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    1996 Explorer XLT 4.0l OHV V6 work in progress...

    Thanks! Really nice work and cant believe how clean it is---What a Find! engine bay looks Brand NEW
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    1996 Explorer XLT 4.0l OHV V6 work in progress...

    What a great find! I rarely see any 2nd gen's with rockers still intact anymore. Great work on the maintenance and upgrades. Can you provide the source and brand/part no. for the trans pan with a drain plug?
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    Show and audio EX build

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    What songs do you Crank!!!

    This thread is a blast from the past... vroomzoomboom- Chevelle - Hats Off To The Bull -- I was listening to this today! Lately I have been listening to Greta Van Fleet - Led Zepp reincarnated Safari Song
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    My Explorer Sport Build

    I like it, it has a familiar look to it!
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    Betty's "I want to be a mule" progress log thread

    Jon, sorry to hear of accident and prayers also to your wife and yourself! Hopefully Progressive will be progressive in helping you get a fair amount to buy another vehicle.
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    Intermittent starting issue that is driving me to madness

    Thanks Jon! I will check that out. I originally thought it was the Maxiguard hoodlock/starter kill device I had installed a few decades back. It makes 1 click like in Jason's video which is exactly what it does when the Maxiguard system is engaged. Shop that installed it is still in business and...
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    Intermittent starting issue that is driving me to madness

    Jason, any further probs? I am having a similar issue (very intermittent). purchased motorcraft switch SW-5016/F5TZ-11572-A last year and hope to get to it soon.... rarely drive the explorer anymore.
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    Betty's "I want to be a mule" progress log thread

    Add a 4th to the 95th thread although I do not get on here much anymore. Would like to see pics of rust also.
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    Evolution of an Explorer XL - How got started

    CONGRATS Rick! Explorer "antiques" soon. Unbelievable how time flies. As others have stated, glad to be a part of the site from the beginning. Tons of inspiration here. Never thought I would keep the Explorer past 4 years...
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    Table saw recommendations??

    Rick this thread is quite old, not sure you are still wanting a saw but I ended up purchasing a DEWALT DW745 a few years back. No complaints so far. Its lightweight and portable. Have seen quite a few flooring contractors use this model. I am not a carpenter but have been working with a few...
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    Explorer Turn Signal Problem - PLEASE HELP.

    I may have missed this but do u have a part number for the relay. Have intermittent buzz when using turn signal (usually when turning left for whatever reason).
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    twin turbo mounty

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    M90 rebuild (rudy)

    X2!! And the 295's looked huge
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    Farewell Craftsman

    Absolutely love that---chinesium!! Flounder, its cool you are collecting the last of the craftsman legacy... And even the more recent usa ratchets were really inferior to the old stuff. I do like those offset tools you have pictured. May need to see if I can get a set of them myself.
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    Budget 2track 1994 sport

    Really Nice!! I have been wanting to 2 tone my sport exactly like you have done for years now. Dig that tread stripe!!
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    Adams polishes

    Unreal, basically been a Meg's user, will need to check out Adam's and Zaino. That shine is unreal!!
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    Let's see, what can I powdercoat today?

    Love your work jon and been waiting for some new pics! Those wheels look great!! Re: polished wheels, the DC-1's are my first set and will be my last set of polished wheels. Way too much upkeep.
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    Rear Barn Door Conversion and other major mods

    Looking forward to this build!
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    16" 2nd Gen Eddie Bauer Chrome Wheels

    I can separate these also if I can sell more than one?
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    2003 Centennial Last Project Vehicle

    Nice Find, never heard of centennial edition before or seen one. Subscribing--your work is incredible as always.
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    16" 2nd Gen Eddie Bauer Chrome Wheels

    For Sale: 16x7 OEM chrome skinned Eddie Bauer/Sport wheels (tri spoke look). Great condition. Been sitting in dry basement for many years. $250 plus shipping OBO.
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    Happy Birthday, Turdle!!!!!

    I think I missed a slice of that cake.... Happy Belated 39th Birthday Jon!!!