    3rd gen Explorer Blend Door Actuator Replacement

    I have a 2003 explorer, my Blend Door Actuator broke. I have pulled it out and I am about to replace it with the new one. Now I was wondering if I need to have the manual climate control turned to cold or heat, or if I need to hold the blend door open or closed, or if I just put it straight...
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    I have a 03, I installed all 4 new light bulbs in the head lights, they all work fine but my day time running lights don't come on now. Can you reset them? can you turn the drl on or off without knowing? The bulbs I put in are A Pair (set of 2) of Super High...