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  1. Sbyrne97

    Anyone want this

    My bad if this is in the wrong section. I don’t come around here anymore, but this forum taught me everything I know about cars and how to fix my truck more than anyone else. Y’all seriously saved me 1000’s of dollars because of this forum and the guys who used to be here. I sold the...
  2. Sbyrne97

    Torque Monster headers making comeback ???

    Been a looonng time since I been here but, I might fill someone's need. I have a set if any one wants them. Original TMH. Although, they only fit a 96-97 with gt40 heads I had em made for a 3" BL I had. I never got around to installing them since I sold the truck when gas went to $4.00+...
  3. Sbyrne97

    Why MFT stinks

    What I hate the most is lack of options. You have to choose one at the beginning and you are stuck with it. No aftermarket radio. Which makes you spend more money to get the upgraded sound system.
  4. Sbyrne97

    Why MFT stinks

    Better watch what you say sky net Gunna get ya.
  5. Sbyrne97

    Parting out 97 Mountaineer 5.0 AWD with Gray leather interior

    Master power window/lock switch how much?
  6. Sbyrne97

    "Blue Bandit" (1992 Eddie Bauer)

    what kind of steering wheel is on your truck doesn't look stock
  7. Sbyrne97

    How To Add (98-01) Lighted Side Mirrors on a (95-97)

    Hmm well Im guessing ford used a white wire for your mirror than a red. The left "driver" side mirror on mine had Red Blue and Yellow colored wires. The passenger side had Green Purple and Yellow. So you have all the right wire colors but white. Which Im assuming is equivalent to red. Joe...
  8. Sbyrne97

    Mattman's First Explorer...What to do!

    haha that door sticker is ridiculous...300+ for a cd player...and 400+ for "leather"
  9. Sbyrne97

    Xeek's '91

    Where do you go wheeling....I'm at Old Dominion University and trying to find offroad areas...but everyone keeps telling me there is none
  10. Sbyrne97

    Do pads wear rotors or do rotors wear pads?

    Rotors get worn down by pads overtime, but pads get worn down by rotors as well. I'm assuming you asked this question because you wondered if it would harm the rotors or pads by just throwing on a new set of pads. Rotors become grooved overtime, your mechanic should know when to "turn"your...
  11. Sbyrne97

    Is this a good price for 105K service?

    Yes the parts are expensive...but you pay for the guarantee more than anything. Our shop (and most) always lets customers bring in their own parts. Bringing your parts will save you some money. However they do not get a guarantee on the part. Also my shop always used quality parts to fix...
  12. Sbyrne97

    Is this a good price for 105K service?

    I worked in an Auto Shop for 5 years. Like many of our customers, I know its easy to think you're getting ripped off. To truly understand where your money goes you have to understand how auto shops charge you. Heres how auto shop prices work... 1. You get charged 150% the price for a...
  13. Sbyrne97

    Did Ford Use Threadlock?

    I would never use thread-lock on a bolts for a thermostat...Thread lock is usually used wherever bolts will stay mostly permanently (specific Body to Frame bolts)...using thread-lock will make it a lot harder to take the thermostat bolts out again my 2 cents
  14. Sbyrne97

    gas filler neck leak ?? your welcome
  15. Sbyrne97

    How To Add (98-01) Lighted Side Mirrors on a (95-97)

    Ah I thought of adding the heated option...because they had a limited at the JY but, the wire for heat is connected to the rear window defroster switch. so you would have to route the extra wire through the door which requires drilling or opening that huge wire loom connecter in the door Plus...
  16. Sbyrne97

    How To Add (98-01) Lighted Side Mirrors on a (95-97)

    I have always wanted lighted side mirrors on my 97 mountaineer. But as we all know only 98 - 01 explorer/mountaineers had them. Well this weekend i went to Pick and Pull and got some side mirrors off a 00 explorer to see if it was plug and play. They weren't....but with a little splicing I...
  17. Sbyrne97

    Looking for Third Row seat

    This third row seat question has been asked numerous times. The best thing to do is search around for other threads and look at there options of adding a third row seat... The other thing would be to measure the cargo area width and height wise and then look at the ol' scrap yard for a seat...
  18. Sbyrne97

    Couple Parts For Sale

    any word on the floor mat??
  19. Sbyrne97

    Parting out 1998 Explorer Sport 4x4 sohc with 4.10s

    still have stock shackles?
  20. Sbyrne97

    Putting heated seats into an XLT

    how hot do they get... I was thinking of buying some pads like yourself but don't want to fork over 150 for some crap
  21. Sbyrne97

    Couple Parts For Sale

  22. Sbyrne97

    Couple Parts For Sale

    how much is shipping to VA 22079?
  23. Sbyrne97

    Couple Parts For Sale

    will you take 25 for the rear husky floor mat?
  24. Sbyrne97

    MAC cold air intake? good or bad?

    One problem I had with my Mac, which is why i went back to stock I have a 5.0 keep in mind. But there was no way to keep engine heat away from the inlet. The box or cylinder depending what year you have is made of thick fiberglass which reduces heat. Even though your sucking in more air...