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    4.0 l SOHC air intake hose

    End of the air intake tube cracked at the throttle body. Can't find replacement. Is a junkyard my only hope?
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    Broken seat reclining lever

    Hi, Looking for an easy fix for the infamous seat reclining lever. Savage Wolf posted on an old thread that he had use climbing webbing for an easy fix but there were no pics. Does anyone have any pics that would help me?
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    Power steering fluid

    Going to use the turkey baster to change out the power steering fluid. Since Mercon is no longer made, is it safe to use Mercon V or is a Dex/Mercon the better choice?
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    Rear rotors recommendation

    1997 Explorer, SOHC, 4WD needs rear rotors & pads. Need recommendation for good quality rotors and pads. I can save some $ at NAPA through a buddy. Any opinions about Motorcraft? Part # would be great.
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    Spare tire question

    When I got my Explorer in 1997 the spare tire was oriented with the outside of the rim facing up. When I replaced the spare years ago at America's Tire, the new spare was oriented in the same position. Today, I was at America's Tire and I asked them to check my spare air pressure. They lowered...
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    Tire recommendation

    I do 98% city/highway driving. 1997 XLT on 235/75 r15. Looking for inexpensive, safe, good handling tire for Los Angeles streets and freeways (that means full of potholes). Any ideas appreciated. I can buy at Costco. BTW, I'm an old member.
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    Explorer won't shift into Park. Bolt found on floor.

    I've read that some people were able to fix this in about 10 minutes. I can't get my hand up there to replace the bolt. Is it necessary to remove the bottom dash panel? I suppose I have to lay on my back and reach up. Any tips will be appreciated. Thanks.
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    fog light adjustment

    Do the fog lights on 1997 explorer have an adjustment screw? How do you adjust the height?
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    fog light adjustment

    Do the fog lights on 1997 explorer have an adjustment screw? How do you adjust the height?
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    How to remove rear wiper blade

    I need help. I had changed the rear wiper blade to an Anco years ago. Now, I can't get it completely off. I pressed the tab but it is still stuck on part of the pin on the wiper arm. Any ideas? I don't want to break the whole arm. Thanks.
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    High HC on smog test

    1997 4.0 SOHC with 114,390 miles. Almost failed smog due to high HC. Here are the results. At idle (RPM=689): %CO2=14.6, %O2=0.4, HC=92, %CO=0.32 At RPM=2377: %CO2=14.6, %O2=.5, HC=35, %CO=0.25 Replaced spark plugs and wires 2 years and 9,000 miles ago. O2 sensor replaced 2 years ago...
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    Intermittent sluggish engine, rough idle

    I first noticed this when running the truck in ambient temps of over 90 degrees. After the engine had been off for about 20 min. or so, I would start the truck and it would run as if it were missing. I would give it gas but it just wouldn't go. It would clear up within 5 min. It gave a CEL and...
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    power windows problem

    Both rear power windows "shudder" when going down. They go up smoothly. Anybody have this problem? Any ideas what could be the cause? Any ideas for fixes?
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    Thermostat ?

    I have the SOHC 4.0 L with 77,000 miles and the original thermostat. How do you know when your thermostat is stuck open? At 88 degrees ambient temp. it took almost 5 minutes of stop and go driving before it even got close to its normal position (the needle barely at the thermometer icon)...
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    Replacing PCV valve

    1997 with SOHC: I found the PCV. I removed the upper "T" but I can't get the valve out of the hose. I can't get both hands down there. Do I just remove the lower hose? I can't see where it is connected. I'm afraid of disconnecting it and then not being able to re-connect it. Any experience you...
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    correct air pressure?

    Just got a set of Goodyear Wrangler AT/S, LT235/75 r15, Load Range D tires. What is the best pressure to run them everyday on the street. (on trails?)(They Max at 65psi) I have a "97XLT 4x4. Thanks.
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    Cat monitor??Help.

    Just had recall 00E11B and 00M12 done. Check Engine light was on and code P0420 was pulled. Dealer says the Cat Monitor needs to be replaced and it is not under the warranty ($191). Couldn't find a description for this part in the Haynes manual. What/where is it? How hard is it to replace?
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    Pioneers ok?

    First of all, happy holidays and/or merry Xmas to all. I'm thinking about upgrading my front speakers to Pioneer TS-6895, 6X8 2-way. I have the ford prem. radio (not the JBL). I'm on a limited budget. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.