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  1. SoBeLover

    Happy Birthday, Turdle!!!!!

    Belated Happy Birthday Jon
  2. SoBeLover

    I*m a grandmother again!

    My youngest daughter Jeannette got a hold of me on Facebook Messenger to tell me I now have a new grandson, born to her and her fiance John Forlini. Meet Colton James, born June 30th, I also posted a picture of my granddaughter Sapphira, on her first day of kindergarten, she will be going to...
  3. SoBeLover

    Happy New Year 2015

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!! :party:
  4. SoBeLover

    RIP Joe Cocker

    RIP You will be missed :(
  5. SoBeLover

    Christmas Lights!!!

    Happy Hannukah to all of our Jewish members
  6. SoBeLover

    Where are you from?

    Born in Long Beach, California, raised in New Britain, Connecticut, resides in Berlin, CT presently residing in Middletown, CT while in rehab.
  7. SoBeLover

    I'm in rehab

    Don't worry I' m not in any pain. I get percocet every four hours and oxycontin twice a day for pain.:)
  8. SoBeLover

    I'm in rehab

    Now, I know what some of you might be thinking but you are wrong. I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was given two medications for muscle and nerve pain. These medications can make you dizzy and lightheaded, but others they could give me that would not have that effect unfortunately...
  9. SoBeLover

    She said "I'm not a virgin"? Part 2

    A belated happy birthday and congratulations to you and your bride to be
  10. SoBeLover

    Family Reunion

    This past week my brother Bob came up from Florida with his two children Hailey and Brandon , and my daughter Jessica came from Michigan. I was great to see all of them since I haven't seen Bob since I went to Florida in 2007 and I haven't seen Jessica since 2009 when I visited her in Michigan...
  11. SoBeLover

    Ladies Section!!

    Well there are a few ladies on the site, but most of them don't take time to post, except for me and I've been a little neglectful of that myself recently, being a grandma to a 10 month old little girl keeps me busy. Anyway just wanted to welcome you. Also noticed you were from CT, I'm from...
  12. SoBeLover

    EF T-shirt/logo design contest!

    The new logo rocks! Great job Anime :thumbsup:
  13. SoBeLover

    Happy birthday MrQ & SoBeLover!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes
  14. SoBeLover

    Secret Santa for the Moderators 2012 with a twist

    I received a Walmart gift card from my Secret Santa. It was the most perfect thing he could have given me, and it was very much appreciated. Thanks Santa.
  15. SoBeLover

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

    We received 5 inches of snow on Wednesday, and almost 10 inches on Saturday.
  16. SoBeLover

    Explorer forum story

    And shot BrooklynBay
  17. SoBeLover

    Post pics of your DOGS!!!

    I'm so sorry Ted. It's always hard when we lose family members :(
  18. SoBeLover

    Dick Clark dead at 82

    (CBS/AP) Host and TV producer Dick Clark has died. He was 82. Spokesman Paul Shefrin said the "American Bandstand" host had a heart attack Wednesday morning at Saint John's hospital in Santa Monica, a day after he was admitted for an outpatient procedure...
  19. SoBeLover

    Happy birthday MrQ & SoBeLover!

    Thanks guys, you all are the best:thumbsup:
  20. SoBeLover

    Happy Birthday Izwack and Stic-O

    Happy birthday gentlemen :chug:
  21. SoBeLover

    Drunk driver crashes Ford Explorer through the front of a convenience store

    A surveillance camera at a 7-11 in Waterbury captured images as an SUV crashed into the store, missing a customer inside by inches. The accident happened Monday night at the Cooke Street convenience store. On Tuesday, crews spent the day cleaning up and repairing the damage. "A customer...
  22. SoBeLover

    Did you buy Mega Millions ticket?

    According to the web page of my local TV station, there were three winning tickets sold; in Maryland, Kansas and Illinois.
  23. SoBeLover

    Wanna see the #1 song the day you were born!?

    Or the first band he was in at the age of 14, The Spencer Davis Group, known best for their songs, "I'm A Man" and "Gimme Some Lovin" Here you go Glen, Steve Winwood - Roll With it. Steve Winwood's best known song is this one, both it and Roll With it were No 1 songs in the US My favorite...
  24. SoBeLover

    Secret Santa for the Moderators 2011

    Looks like you and I had the same Secret Santa Colin, because I received one of those too. And I love it!!! Thank you so very much Greg