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    My spare tire

    Decided to check on the spare tire even though we have relatively new tires (you never know). It was flat, so I lowered it down and washed all the crud off it and washed it. It is a FIRESTONE and still has the little "nubs" from manufacture but can tell it has been in place at least once. The...
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    Sunroof "sunshade" boken

    Does anyone know where I could find a replacement "sunshade" for the sunroof of a (1997). I am looking for the plastic part seen in the photo, mine is broken and crumbles like eggs shells when touched, it rattles when driving and looks like crap, not to mention getting blinded by the sun when...
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    brittle and broken plastic connectors

    While removing the front turn signal and headlight housings, the little plastic connector locks that hold the electrical connector securely onto the housing, every lock tab broke off while trying to remove the electrical plug, how are these plugs supposed to stay on now without having to resort...
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    Do yourself a favor......

    I have been working on cars since I was 10yo! Yes thats right, I did my first engine swap on a 66 C10 (L6/three on the tree), with the help of my dad, or rather I was helping him more like, anyways...your probably wondering what this is all about "Do yourself a favor", this brings a piece of...
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    Intermittent extended cranking time to start engine

    1997 4.L OHV, This just started happening recently. Normally, engine would start consistantly in about 1 sec worth of cranking time and engine is up and running, hot or cold. However, sometimes it is taking an exxtra 2-3 sec. of cranking before it starts, usually after it has sat a couple...
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    Help with stock radio 1997 cassette w/cd changer

    There is a little blue headphone thing that lights up on the radio display next to the channel display, I cannot find out what is means, not in the "audio guide" that came with the owners manual or anywhere. The problem is when this little blue headphone shapes thing appears I get NO sound out...
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    Dashboard AC vents

    does anyone know how to remove this ac vent from the dash (the larger one), preferable without damaging the dash or the vent, does the dash have to come out to remove it?
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    MY 1997 Sport 4x4 paint question

    The paint appears factory, never wrecked, absolutely NO rust anywhere (nice). There is a graphic (sticker) on the sides (left and right) that I cannot find a code for on the ID sticker. Anyone seen that graphic before on an Explorer?
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    Lights on stock radio a "no go"

    1997 Sport with the factory radio /cassette/6 disk changer, the radio works but there are no lights on any of the buttons, even with the headlights turned on, but the display and all works, has the time and channel shows just fine. ALSO, there is no illumination for the headlight controls...
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    My 97 black sport 4x4

    Sign in - Google Accounts Try the link to photos of my 1997 explorer, I hope it works, notice on the sides of the vehicle a graphic decal that simulates a streak of mud/dirt/whatever and "4x4" on the rear? I cant find this on the ID tag. The car does not apear to ever been repainted so I...
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    1997 CD player no work when cold?

    1997 Explorer Sport complete factory radio cd/six disk changer (in console). Even thought this is in FLorida, we have had some cool days and the CD player wont work if it is too cold. I get "NO CD" message on the radio display, however if the truck sits in the sun long enough and warms the...