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    long time

    sure has been a long time since i been here. registered Long time ago. find all my info on google. never knew you can find so much about a person just searching thier name on google. wished i still had my truck. then i had this thing.
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    safari doors

    were to get the safari doors for the explorers? gimme some links pictures or a big Dead Link Removed Later, Howard
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    Nothing special, B4 & after

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    Drive shaft solid axle?'s

    Ok i have a couple question for those that have done the ford 9" in the rear. I hvae to run the CV shaft since im more then 20 degrees on rear angle. my problem is the CV wonbt bolt to the flat flange style that the T-case has. it has to have the strap style yolk. can i get another yolk for...
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    solid axle
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    heard about Explorer discs on a 9"?

    any one know anything about putting explorer discs on a 9"?
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    8.8 axle shafts with 5/5.5

    is there a place that makes axle shafts for the 8.8 with a bolt pattern of 5/5.5? looked into redrilling them but the axle flange is to small.
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    What year V-8 Expl, Mountainer?

    im wondering what was the year when they came out with the V-8 for the Explorer and the Mountainer. whats your thought on using a V-8 Explorer to tow my other off road Explorer? id rather stick with a Ford to pull my ford than go to a chevy to pull it or even worse a V-8 Cherokee. nahh i...
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    Electric fans

    has anyone had any good success with an electric fan set up? either a dual fan or single and what type of air pull rating does it have and stuff like that. whats the brand name and where did you buy it? Thanks howard
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    my debate with Superlift begins!

    ok im looking for some people that bought there superlift kit and have had problems with the rear spring pads twisting. (those of us that didnt have them welded in at the time). i broke both of mine and it caused some rather expensive parts to break. also come to find out they shipped the wrong...
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    any1 else not like there super lift susp. ?

    lets see i have bought the superlift 5.5" lift with extended radius arms and SOA. i have only had it on for about a month or maybe two so far i have broken both axle perches bent both front sway bar mounts. from breaking the axle perches it caused the axle wrap wich in turn broke my drive shaft...
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    Snorkle kit

    does any one know if they make a snorkle kit for the Explorer? or maybe a kit that isn't for the Explorer but will fit ok with some slight mods. im looking at getting something better so i can do a few deeper creek crossings. Howard.
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    west TN, east AR, north MS im in Memphis

    im in Memphis and ready to go wheeling in some good spots. so far the best i've found are the mntns in hot Springs. any one in these areas? Howard [email protected]
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    BRKN spring perch

    Has any one had any experience with breaking there superlift rear spring perches? i went out today and got into some good trails with a few people and i ended up breaking the rear spring perch. i do believe that they are lim. life time warranty but i think i have heard of some others that have...
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    Warn winch help

    I just had a question for someone with knowledge of the older style Warn winches. i have the old style the 8274 model wich has the gear oil in it and i just had the electric motor re-done. he told me that i need to add oil to it but hell if i know how? i just tried to check out the Warn web...
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    lift problems

    I just installed the superlift 5.5" with the extended rad. arms. i already had a 3" body lift. the lift went in fine and took ALL of one day. here are some questions and problems: is anyone running this lift setup without there front and rear sway bars? i have alot of sway in mine and im...
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    Explorer Computer

    I'm about to do some mods to my truck and im wondering if i have to unplug my Computer in the truck while im welding on it. like a front bumper and stuff. anybody with any experience with this? thanks. i plan on doing this suff this weekend. Apr 6,7,8. Thanks
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    What is a good gear to run with 35's 0r 36's on the 91 models Explorer with 5spd. 4.10 / 4.56 ??? 5.10 . not to much rock climbing but i want enough power to do some decent stuff ya know. im running stock 3.55 now but not with 35's . any tips on a good cheap or medium priced place to...
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    Can't find the Camshaft Position Sensor

    i'm pretty daggon pissed about not knowing whats wrong with my truck. I have a 1991 4dr with the 4.0L pushrod engine and a standard transmission. well it just out of the blue stopped running and now won't start it will turn over. a few times it backfires out the pipe or it will backfire through...
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    stopped running, engine died

    Man im getting tired of this replacing parts and stuff, seems im at a time for all of it to go bad. Well this is the deal i was going through a mud whole that had some ice chunks in it i was going on the edge where it is that deep, id say about even with the rockers under the door. anyway i...
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    whats the diff..

    whats the difference between the superlift standard and the spuer runner system? is there a performance diff. between the two? i got a price on a standard superlift 5.5" for $650 with shocks and then they said $250 to install. good prices? so im trying to find out if i should run down there...
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    yet another lift question on tire fit.

    ok i have a 91 4x4 wih a 3" body lift will a 4" susp. added to the 3" body be enough to add 35's? or could i go bigger with that set up? id be satisfied with 35's though. ( for a few months anyway) ha ha also i was looking at a good place to get a trailmaster 4" or maybe some one knows a better...
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    Memphis Tn area 91 eb 4wd

    Memphis Tn area any one else? e-mail me at [email protected]
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    Warranty on Warn hubs?

    well today i broke one of my relatively new Warn manual hubs i don't think i have had it over a year and it broke all ready does anyone know a warranty on these? and were is a good place to re order? just curious? thanks later
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    U-Joints for rear shaft

    ok i went to change out my rear joints and ran into some questions. i have a 91 manual 4wd EB with 3.55 gears i went and got the joints for it and came home to instal them and after i got the joint in i noticed (very plainly) that it was way to short. so i removed it and went back the auto store...