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    New wheels ordered, now need help with tires, anyone use duratracs?

    i ordered these wheels yesterday, should be here soon. i thought they seemed like a decent price for a nice looking wheel. anyway, once they get here i will be buying new tires too. im gonna...
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    Riley's Ranger

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    anyone been to walden colorado area in spring?

    im headed down to ft collins the end of this month, and i am considering bringing my banshee and going to the sand dunes outside of walden. im not sure if there will be snow on the dunes or if they will be super wet? anyone been there that time of year or live near there and know what it should...
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    fuel filter help

    trying to change the fuel filter on the ranger, the inlet side of this filter has two hoses going in. i have the same 3/8th tool as i used in the explorer and it does fit the fuel lines. but heres the problem the ranger doesnt have the same safety clips as the explorers, just really big...
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    jba headers in sohc install

    anyone istalled jba headers onto their sohc? i just got a set for the ranger. i know ppl say they dont do much, but they were used on ebay, and i got em for $90, so i couldnt pass it up, pretty good shape too. i know i can manage the install, im just wondering if there is anything that i...
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    the truth about backpressure

    i just posted this in my exhaust thread, about finishing my system, and was explaining my backpressure info, then i did a search, and realized that tons of people are actually confused with this topic, so i though id post this to try to clear up some stuff about backpressure. my exhaust thread...
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    so i finished my exhasut on the 02 ranger, and let me just say, it came out great! it made the sohc sound as v8ish as ive ever heard a ranger or explorer sound. it almost sounds similiar to a diesel up a high rpms. it can be a little loud at times, but i like it. so anyway, what im runnin...
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    2002 ranger, need exhaust help!

    need some cat info so i decided the ranger needed some exhaust work done, stock is just too quiet. so i started by cutting out the muffler and tail pipe, and it sounded horrible. very very ricey! then i slipped my new, thrush turbo on, and it sounded better at idle, but when revved, it was...
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    m5od-r1 problem, please help

    so today i went to back out of a parking lot, threw it into reverse and all was fine, i stoped, put it in first, began to let and the clutch and just heard this spinning/ mild grinding noise, and the car would only lurch forward inches at a time. i put it in second, gave it a little more gas...
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    anyone ever heard of the ford everest?

    so im in the phillipines now visiting my dad. (his company moved him out here a while ago, so i came for a month to check it out). anyway, i havent seen any explorers yet while here, alot of expeditions though, and a TON of this suv that id never heard of b4, the ford everest. it kinda reminds...
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    Got a new truck!

    So the a4ld on my 93 was gettin tired, and i didnt feel like messin with it, and the engine needed a rebuild too soon, so i found a great deal on a 2 door 1994 X, 4x4 of course, with a 5spd, and maual tcase! i got it for 1k, and its in really great shape. i am now workin on swappin everythin i...
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    need boat towing info

    anyone know how much a 17' bayliner fiberglass boat, 150 hp outboatd motor, on a trailer would weigh? i wanna tow it with the X, but i just wanna make sure it can handle the weight.
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    might buy second gen, need advice

    im lookin at buying a 2nd gen X, 1997 with 160k, 40k on rebuilt motor, ported and polished. its a 4.0 sohc. hids, euro tails, aftermarket wheels, goodyr tires. flowmaster. k&n full intake. jet chip. they want 3k for it, im guessin thats a good deal. but i wanna know things i should look...
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    manual tranny conversion

    which vehicles transmissions would fit onto a first gen explorer. i wanna sway my a4ld for a manual 5 spd. idk what trannys will fit the motor though. any info would be great. thanks
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    halo projectors

    these are some sweet halo projectors, hopefully for the first gen soon lol. here is a link i found for them, if anyones interested
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    intake help, my CEL came on

    i just installed a cone filter on the X, mine is similar to the kkm. anyway, while i installed it i had the neg battery cable off to reset the computer. i plugged the vacuum line and heat riser, so there are no leaks anywhere. when i took it for a test drive anytime i stepped on the gas it...
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    wiper relay?

    where is the wiper motor relay on a 93 X, my wipers only work on high and low, not interval, and i wanna replace the relay before motor/switch, i already replaced the interval module under the dash, and it didnt fix the problem. thanks riley
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    tinted tail lights, how to

    i tinted my tails a while ago, they came out really well, so here is how i did it. first i bought this stuff from a local hobby shop, its made for rc car painting, but works perfect for this, trust me, i think its better than vht night shades. so anyway, remove the tail lights, clean then...
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    PCV catch jar/ condensator install, performance, cleaner, and mileage! Very Easy

    i read some stuff about this, and decided i wanted to install one, but there werent any good how to's out there. the point of this install if you dont already know is to let gases from the crankcase enter the intake manifold to aid combustion, but keep oil and water vapor from the crankcase...
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    bad mileage?

    my 93 X is my DD and its killin me that i get 11-12 mpg in town, 13 if i really watch my driving, im just lookin for some tips or mods to boost the gas mileage a bit. thanks riley
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    should i remove the a/c?

    the a/c in my 93 X doesnt work, i considered converting to r-134a to recharge, but idk if it will be worth it, since i feel like it will end up being pricey, so if i just drain the system and remove the compressor completely would i gain and HP or MPG? thanks riley
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    Brake help!!!

    okay so im replacing the brakes on a 2002 4wd ford ranger. i started on the passenger side and all went well. then on the drivers side, i removed the caliper, and am now trying to remove the rotor, and it wont come off. the wheel lugs are off obviously, and the caliper is off, so why wont the...
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    tire pressure?

    what pressure should i run these at, they are 30's on 15 rims, mickey thompsons. i do mostly around town driving, and occasional highway trip, and of course some wheeling off road, but im wondering what pressure i should run these at when just cruising around town. im going for whatever will...
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    Radius arm help!!!

    ok so i was getting this loud clunking noise from my front end while stopping, did some reading on the forum and found out that it was my radius arm bushings. so i bought a poly bushing kit, and proceeded to do the install. once i got them off i noticed that the main bushing on the passenger...