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    MAF Only

    So my Mass Airflow sensor is shot & need a new one. The Autozones & Pepboys sell the sensor & housing only. Does anyone know where I can get the sensor only?
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    OBD 1 Codes

    So my '94 is idling a bit rough & CEL is on. Sometimes it goes off while going down the highway or idle, sometimes not. Cannot find any parts chain that reads OBD1 (Only OBD2). I decided to check the code with DaRoch's link. Paperclip between the two connectors & I Get 111 111 1 157 157...
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    Thermostat change 94 Explorer

    Did it in about 2 hours. was not a bad job, but I really wish I had a swivel socket for the bolt at the 11 o'clock position. Other 2 (2 & 6 o'clock) came out with a 2 - 3" extension or none. 10 mm socket for all & a 8 mm to remove the cable guard on top the motor. No need to remove the pulley on...
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    Starting Problem

    Hi All. Developed an issue starting. 94 stock Explorer with 160,000 miles. The engine would crank & crank & crank. Finally starting after a lot of cranks or me physically stepping on the gas. I changed out the air & fuel filter, plugs & wires. Still does it. Here's a new kick.. I crank a...
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    Yet another 4 x 4 question / Auto Hubs

    Snowing like crazy here in Mass & the x is all over the road. I had it in 4wd, & had the wife drive backwards while I looked underneath at the front u-joints near the wheels. Passanger side turns, but not the driver side. Then she drove forward & same thing. I recently had ball joint work...
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    96 4wd front axle vent tube routing?

    Hi all, My mom's 96 has a rubber vent tube on the front axle that is currently finding it's way to the ground. Where is it suppose to be routed? I imagine somewhere in the engine compartment, but cannot find a reasonable place / clip for it. Any help?
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    Fuel gage different at no power

    Anyone notice you get more fuel on the gage when you have no power? I keep my tank pretty low. When I start the gage says 'little' but when driving it says 'none'. Mostly, when I start it's a little above the "E" line, but when I drive it goes below. Which do I believe? Walter
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    Serpentine Belt tension Unit replacement

    Ford says to replace the whole unit after 100,000 miles. Well, there close. Milked about 120K from mine. There's not much room to play in there & I have not found a thread discussing this in the past. So.... 1. Remove air plume with a flat tip screwdriver or 1/4" socket screwdriver. Helped to...
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    Water pump Bleed port Location?

    Got a leak at / near the water pump & I don't know if it is the heater hose or bleed port. Where is the water pump bleed port located as I look down into the front of the motor? 12 o'clock being the top of the pump, 9 o'clock the passanger side of the x. Any help? Fluid dripping at about the...
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    Vomiting antifreeze!

    94 explorer is acting up. Seems to spew antifreeze at will. Some days it's fine, others there's puddles everywhere I go. Looked around & it seems to be coming from the heater hose connected to the water pump. But a friend said it was the pump itself blowing out the valve in it. Anyone go...
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    SQUEAK! Mouse stuck in front end??

    94 sport 4WD I'm driving down the highway and hear squeaks. Sounds like driver side. But when I turn, the sound goes away until I straighten out again. Mind you when I drive straight, my steering wheel is not even / level. (The horn button is higher on the passanger side then the driver...
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    Exhaust Leak 2nd Cat / Muffler Pipe

    Anyone ever have this flange rot out? My pipe coming out of the 2nd cat has a flange that attaches to the muffler. Well, the flange is rotted out, I can seperate the two pieces with my hand. How do I go about fixing this? Seems flange part on the muffler side slips over the pipe. No way to clamp...
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    Brakes Grinding

    Hi all, When I go to stop brakes work well. When I get to about 1 - 2 mph I start to hear a grinding from front passenger side. Only happens when I press real hard, I can come to a stop in about 20 feet without the noise coming. Also does not happen when I brake in reverse. I took the...
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    Black Torpedo

    Got this black plastic vacuum torpedo sitting on the top passenger side of my 94 Sport V-6. Tube going into the back was broke off, so as an emergency patch I put an actual band-aid on it. What the heck is this thing?? If you open your hood it will be on the left side, almost in front of where...
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    Step on brake then shift sensor / button/ ?

    If you don't have one of those friends that always comes up with a truer-than-life story, call me & I'll be him for you. So I get out of 3rd shift work & let the dog out. At 6AM, dog runs away & wants me to chase him. I jump in the explorer & fire her up (I'm too tired to run after a dog at...
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    Charging problems

    OK. Wifes 94 Pontiac Trans sport mini van had a dead battery. So I got a new battery which also died. Went & got a new alternator (140 amp instead of her 120 amp). Issue fixed for a while. Then all dead again. Was told it was a fusable link, so I found those & fixed them. Then all is good until...
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    Wheel Bearings loose AGAIN???

    Hi All.... Brought the mule in for state inspection and again it failed because of loose front end wheel bearings. Off to the shop to get them tightened & back for a good sticker. Same thing as last year except different tire. Just wondering if I have bigger problems or if the bearings need...
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    94 pontiac trans sport fusible link

    Help! I recently replace the battery & alt in wify's sport with a 140 amp. Now the battery gauge jumps all over the place & we cannot depend on a charge being there. Mechanic says to look for a burned fusible link. went online & searched. Found out it probably is the alt / starter link. Have to...
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    Driving With Rear Glass Open??

    Getting warm up here in Massachusetts. Was wondering if it is safe to drive with the rear hatch glass in the open position. Anyone give this a try? The air pistons seem to be strong enough... but before I shatter a window I thought I might see if anyone did this already. Thanks & Happy 4th...
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    Un-usable spare rim from Ford?

    Hi All, '94 XLT stock front passenger tire took on an unexpected item & now I have a slow leak. Going to get it plugged, but I tried to use my spare until payday. Well after getting the spare down for the first time in 6 years I find the rim will not fit over the auto 4x4 hub. Is this...
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    Door Hinge

    OK. I have seen all the threads on replacing the pin in the door hinge. Now I get my shot at it. Seems the upper & lower driver door hinge bushings are shot. My question is which is easier.... remove the door from the hinge or remove the hinge from the body? Seems there are 2 bolts from the...
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    Ghost in Driver window

    Hi guys, Driver side power window goes down by itself. Kind of does it more when it's damp outside or I hit a bump. I can stop it from going down by keeping a finger on the up button on the pad. Sometimes it stops trying to go down, sometimes it only stops at the bottom. No motor grinding...
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    31 x 10.5 15" Yokogawa kickoff? Gettin Robbed?

    Hi All, Hope your doing fine I was just told at the tire store they will mount 4 31 x 10.5 15" on my stock rims for $422. These are Yokogawa manufactured under another name (slips me at the moment). That includes a used one for the spare (If it fits under the truck), roadside service &...
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    Lift kit or extra spring?

    Hi all, I live in Massachusetts & I was wondering what height difference it makes between: adding a spring 2" lift in front, 3"lift in rear Just jacking up the body I want to do this cheap, but in a nice way with traction being the driving gear. Any ideas? Thanks Walter