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    Got my first motorcycle! Pics inside!

    I just bought a 2002 Honda Shadow 750 today. Here is a pic and also a link below to more pics. So far, I love it.
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    Pirelli Scorpions, how good are they in the rain?

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    Need help! Pulled code P0455 "Evap Control Sys Leak detected, gross leak"

    The check engine light has come on a few times and I reset the computer and it would stay off for about a week. I decided to go by Auto Zone and have the code pulled. Now that I have the code, how do I figure out what all is part of the "Emission Evaporation Controls System" so that I can find...
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    Pirelli Scorpion Zero question

    I am thinking of getting these tires for my Explorer but I don't like the yellow scorpion thats on the sidewall. Does the tire have the scorpion on both sides or just one? If its only on one, Ill get them and mount them with the scorpion on the inside. Those of you that have them, please...
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    Cut Air Box Pics!

    I have seen a few threads lately with questions on where to cut the airbox for best results. I did not have a digital camera when I modified the air box on my Explorer, but I have one now and I recently did the same mod on my recently acquired Cherokee. I have included a link to show where to...
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    Bass fishermen, I need some help!

    Where can I get some Kelly Worms online? They are the best Bass lure I have ever used and my supply is low. I used to get them from a professional angler but he has moved off. They are made in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
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    Where can I post my QuickTime Videos for FREE?

    I recently got a digital camera that does movies and the site I use to host my pics (Webshots) does not host videos. Any links would be appreciated.
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    Look at this idiot!

    Dead Link Removed I especially like the part about the "turnado" adding 20 HP!
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    Hypertech says "NO" to programmer for 99 up Explorers

    I am not bashing the company I am justy including my emails and their responses: I used your Power Search feature, but it didnt list the part number for my 99 Explorer 5.0L. You list 41013 for the 97, and 41015 for the 98. I thought the 96 up 5.0L's had the same computers. If you don't...
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    Rear speaker not getting any power?

    One of my rear speakers doesnt have any power coming off the wires. It seems to be connected at the back of the radio. Could the part of the radio that powers that speaker be burnt up? My S10 had the same problem and when I changed to an aftermarket radio, the speaker worked fine. I want to...
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    1.7 Rocker questions

    For those of you running the 1.7's, I have a few questions. What kind of power gains can I expect? When driving normal, will my gas mileage be lower than stock? Do they fit under the stock valve covers ok?
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    Digital Camera Recomendation?

    Are there any digital cameras that will do movies with sound for under $400? If so, please give me my choices.
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    Gray Floor Mats with"Explorer" on them?

    Ive looked on Ebay but all I ever see is the tan ones. I think the Ford catalog has some but they were way overpriced. Anybody know who else sells them?
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    Explain "offset"

    What does it mean when a rim says +27mm offset or -27mm offset? I am used to seeing terms of '4" backspace' rather than offset. Can someone tell me how to convert offset to backspace?
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    Photoshop request!

    Would someone put these Dead Link Removed on my Explorer
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    Help! Friends Explorer is running hot!

    Heres the deal. The Explorer can idle all day and the temp will stay in the lower half of the temp guage but when you start driving it and get on the hwy the temp will slowly start to creep up and get near the hot mark on the gauge. It has a new thermostat, coolant, hoses. The clutch fan...
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    Where to find Carbon Fiber Altezza's besides

    I know not to order from ProCarParts, but I haven't seen the carbon fiber Altezza's anywhere else. Who else has them?
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    Photoshop request!

    This is a request that I thought of after reading the thread, "drools:: 2002 F-150 Harley Davidson Supercrew" by AdamCKach. Can someone show me what a Harley Edition Explorer would look like?
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    LMAO! You have to see this!

    Dead Link Removed
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    New way to lower the front end

    I have been talking to a guy named Gene who said he lowered his Explorer 5" front and 4" back. He used blocks out back but on the front he said "You will need 2 jacks to do this. 1st you jack the truck up and with the 2nd jack you jack up onto the torsion bar to relax the bar and bolt. Take...
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    Only in America!

    Only in America! 1. Only in America......can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance. 2. Only in America......are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink. 3. Only in drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to...
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    The 86 Bronco finally died at 415,000 miles!

    My father-in-law's 86 Bronco finally died after 415,000 miles. He was driving when it started knocking real bad and he said it would die if you let off the gas. He drove it home and checked the compression on the cylinders. Cylinder #3 had 0 psi! He got his money out of it. He never had any...
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    Slotted tail light covers?

    Where can I get the best deal on some slotted tail light covers?
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    RTStork - Grand Bay, AL

    RTStork Grand Bay, AL
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    Tell me how to wet sand

    What grit sand papers and how to do it would be great. I'll be practicing on some scrap metal, but I intend to paint and sand some plastic pieces too. Is the technique the same for plastic?