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  1. Gatorblazer

    To Build or Sell? That is the Question (2002 XLS w/ Manual Transmission)

    220k on the motor. Either way I'm probably OK. Just looking for some suggestions
  2. Gatorblazer

    Factory vs after market

    If you are looking for another vehicle, you might as well find one with a tow package vs adding one. You'll save a lot of hassle from installing the lights and hitch.
  3. Gatorblazer

    To Build or Sell? That is the Question (2002 XLS w/ Manual Transmission)

    After years of being out of the Explorer game, I came across a deal that I just couldn't pass up. Its a 2002 XLS with a manual transmission. All the windows work, the AC is good, and the body and interior are in decent shape. The rear window panel isnt even cracked which I thought was...
  4. Gatorblazer

    I have a Yakima JayLow i'll sell for $50 plus shipping. It will hold two boats and mount to the...

    I have a Yakima JayLow i'll sell for $50 plus shipping. It will hold two boats and mount to the factory rack. I used it for my Jackson Kilroy and Coosa.
  5. Gatorblazer

    Gatorblazer's Elite

    Had to sell the 2002. Looking for a suburban for camper towing and kid hauling
  6. Gatorblazer

    Greaseable U-joints or not ??

    Depends on your maintenance preference. If you DIY, it's your call. If you use an Express or Jiffy Lube, I would use the sealed type. Most of those places usually do not inspect for grease points in vehicles that were not originally equipped with them.
  7. Gatorblazer

    Tents & camping gear-field tested reviews

    Pic of our family hotel. It was ok in 20+ wind once tied down. Fit two queen air beds in it with room for gear. 6.5' tall in center and has a roll out porch that we don't use. In temps of low 30's with a mr buddy heater, it was pretty warm. Have not tested in rain yet.
  8. Gatorblazer

    Tents & camping gear-field tested reviews

    Sorry,Really late on a response. I still haven't gotten the notification settings just right Tent is a camp valley instant tent. Pro's - its huge, really easy to put up, cheap. Cons - I dont think its a 5+ year tent and I havent done any rain testing with it. Thats why I carry a spare tarp...
  9. Gatorblazer

    Towing a piano with a 3rd gen

    You are correct that the front is slightly higher. Majority of the towing I do is very local, within 5 miles of home so this trip was way outside of the norm. I have no idea on the suspension. It does bounce a little more than I would like when empty, but that also is a rare occurrence...
  10. Gatorblazer

    what else do you drive?

    Mazda mpv. Holds 3 mini me's, a smokin hot wife and some serious stroller cargo. Lots of room for dropped sippy cups, pacifiers, chickfila waffle fries, etc. It's also fully customized with a back seat stink from a 4 year old who couldn't hold his Mexican food down in the his little stomach...
  11. Gatorblazer

    What did you do to your Ex/Mounty/RBV today?

    Pulled the running boards off and then washed it. Brush guard combing Thursday.
  12. Gatorblazer

    Just joined...time to buy!

    Honestly, if you have kids it's really hard to beat the odyssey. Having the sliding doors makes the opening much easier to deal with when lugging car seats vs the explorer. And the auto open feature is really nice. We wanted one but the wife loved the color of the MPV too much to pass on it.
  13. Gatorblazer

    rear left shock ?
  14. Gatorblazer

    Should I purchase?

    For what its worth, I just sold my loadwarrior that was on my old Trooper for $200. I listed it on CL and it sold within a few hours. So if you do not like it, sell it.
  15. Gatorblazer

    Towing a piano with a 3rd gen

    Sorry for not seeing this earlier. Apparently I turned off the notification settings on posts when I was active 5 years ago. Just getting back into the forum again. Trailer weighs 1K per the dealer. I really havent spent a lot of time looking at the construction. Total capacity is around...
  16. Gatorblazer

    2002 mountaineer passenger seat

    This will sound weird but it worked on my in-laws Edge. Recline the seat (up and down) three times and then try the motor again. It reset the motor in her car and made the slide work again. If that doesn't work, check to see if there is anything in the slide that is preventing movement.
  17. Gatorblazer

    Gas Mileage Drop after fuel filter???

    What would it hurt to change it again and see if that makes a difference? $10 spent to potentially save $1000 might be a good play
  18. Gatorblazer

    Let's see your frigid winter photos...

    From last weeks southern snowmageddon.
  19. Gatorblazer

    Towing a piano with a 3rd gen

    Had to go pick up a piano for our new house. The only catch was that it was 6hrs away in South Carolina. The things you do for family heirlooms.... I'll use it as an update on on the towing capabilities of the 3rd gen Truck: 2002 xlt with class II hitch. Running 265/75/16 treadwright wardens...
  20. Gatorblazer

    Its bad for your car to let it idle in the morning?

    Rick, what is the record for the oldest resurrected thread? This has got to be close to it.
  21. Gatorblazer

    Tents & camping gear-field tested reviews

    Only use a tent for family outings. On solo trips I do the hammock thing. A good tarp makes it good in wind and rain and is multipurpose. Cold is handled by under quilt and a good sleeping bag. I sleep better in the hammock than anything else.
  22. Gatorblazer

    B2 Spare Tire Carrier to Explorer

    I dont have any pics of the modification or installation. i lost the ability to use the hatch glass because of the tire size unless I moved the tire.
  23. Gatorblazer

    B2 Spare Tire Carrier to Explorer

    There have been many attempts and successes at this but usually it requires a fair amount of modification, mainly reinforcement on the inside of the sheet metal where the swing out brackets on would meet on the corner of the vehicle. When I did it on my 2nd gen there was also an issue with...
  24. Gatorblazer

    Smoking hot 2nd gen

    Saw this on the local news twitter feed. They reported everyone got out safely. Looks like a second gen
  25. Gatorblazer

    November 2013 TOTM - "Favorite picture of your truck"

    The whole reason we bought a third gen. Well, 2/3 of them anyways.